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Michael Fassbender - Vanity Fair Italia - January 2017

Night Time Wishes

Celebrity/Character: Michael Fassbender

Requested: Yes

Warnings: None

Your parents were away for the night at a party and so you had the place to yourself. You didn’t like the idea of staying in the house all alone though and decided to call up your best friend Michael to ask if he wanted to stay the night. “Sure.” He answered through the phone, you could hear the smile in his voice.

Michael had been your best friend for literally your whole life, the one person who knows you inside out and back to front. He has kept your secrets, made you laugh and given you a shoulder to cry on in times of need. Somewhere down the line though, the friendship you held for him turned to love. Sure you had always loved him as a friend, but this was a different kind of love. This was the kind of love that you would kill for, die for and everything in-between. The kind of love that makes your heart beat fast every time you see that person but rips it apart at the same time because, deep down, you know that you could never have them.

The thing about Michael is that he can have any girl, and he usually does. One sideway glance at them, one smirk in their direction, and they’re his. He calls them his ‘powers’ and powerful they are. “How come my powers never work on you?” He’ll ask. “You’ve never tried them on me.” You’ll answer with a laugh and he’ll just look down at the floor and stay silent. The other thing about Michael is that he can’t seem to keep a girl for a prolonged period of time, or rather he doesn’t want to keep them. “Maybe they aren’t the one I really want.” He’ll say when you ask him about the girls. “Who do you want?” You’ll ask with a laugh. “Now there’s a question.” He’ll say to you with a closed lip smile before turning to take a cigarette from the pack in his hand. Complicated was one word you would use to describe him…yes, he was a rather complicated boy.

“I’ve got ten movies and chocolate.” Michael proclaimed as he walked through the front door of your house. “Do we really need that many?” You asked him. “Probably not, but they are all movies that you like so you can pick.” He said, placing them on the coffee table and throwing the chocolate towards you. You chose a film from the pile and put it on. You sat on the couch, feet up, your head resting on Michael’s lap. Occasionally he would pop some chocolate into your mouth. That’s the way the two of you always watched movies together and you stayed like that for most of the night until you got tired.

You were woken up to the sound of Michael moving around your room in the dark. He did that sometimes when he stayed over and found it hard to sleep. You decided to pretend that you were still sleeping and then suddenly spring up and scare Michael.

You felt the right side of your bed sag under the weight that had just been placed on it and felt Michael’s hand on your head. He stroked your forehead with his thumb as you continued to let on you were sleeping. Suddenly, just as you were about to rise up and scare him, you felt, what could only be Michaels lips, on your forehead. You were confused, why was he kissing your forehead? He has never done that before. Your heart was pounding fast against your ribcage and you fought to keep your eyes closed.

“I wish you knew how much I love you.” He whispered into the dark. “I wish that you could love me back." He sighed. "You always ask me who I really want and the answer is you. It’s always been you and it always will be. But you don’t seem to notice me. You don’t notice the glances and the way you make me smile and you don’t notice the way I look at you, willing you to love me back. Maybe its best you don’t notice though, because I don’t think I could ever bare being turned down by you.” It went silent for a moment and you thought that he was finished, but he wasn’t. “You’re the only person who can cheer me up when I’m sad and calm me down when I’m angry. You don’t value yourself at all, but if you were mine I’d tell you how much I love you every single day. I’d tell you how your smile brightens up my day, how your eyes glisten in the moonlight and how you are the most perfect girl I have ever known. If you were mine…oh, if only you were mine!”

“That can be arranged.” You said, opening your eyes.

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