When Charles awoke, the third thing he noticed was the ring on his finger.

Not the first thing- that was the ever-present buzz of nearby mentality, drawn in by his telepathy. Not the second thing- that was the feeling of wear on his skin; signs of love and passion pressed into him like marks of ownership.

No, the ring was the third thing. Charles opened his eyes blearily to regard it, lifting his head from the pillow to look down at the unexpected trinket.

There was a ring on his left hand- a thin circlet of metal perfectly formed around his finger like it belonged there. Only it didn’t. He didn’t own it. He hadn’t put it there. So who had?

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Here I’ll introduce you to my autistic niece, Victoria and how a 6 year old loves Lorna Dane aka Polaris from the X-Men. She loves Lorna and the color of her hair and clothes. She already know very well who is this character. She has a Barbie doll where her mother (my sister) dyed her hair green and bought many green clothes for her doll who she named Lorna.

This video was taken in her grandma’s house who just moved in recently. My cousin was recording while babysitting her and send me this heartwarming video since he knows I love X-Men. My beautiful niece is autistic who is afraid of costumes. She don’t like wearing them for Halloween and she gets scared when she sees people wearing costumes (you know, like creepy costumes lol). I thought this was something big and emotional to me since my niece, who is so young, started to like the X-Men and her favorite is Polaris. Funny how few people out there are pretending not to know Lorna when this 6 year old girl knows who she actually is and where she’s from. Autistic children are smart and that’s what makes them different. Please share and thank you!


Sitting on the steps to the door of the X-Mansion, a cup of hot chocolate resting in your hands, and your boyfriend’s jacket now being worn by you, was not how you expected to spend your evening. 

In front of you, Erik Lehnsherr was grumbling, using the small metal clips attached to an endless string of fairy lights, to hang up on the entirety of the building. He didn’t notice your gaze on him, as he effortlessly lifted the string of lights, looking to see they were secured on tightly. 

He chucked, when the gaze you had settled was noticed. Instead of being the ‘Sweet Stereotypical Boyfriend,’ that anybody would expect, he instead noticed the metal on your necklace, using it to pull you forward. Despite your constant words of 'Erik, Stop it,’ and I’m holding a hot drink!’ He gets you closer, releasing his grasp at the last moment, so you are to fall into his grasp. 

“You’re a douche.” You say, keeping in his grasp, as he kisses the side of your head. 

“I know.” He mumbles, before quirking his eyebrows up towards you. “You can levitate. Why aren’t you doing this?” He asks, chuckling. To this, you shrug your shoulders, before he pulls you into his chest. Looking up, you can see the strings of lights, glowing beautifuly, adding a layer of magic towards the castle.
Erik isn’t looking - his eyes are too focused on the smile covering your face. 

Seeing you happy in his arms - when he lost so much, and didn’t want to lose you too. Gently, he pushed back the hair covering your cheek, and pressed his lips to it, gaining your attention.

To this, you grinned. “What was that for?” You asked. He shook his head.
“Nothing. Just reminding you how much I love you.”

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Dumb shit that happened in the X-Men prequel trilogy
  • The Charles/Moira romantic subplot
  • The Hank/Raven romantic subplot
  • The Erik/Raven romantic subplot
  • The awful haircut they gave Alex in dofp (by far the second worse they did to him)
  • Killing Sean for literally no reason and having Erik only refer to him as Banshee when talking about his death
  • Killing Darwin who mutation was literally adapting to SURVIVE.
  • (xmfc) In a movie about progression within society, out of the only two main pocs one dies less than half way into the movie and the other ends up betraying everyone less than half into the movie
  • The botching of Emma Frost’s character
  • The fact that Pietro has a conversation with just about everyone about Erik being his dad

    EXCEPT Erik