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KBTBB: Eisuke - Unsteady


A/N: If you’re controversial and against negative vibes, please don’t read. If you continue to read and get upset, don’t get upset with me but with yourself for your own choice. Anyways, this is my first fanfic in a while, so I’m quite nervous. I hope you enjoy it though. Thank you! Tagging @levisaudrey for her encouragement and help!

All eyes were on me like I was in the center of the ring. The music slowly faded and came to an end. Phones and electronic devices were out ready to film the new show the Queen of Drama, also known as me, was about to start. I might end up being the next trending video on the internet. However, as dramatic as I appeared to be on the eyes of the audience, I was rather perplexed as to why my boyfriend was so angry with me. Throughout the silent ballroom, every single word he said echoed loudly– probably scaring the night as well since it didn’t dare to let creatures make a single sound.

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