erika took this

we need to talk about kevin
  • does he want revenge?
  • does he want to stay in the desert otherworld?
  • and… why exactly is he in the desert otherworld? why isn’t he in, y’know, Desert Bluffs?o
  • kay, what happened to Desert Bluffs after the Erikas took over Strexcorp? is it like Night Vale now? or does it just not exist anymore?
  • Kevin obviously loved his hometown. why would he leave?
  • Kevin’s studio is filled with blood, he’s fixated on productivity, and Vanessa is still creepy as fuck. it looks likes he’s trying to hold on to his life under Strexcorp. after all, he’s basically trying to recreate Desert Bluffs in the desert otherworld.
  • speaking of the desert otherworld… there are more than one army? and they’re all fighting?
  • will Kevin’s next move involve the other armies?
  • OH GOD Carlos left all his “bloodstained composition notebooks” and all his research material in the desert otherworld. kevin obviously was interested in the research project. what was carlos researching?
  • what will kevin do with it?