erik veik

“The first thing I thought is, `Eric and Dylan, why did you do this?’ But also something ran through saying, `You guys finally did it. You did something”.

Erik Veik - A friend Of Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold 

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What's Erik Veik up to now? I haven't heard anything related to him since the time he threatened to "finish the job"

The first  would-be Columbine, Eric and Dylan inspired copy cat is a theater entertainment electrician still living in Colorado. 

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Eric and Dylan as their peers and acquaintances described them

Jo-Lee Gallegos(5424)
H&K were “nice guys”

Jennifer Harmon(6536)
“I really didn’t see who they didn’t get along with. I mean, I’ve never seen anyone pick on them… Can’t think of anyone picking on ‘em at all.”

Jeni LaPlante (Westword)
“I never saw them being hostile or dissing on other people.”

FNU Kirchoff(LAT 4-27-99)
The youths had been paced in a junvile diversion program after being arrested for burglarizing a car. Their main job was cleaning up facilities for local athletes, and Kirchhoff said that Harris and Klebold never seemed unhappy about that. ….Harris in particular, he added, was a 'great worKer.’

Nathan Dykeman(YB232)
“High School has the best of times and the worst of time, but though it all two guys have been with me. Thank you Dylan and Eric.

Geaorge Sneddon(5206)
Teacher, he indicated he knew H&K very well and considered them two of his best friends. "Dylan had at one time told him that he was one of the few people that actually ever talked to him.”

Michael Paavilainen(16418 )
“I ask him about Eric and Dylan being teased. He told me this year was lot less than last year. The group of jocks that graduated last year teased Eric and Dylan a lot.”

“Until two years ago, according to students who knew them, they blended into the school. But in their junior year, something went badly wrong. 'They totally changed,’ recalled Mike…."They started wearing all black and keeping to themselves. It was kind of weird.’ ”

“The jocks put them down, says Nick. They got away with everything and people like me got away with nothing. Dylan and Eric really hated that.”

Tiffany Typher(USATodayOnline, 5-3-99)
“Everywhere they went, they were teased about how they dressed.”

Cory Friesen(10726)
Associate, thought H&K were being picked-on.

Charles Phillips(10867)
Associate, said H&K got picked-on a lot.

Nicole Shrieve,Jr
Watched as H&K, and ohers in the group, kept being picked on during school.

Mollie Wechsler(7356)
Says H&K were picked on by the teachers and the female employee of the tech lab. H&K would glare at her.

Josh Lapp(489)
Says H&K were anti-social. “Students did not dare talk to Harris and Klebold, or even get near them. Students would say 'hi’ to them and they would jump back into their faces.”

Steve Vaughn(5125)
“After freshman year H&K seemed to mostly hang together and disassociate themselves from the rest of the student body.”

Zach Heckler(10754)
Two years before 4-20, he accompanied H&K on a drive where they threw firecrackers in front of the homes of people Harris did not like. Says H&K were racists.

Nick Foss(EP23-8 )
H&K into anti-government activities

Lydia Shofner(LAT 4-23-99)
“They were both kind of anti-everything”(she know them both well)

Yoshi Carrol(5417)
Says H&K often wrote about death, dark in nature.

Jordana Spaven(13545)
Eric and Dylan played in ther LARP game “Vampire-the Masuqerade” up in the mountains using toy weapons and acting out scripts that usually involved warfare with other clans.

Rebecca Mandel(13334)
“Rebecca said Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold were 'totally into video production.’ ”

“Rebecca said she did not witness the 'jocks’ or any other students pick on Eric Harris or Dylan Klebold….. She sayed they stayed to themselves.”

Erik Veik(DRMN 10-21-99)
On H&K’s videos: “They always were the same kind of videos: the boy said April 21, "They always wore trench coats. They always wanted to be the intimidators–the good guys out to get the bad guys.”

Dep Gardner(JCSO)(LAT 5-2-99)
“Garder said he kept an eye on both Harris and Klebold, engaging them in conversation, and reported only that they were respectful and seemingly benign.”

Peter Horvath(5706)
School disciplinarian, he saw potential for evil in H&K.