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There’s two kinds of ships: the kind of ship you ship because they’re cute when they’re together and they’d be cuter if they were dating and the kind of ship where how they interact would be adorable if it was romantically motivated

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Hello! Mind if I ask for some headcannons on how the boys/girls sleep with their s/o? I think it would be cute!

I’m guessing you’re referring to all of our main babies so I went with Masaomi, Mikado, Anri, Shizuo, Izaya, Celty, Shinra, and Kadota and his crew.


- He’ll totally go to sleep cuddling his s/o

- High-key Low-key gropes in his sleep

- Eventually just spreads out like a starfish

- S/o either falls off the bed or is covered in a pile of limbs

- He throws the blankets E V E R Y W H E R E


- The first time he’s totally fidgeting and getting as close to the edge of the bed as possible

- Super blushy, too petrified to move

- Totally curls up into the fetal position and rolls towards the s/o in his sleep

- Somehow ends up on top of the blanket???


- Suffocated by booooooobs

- V cuddly though

- Clings to s/o’s waist 

- So awkward about it but eventually just gives in and gently tackles them

- Hides face in s/o’s chest

- Doesn’t really move around a lot while asleep


- On top of s/o in seconds

- Puts Masaomi’s groping technique to shame

- Stays up all night reading manga

- When she finally passes out she probs flops an arm on top of her s/o

- Her hands are colder than death

- Reaches under the s/o’s clothes in her sleep to sap their warmth

- Forgets to take hat off before bed a lot

- Loses the damn thing under the blanket every time


- It all starts with average sleep positions

- Maybe a little bit of cuddling, back to back, s/o laying their head on his chest, etc.

- Ends with Walker curled up on their face like a cat

- Or upside down

- S/o once found him with his back laying on their legs and the entire lower half of his body on the floor

- He rarely sleepwalks but once he managed to crawl in the tub and accidentally turned the shower on on himself

- That water

- was

- I C E  C O L D

- He was too tired to think and crawled back in bed with s/o soaking wet


- Sleeptalker all the way

- Mumbles about his van every night

- EVERY night

-Kinda clings but not too bad

- S/o once caught him making “vroom vroom” noises in his sleep

- Occasionally sleep drives

- Tickles s/o in their sleep when he mimics steering


- Only useful during winter months

- Overheats

- Clothes when he lies down, naked when he wakes up

- Says he’s cold and steals the blankets to cocoon himself

- Light cuddling, still enough to make his s/o sweat

- Occasional sleep cuddles

- Suffocates s/o in his chest

- Kind of rolls on top of s/o and smothers them even more

Shinra & Celty (writing them w/ each other but you can read as them w/ their s/o too):

- Shinra clings and cuddles so ferociously

- Tiny doctor bean just wants some love

- Celty kicks him away 99.99999% of the time

- (idk if Celty sleeps or really even needs to sleep but ANYWAYS)

- She gets really cold and steals the blankets

- If she’s still too cold she’ll cuddle a little a little in her sleep

- Shinra gets a little… “grabby”

- Celty pushes him out of the bed EVERY time


- Always goes to bed with an arm under s/o’s head or around their waist

- Overheats like Kadota

- Not quite as bad though

- Wakes up in a koala cling around s/o

- Looks like he’s climbing a damn tree

- Legs are wrapped all the way around s/o’s waist

- Arms are pinning s/o’s arms to their sides

- S/o looks like a bent up slinky and at least 75% of their body is asleep

- Shizuo snores

- If he’s lying on his back he sounds like a bear

-It’s really gentle and quiet when he’s on his side

- Suffocates himself if he ends up on his stomach


- Violently barrel rolls away from s/o in his sleep

- S/o violently barrel rolls and chases him to the end of the bed

- Refuses to admit he snores

- It’s almost unnoticeable but his s/o catches him once when they wake up in the middle of the night

- They don’t let him live it down

- He ends up rolling into a blanket burrito unless s/o steals the covers

- Sleep stabs

- S/o occasionally wakes up with little bruises from being jabbed by Izaya

- He occasionally kicks s/o in his sleep

- Poor s/o

- Save them

This was my first hc list so I hope it turned out okay????? But yes, all the children. Sorry, it got a little long though. :P

- Pasya

  • Walker: no, it's no fun if we don't get to torture them!
  • Walker: (points to stack of books Erika has just set down) pick a book--
  • Erika: --we'll torture you the way the book describes.
  • Saburou: guys, you can have your fun, but don't use any gasoline inside the car this time.