Fear the Chomp? Avoid the Swamp. Nike campaign promoting the company’s Fuel Band product includes this good-looking graphic featuring the Florida Gators.

Florida is currently in Austin, TX preparing for the 2013 NCAA Tournament. Head coach Billy Donovan and the Gators’ three seniors - forward Erik Murphy and guards Kenny Boynton and Mike Rosario - all spoke with the media on Thursday. Click here to check out what each had to say about their careers and the upcoming tournament.

There must be something in the water in Georgia because those teams sure do like to choke. Atlanta blows a 17-0 lead to lose a chance in the Super Bowl. The Bulldogs football team blows a 2 score lead to Alabama in the SEC championship for a shot at the national title, and then there’s the Bulldogs basketball team.

They came out firing on all cylinders, outscoring the gators 11-2 in the games opening minutes. It looked like it was going to be the same as last year, an absolute murdering at home and then a loss in Athens, giving Georgia fans a reason to be happy. That’s never something you want.

But thanks to Scottie Wilbekin and his 13 first half points, keeping the Gators in the game, they evened out the score and played great defense before a long lucky shot put the Bulldogs up by 3 going into halftime. I can only imagine what Billy was telling his team because they came out and dominated. They scored 2 straight threes, taking the lead and never looking back. They weren’t going to lose this one and it took an effort from Erik Murphy who went 3-5 from behind the 3 point line and scored all 13 of his points in the second half.

Scottie Wilbekin Wins the Player of the Game award for his 17 Points, 2 Rebounds, 3 Assists and 1 steal. Not eye-popping stats but if it weren’t for him the Gators would be having a long bus ride home to Gainesville because that first half would have gotten ugly quick.

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