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If you had the opportunity to rewrite Erik's storyline in Apocalypse, how would you do it?

Oh, if only… 

There are so many scenarios in my mind unfolding themselves as I’m writing to you now…

 I never hid it; I’m a crazy Erik Lehnsherr fan. I’m afraid I might sound a bit too extreme and dramatic to some, so I’ll keep this short. I’ve already shared a few thoughts on the matter so I will leave a link here, in case you might be interested. –> x

I’m not an experienced writer and I definitely don’t pretend to know better, but I would never have written Erik trying to have a normal human life after all these years of undeserved imprisonment, away from all mutants, and I would certainly never have given him a family only to kill them afterwards to let him go mad from the pain so he could blindly follow the villain for convenience’s sake. He deserved better than that.

Here are a few things that I think would have been interesting to see in the movie:

- Erik has his Brotherhood and is actively involved in protecting and saving mutants;

- Erik assembles the X-Men when Charles cannot (that’s what he did in Age of Apocalypse);

- If you really want Erik to join Apocalypse, then you enslave him (he would not simply follow a stranger and then become hired muscle and nothing else);

- Erik works with Charles for more than two seconds;

- Erik contributes directly to Apocalypse’s demise (he killed him in Age of Apocalypse after he’d been weakened by a telepath, which could’ve been Charles in the movie).


Full set of the latest commissioned drawings. Redesigns (with the exception of Dust and Magneto) were made by @pryce14 and drawn by me. 

This group is supposed to kind of be an X-Force or Extinction style of team.
Emma Frost, Magik, Dust, Xorn, Chamber, Magneto, Iceman, Elixir.