I know I’ve said this a lot, but I’m still Bitter™ that Jane and Darcy have been practically erased from the MCU when they’re both amazing, badass science ladies (and they’re both Jewish btw) who were given an actual story arc that coincided with Thor’s instead of them just being there to make Thor look better, like, they had as big a part of the story as he had, and I could really go with a Marvel series that dealt with Jane and Darcy and Erik studying the science in the Marvel universe and making cool discoveries and it would be so great but it seems like Marvel is pretty much done with them and it makes me so sad

Mild Ragnarok Spoilers Ahead

Don’t imagine if Thor is killed fighting Thanos.

Don’t imagine Loki’s face as he realizes that his brother, the man who saw him at his worst and still loved him and welcomed him back with open arms when Loki decided to turn good again to save him, is dying.

Don’t imagine Thor using his final breaths to remind Loki that he is loved, that Thor’s death isn’t his fault, that he trusts Loki to be a good ruler.

Don’t imagine Loki letting out a scream of raw anguish as he holds his brother’s lifeless body and realizes how Thor felt twice before, except this time the death is real and unchangeable.

Don’t imagine watching the internal struggle visible on his face as he wavers between his need for revenge and his duty to his people.

Don’t imagine the others finally forgetting any ill feelings they still harbor for Loki in order to protect him.

Don’t imagine the shock on Loki’s face as Heimdall, the man he once froze and banished, and the commoners he once lied to and betrayed, willingly kneel and accept him as their rightful ruler.

Don’t imagine him going to Jane and Erik and Darcy to tell them, wary of how they might react to his presence but knowing they need the news delivered in person, but they cry and hug him because they realize he’s grieving too.

Don’t imagine Loki spending the next few days in a haze of shock at how supportive everyone is being, even the human heroes he once tried to kill.

Don’t imagine Loki trying to look strong, but there are silent tears sliding down his cheeks as he finally takes the throne he never really wanted.

Don’t imagine Loki finally finding a moment alone to go back to that beautiful place in Norway, that place where he started to realize he was loved after all, and kneel in the dark to look up at the stars with tears in his eyes and promise his family that he’ll be the best ruler he can possibly be.

Don’t imagine Heimdall and Valkyrie eventually coming up on either side of him, saying nothing, just resting a hand on his shoulders and looking up at the heavens with him.

Don’t imagine Strange and Tony and Bruce and the others slowly filling up the field behind him, also staying silent, until Loki finally turns to Tony and asks if he can have that drink now. And with the laugh the duo shares, the atmosphere lightens and the silence turns to jokes and happy stories of the ones they lost, and the future suddenly looks a lot brighter.

Whatever you do, don’t imagine any of that.


For @anhartcuteneon…connected to this imagine. Enjoy!

Y/N looked between her new friends, Darcy, Erik, and Jane, and the men in suits standing across from her. She was confused. She wasn’t even sure how they knew she had come to Midguard with Thor. Just the same, she hadn’t been causing a mess. For the most part, she had been helping her friends with their scientific quandaries.

“You’re not taking Y/N,” Jane spoke up defiantly.
“Yeah,” Darcy joined in, “We’ve seen Men In Black. We’re not going to let you dissect Y/N!”

Y/N held back a smirk at Darcy’s comment. Even if that were these men’s objective, she could handle herself. However, the sentiment was there. Keeping her gaze stern, Y/N returned to look at the men.

“What is this about?” she asked.
“The reason you left Asgard,” one of the men told her.

Y/N grit her teeth. She turned to face the other three. Her gaze remained on Erik’s the longest. He made his way over to her, placing his hand on her shoulder. He smiled.

“If this goes awry, we’ll be sure to come after you,” he told her.

She nodded, giving his hand a squeeze. A moment later, she pulled the girls into a hug. She mouthed her thanks to the girls before turning to the suited men. She gave them and affirmative nod.

The door to Y/N’s ‘holding cell’ opened to reveal a seemingly harmless man. In fact, he reminded the Asgardian of Erik a bit. He smiled at her as he took his seat.

“How was your flight?” he asked, “Not to uncomfortable, I hope.”
She shook her head. “No. It was…a flight.”
He smiled at her. “Good to hear.”
“I’m sorry. Who are you?” Y/N asked.
He smirked. “The name’s Phil Coulson. And you’re Y/N, Thor’s friend.”

She nodded, falling silent. Y/N glanced at the ground for a moment. When she spoke next, it was quiet.

“…One of your men, they said this was about the reason I came here.”
“And you’re wondering if that’s true.”
She connected gazes with him. “Yes.”
“I’m afraid so. It seem that Loki, Thor’s brother and your…, well, is planning something big. We’d like to have you on our side.”
She knit her brows. “No. That’s not possible.”
“Actually, quite the opposite,” Coulson replied, “If you agreed, you’d be teaming up with a few other operatives, Thor being among them.”
“If you have Thor, there’s no need for me,” she stated, “Whoever is causing this…disturbance isn’t Loki. He’s,” she paused to swallow, “He’s dead.”

Coulson nodded. He lowered his head a moment, placing a comforting hand on one of Y/N’s hand.

“I know you’ve been mourning him. If we didn’t believe he was alive, you wouldn’t be here.”

Y/N thought a moment. What he was saying made sense, but part of her couldn’t believe it. Besides, even if Loki hadn’t died, what was she supposed to do? Fight the man she loved? However, she knew Thor’s love for his brother and he was willing. She nodded.

“Alright…but I will try everything I can before fighting him.”
Coulson nodded. “That’s all we can ask.”

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