erik lehsherr

You’re a Mutant, One of Us

Characters: Reader, Charles Xavier, Erik Lehnsherr

Words: 932

Summary: Two surprise visitors come and visit

Warning: None I believe

A/N: Finals are starting next week so I’ve been busy, hopefully when summer comes I’ll be writing more. Also, I hurt my knuckles which is making it extremely hard to type, which slows me down.

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That’s the time you finally got out of bed this morning. You had woken up at around 7:30ish, but the bed was so warm and you were dreading school so you had totally lost track of the time. You had a major project due today that you had totally forgotten was due on Monday and had stayed up till 4am working on before you passed out. As you slowly rolled off your bed, you looked at the floor and sighed as you realized you still needed to throw your laundry into the washer. You quickly put on your robe and walked into the living room and into the bathroom. This was your normal morning routine.

Wake up. Use the restroom. Wash your face. Do your hair. Eat. Get dressed. Brush your teeth. Leave for school.

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Marvel Characters by the signs
  • <p> <b>Aries:</b> Angela<p/><b>Taurus:</b> Laura Kinney<p/><b>Gemini:</b> Pietro Maximoff<p/><b>Cancer:</b> Steve Rogers<p/><b>Leo:</b> Thor Odinson<p/><b>Virgo:</b> Kamala Khan<p/><b>Libra:</b> Jean Grey<p/><b>Scorpio:</b> Erik Lehsherr<p/><b>Sagittarius:</b> Carol Danvers<p/><b>Capricorn:</b> Gwen Stacy<p/><b>Aquarius:</b> Kitty Pryde<p/><b>Pisces:</b> Peter Parker<p/></p>

Erik Lehnsherr: Transformation

Frankenstein’s Monster:
Frankenstein’s Monster; Henry Jackman // Sorrow; The National // Arsonists Lullaby; Hozier //  Lost Cause; Imagine Dragons // 100 Suns; 30 Seconds To Mars 

Rage and Serenity:
The Enemy; Mumford and Sons // Fix You; The Angry String Quartet // Run; Daughter // Wicked Games; James Vincent Mcmorrow // My Mistakes Were Made For You; The Last Shadow Puppets // Tomorrow; Daughter // Love Is Blindness; Jack White // Skyfall; Adele

Never Again:
Leave my Body; Florence and The Machine //Cities in Dust; The Ever Love // Dance Littlie Liar; Arctic Monkeys //  Kara Remembers; Bear McCreary // Seven Nation Army; Glitch Mob Remix // Cornerstone; Arctic Monkeys // Sail; Awolnation // Night of the Hunter; 30 Seconds to Mars


Nobody Said It Was Easy

The Scientist (Holly Henry) // The Enemy (Mumford and Sons) // Strange (Alex Turner) // Wicked Game (James Vincent Morrow) // Tomorrow (Daughter) // Fix You (Angry String Orchestra) // Its Hard To Get Around The Wine (Alex Turner) // Fireside (Arctic Monkeys) // Heavy in Your Arms (Florence + The Machine) // Run (Daughter) // Kingdom Come (Coldplay) // Skyfall (Adele) // Cornerstone (Arctic Monkeys)