a power point presentation about part of the colorado avalanche made by @ghostpunkers and myself

Deep Down

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“It’s a beautiful day, isn’t it?” you said look through the window

“Yes it is” Erik replied reading his book

“You know what, let’s go swimming” you said looking at him

“Swim? you don’t even know how to swim”

“Of course I know how to swim”

“Since when?” He asked you

“It doesn’t matter, let’s go. Please?” You begged him

“I’m not in the mood for swimming” he replied still reading his book

You walked over him and took the book out of his hand “come on Erik, please” you said doing a sad but cute face

“Alright, fine” he said

“Yesss” you replied" its gonna be awesome" 

“You’re the only one who has this power over me” he said holding your hand

“What power?” You replied

“Make me do things that you don’t want to do”

“You do things that you don’t want to do because deep down in somewhere you want to do” you replied

“That’s a point” he said “ there is something that I really want to do right now”

“What?” you said

“This” he kissed you “deep down in somewhere I always wanted to do this” he said to you

“Boy, you should have done this a long time ago” you said smiling making him smile too

“So let’s not waste time” he said kissing you again

okay, this one was kind cute

geo264  asked:

How would the incubaes react to their sons having a feminine but powerfull voice? like Adele or Ariana Grande.

James: The differences between their voices couldn’t be any bigger, but James doesn’t really pay it any mind. What his son sounded like did not affect their relationship at all; it was only based on their attitudes toward each other.

Erik: There were certain advantages to having a more feminine tone and Erik was willing to teach all of them to his son. He’s already great at having a strong voice, so the two of them work together to help him tone it down when needed.

Sam: His son definitely did not get his feminine voice from Sam, but the powerfully strong tone was certainly his. He’s not too partial either way to his son’s feminine voice; who cared what he sounded like? He was his son.

Matthew: Often, he tries to tell his son about all the different kinds of jobs he could get with a voice like his; singing, voice acting, there were so many possibilities! Matthew is proud no matter what his son chooses.

Damien: It could be argued that Damien’s voice was soft and feminine, so Damien is rather glad that his own son has a powerful voice. It would mean he wouldn’t be so easily pushed around and would always be heard.

NHLers and the Olympics (hypothetical)


Alex Ovechkin goes to the Olympics. No one questions his many carry on bags, or why one looks suspiciously like Nicklas Backstrom.

The NHL is curious as to why Henrik Lundqvist has been playing so poorly for the Rangers during the time of the Olympics. Joel Lunqvist must be feeling off too..he called in sick to work all month. 

Carey Price builds a small wall in his net, then leaves and goes to the Olympics. No one notices the difference. 

Sidney Crosby wants to go to the Olympics but he does not want to let down the Penguins or break the rules. Fleury and Letang put melatonin in  Crosbys PB&J. He wakes up on the Plane next to to Jamie Benn. 

A displeased Jamie Benn is duck taped to a giggly Tyler Seguin. 

Brent Burns smuggles  Joe Pavelski to the Olympics in his beard. 

Shea Weber fires a fake slap shot. It fake hits Markov, Plekanec and Pacioretty. They are all out for the month  with fake and vague injuries. They get fake beards and go to the Olympics under fake names. 

Erik Karlsson is very handsome. He tells the league he is going to the Olympics, they are distracted by all the handsome and tell him its fine.

No one wants to have to tell Tuukka Rask he cant go to the Olympics, so no one does.


Cassini prepares for final orbital “Grand Finale” at Saturn.

Erik Wernquist, the same filmmaker who created 2014’s “Wanderers” and a stunning New Horizons promotional film in 2015, has created a new video highlighting NASA’s Cassini mission’s final days at Saturn.

The Cassini spacecraft will begin its final series of orbits to cap a 13-year groundbreaking science mission known as the Grand Finale. For the first time ever in Cassini’s time at Saturn, the spacecraft will fly in between the planet’s rings and atmosphere. No spacecraft has ever before flown in this region of any of the solar system’s ringed planets.

After 23 orbits, Cassini will dive into Saturn’s upper atmosphere September 15 where it will be destroyed. In 2008, mission managers explored a range of End of Mission scenarios that would protect Saturn’s moon’s from Earthly contaminants before ultimately deciding on atmospheric reentry.

Cassini began her End of Mission manoeuvres on November 26, 2016, when it began the first of 20 ring-grazing orbits. A close flyby of Titan April 22 will alter the spacecraft’s trajectory to begin the first of 23 orbits in the Grand Finale, which will begin April 26.

Cassini launched from Earth on October 15, 1997, and entered Saturn orbit June 30, 2004. Six months later, on January 14, 2005, the European-built Huygens probe attached to the spacecraft landed on Titan, becoming the first probe to land in the outer solar system. 

Originally scheduled for a four-year mission ending in 2008, Cassini received two mission extensions in 2008 and 2010, with the latter ending in 2017. With the spacecraft’s fuel reserves low, the Cassini team decided to end the mission.

P/C: JPL/Erik Wernquist

I think it’s important to recognize that they first made Pietro and Wanda Nazis. In Age Of Ultron, they made Wanda and Pietro willingly work and subject themselves to experimentation by Nazis (Hydra). They are originally Jewish characters as well as Rromani, which is a HUGE IMPACTOR on their experiences growing up.

Then they erased Wanda’s Jewishness entirely by putting a cross in her room in CA:CW.

Yes it is important to recognize the wrongness of making Captain America a Nazi. And it’s way, WAY more important to recognize the absolutely TERRIBLE and UGLY way they’re making Magneto work with Nazis.

But it’s also important to realize that by doing what they did to Pietro and Wanda, that kicked off what’s happening.

And it’s important to speak out against it.