erik lehnsherr

The x-men's favourite Disney princesses

Charles- Cinderella, for her ability to stay positive and kind throughout endless torment.

Eric- Mulan for her loyalty to her family and her determination to succeed.

Hank-belle, for her intelligence and her ability to look beyond the surface, to see the beauty inside.

Alex - Tiana, for her strength, spirit and determination.

Peter - Anna, for her mischievousness, but also for her love and loyalty for her sister.

Scott- Ariel, for her wanting more for herself and stopping   at nothing until she gets there.

Kurt- Rapunzel, for her creativity, kindness and determination to see her dream come true.

Jean- jasmine, for her self-worth, independence and sense of adventure.  

Ororro- Pocahontas, for her connection with nature, but also for her strong values and independence.

Jubilee- snow white, for her ability to see the good in people, and always look on the bright side.

Warren- merrida, for her independence, mischievousness and her strong will.  


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clickthefrog  asked:

Erik/Moira AU where Moira is a detective and Erik is a criminal :)

this got dark very fast, but i hope you enjoy nonetheless!

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Gun against her hip, badge clipped to her trousers. The constant loose change in her pocket, the amalgam in her teeth. She hadn’t tried to be stealthy; stubborn to the point of recklessness and causing danger to herself. Erik admired her for it. 

“Subtle, MacTaggert.”

Her head snapped up at the sound of his voice; a strand of her hair catching in the corner of her mouth, dangerously close to the glowing end of her cigarette. In the dark alley, it was the only source of light. Stalking forward, Erik took it from between her fingers, twirling it around his own before taking a drag. 

He let it out through his nose. “Thought you’d quit.”

She stared at him for a moment, lips pinched tight. “Right,” she scoffed, taking it back, inhaling a big gulp of smoke like it was air. “Stressful situations is not the time to quit bad habits, Lehnsherr. You should know that.”

Erik kept his eyes on her, not folding his away his gaze. She looked wrong –  like there was another form of her underneath her skin, maybe always had been, and now the jagged edges were poking through; jaw too sharp and the the circles under her eyes stark against her pale skin.

And still, there was nothing that could be done.

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Why Charles Always Wins Arguments
  • Erik:I hate you.
  • Charles:I hate me too.
  • Erik:How could you hate yourself? You are the kindest and most gracious being to ever walk the earth. You are the light of my life. You are the most generous person to exist, Charles. Without you I would be nothing. Whoever made you feel this way must be destroyed. You are a delicate flower and you must be protected at all costs. How could you feel this way, my love?
  • Charles:Gotcha bitch