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Journey to Japan: Exploring Kyoto (Part2)

Visited Kyoto’s Imperial Palace where Tamed Deers are nearby.

And you can feed this animals! XD Just beware though, they know if you have food.. and will just keep following you until you give him or her treats. Just be careful, because they eat papers too. So make sure your money is hidden in a safe place. ;) *wink*


My Little Danboru presents: Journey to Japan, Fun at Disney Sea, Tokyo

It was a rainy day for us, but it was fun to be at one of the happiest place on earth! :) I wish the they speak to you in english though. It was a bit hard to understand, especially when they are giving instructions. My brother and I basically just copy the people in front of us. HAHA! XD


My Little Danboru presents: Journey to Japan, Touring Tokyo

First on the itinerary was 1-Day Mt. Fuji Tour

-Cable ride to Owakudani, tasted their “Black Eggs” (which was cooked over their hot water over the mountain and was believed that extends your life if you eat one)

-Ending the trip with a boat over the lake. (I think it was Hakone Lake?) :)


“I think I shall never see,
A poem lovely as a tree”
– Tree, Joyce Kilmer

Mount Wellington, New Zealand.

., Visited NZ again to surprise our aunt for her 50th Surprise Birthday Celebration, while hiding for a day, we visited this magnificent place. So calm and serene.  

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