It’s sad to say there are such cruel people in this world that would rather pick someone apart instead of lifting them up 😔 we all go through struggles everyday … most of us are hoping for better days , we don’t need any added pressure to fit someone’s expectation of the perfect mold . No one is perfect yet all over the Internet there are people bashing me for being who I am but one thing they don’t understand is I’m perfectly fine how I am ! Media has people thinking they need to look like celebrities with their small waist , big breast & even bigger asses but in reality most of us don’t look like that some just aren’t build that way ! Most people don’t know but my weight has always been up & down since I was young , I’ve struggled trying to be the “ideal size” ! I’ve always tried to do it the natural way but over the past few years I have had numerous injuries causing me pain when walk & even sit so imagine how hard it is for me to be in the gym but I try because I want to be healthier so my family doesn’t have to lose me ! So it kills me when I see memes on the Internet making fun of people instead of lifting them up , you don’t know everyone’s struggle so be kind ! I’ve seen a lot of hurtful this about my weight on the internet & I’m fine because I’m strong & happy with myself but the next person alway isn’t as strong ! People have killed themselves over issues like this so think before you tweet , post or comment negatively about someone please !

I’d also like to thank strong women like gabifresh
For giving me the courage to be comfortable in my own skin !!!