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Senator Niklaus Mikaelson, 31, dating 25-year-old political activist, Caroline Forbes?

NEW ORLEANS, LA ⎻ If rumors of the young Senator’s frequent stops in small town Virginia didn’t convince you, then the matching Instagram posts should do the trick.

Niklaus Mikaelson, son of Mikeal Mikaelson, former Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations, has had an idyllic career in politics, becoming a U.S. Senator just months after turning the required age of 30. Niklaus and his father aren’t the only successful members of this family: Finn and Elijah Mikaelson, founded the law firm of Mikaelson & Mikaelson,Rebekah has built a fashion empire as a model turned designer, and the youngest, Kol, holds the lead for most home runs this season for the New York Yankees. 

Whispers coming from the small town of Mystic Falls link the Senator to local girl, Caroline Forbes. A source reveals that the two met a few months ago at an immigration rally, then bumped into each other again at Mikaelson’s reelection fundraiser, and a third time at the Women’s March. Not much is known about Forbes, she is the daughter of the town sheriff and graduated from Cornell University. Recently, she was arrested and charged with trespassing and engaging in a riot while protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline.

The internet buzzed with excitement Saturday morning, and the groans of thousands of Mikaelson’s female admirers could be heard across the country, when a picture of a couple holding hands was posted to the Senator’s Instagram account, the same image appeared on Forbes’ Instagram account shortly after. Either they both googled the same image, or, more likely (sorry, ladies), this is a picture of Mikaelson and Forbes.

Looks like these two just made their relationship Facebook Instagram official. Is this small town girl on her way to being Mrs. Mikaelson? And if the Senator’s dream comes true, are we looking at a future FLOTUS?