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Shield Maiden

(Might possibly do more imagines of the Vikings cast! I love the show so much

ALSO I REALLY think this would be an AMAZING fanfic ( I mean it’s so long because I shortened it, so it wouldn’t be 4000 words, but there is so much I could add. ), but I don’t know if I should write it here. What do you think? LET ME KNOW <3 )

Title: Shield Maiden
Requested? No.
Plot: You are a shield maiden, you’ve known Björn your whole life and watched him fall in love and share his life with other women, never confessing your feelings to him. He soon starts having some feelings for you, and one faithful event causes him to see his true feelings for you, only this time, you want nothing to do with him.
Warnings: Cursing.
Word count: 2028


The children’s laughter filled the air. Erik and several other children you were taking care of were trying to braid your hair as you held Refil in your arms. Guthrum was playing with the older children, but close enough for you to keep an eye on him. You loved all children, but you loved those three boys the most, because you also felt that this was a way for you to be near a part of him. A part of the man you loved all this time, ever since you were little.The man you watched fall in love with other women, when your heart ached for him. You know Björn ever since you were kids. Growing up together, you started having feelings for him. You were planning to confess everything to him one night, but you noticed he was taking an interest in a slave girl named Þórunn. During the day leading up to the night you wanted to confess your feelings to Björn, you were walking through the woods and saw him about to have sex with the slave girl.

Your heart broke and you decided not to tell him how you feel. You stayed silent and supportive as his love for her was growing, and eventually they got married and Þórunn became pregnant. Being a shield maiden, close to Lagertha, you got to fight next to his side, and tried your best to focus on living your own life. Soon, due to her loss of confidence after her face was scarred during one battle, Þórunn disappeared out of Björn’s life, leaving her daughter Siggy behind. You had left to live with Lagertha, rather than staying close to Aslaug, who you hated to the core, but you came back to Kattegat to see how Björn was doing. When he told you what happened you told him you would do anything you can to help him. He smiled at you and thanked you, your heart feeling like it was gonna jump out of your chest. You prayed to the Gods every day to keep him safe when he left to the woods in the winter.

Once you saw him arrive at Lagertha’s earldom one day, you couldn’t be happier, that is until you heard that he came there to take Torvi with him to Kattegat. Once again, you were left to look on as he was with another woman. Lagertha knew you loved Björn, and would often console you when you felt like you missed him too much. Years passed, Erik was born, and than Refil, and you started to think that you would never get to tell Björn how you felt about him. One day you saw him walk off with Astrid, Lagertha’s right hand, and decided to follow them. But you regretted you decision once you saw they were having sex.
“I fucking hate him. I hate him! That asshole!”
You yelled and trashed your room until Torvi came in to calm you down. You couldn’t tell her what you saw, no matter how much you wanted to. You wanted to destroy him, but that was just the spur of the moment, and you knew that. So you continued to act like everything was alright.

You looked up from Refil’s adorable little cheeks with a smile on your face and were met with a pair of beautiful blue eyes, the eyes you loved so much. Björn was staring at you having fun with the children, and he had a focused look on his face, trying to pinpoint if the pace his heart was beating at was because he was running, or if it had something to do with you. That night, when you put the children down to bed you slowly exited the room, only to bump into someone’s chest and strong arms wrapped around you. You almost screamed, but you noticed it was Björn. You two spent a few moments staring into each others eyes, when he suddenly pressed his lips to yours. You didn’t know how to react, so you instinctivly kissed back, but you soon pushed him away and slapped him. You tried walking away, but he pulled you back to his chest.
“I know you love me.”
He whispered, to your shock. How did he know? Did he talk to Lagertha? You decided that you didn’t want to have anything to do with him now.
“Yes, I do. But I am not going to be your fourth choice. I value myself more than that.” 
You whispered back and wiggled out of his grip, this time, he let you walk away.

Throughout the following weeks, you were trying your hardest to stay away from Björn, but he wasn’t making it easy for you. Brushing up against you as he was walking by “accidentally”, spending a lot more time with the children than usual, watching you train, so many little things nobody could notice, but that were happening. You sighed as you watched the boats leaving Kattegat. Ones were going with king Ragnar and Ivar to England, and the others with Björn and Hvitserk to explore the Mediterranean Sea. A mix of worry and relief in your sigh, being away from Björn is going to make it easier to move on, but the thought of him getting harmed badly during the raid made your stomach drop. His icy blue eyes never left your figure until he couldn’t see you anymore.

He sat back in his boat as it continued forward, thinking if he was going to miss you. And he did, very much. He began to understand he needed you in his life, one way or another, although he would prefer you being his wife. As he stood next to his brother, king Harald and Halfdan, looking over at the sea, he felt a sting in his heart. He turned around and so did Hvitserk, both noticing a black raven. They immediately knew what that meant.

“My father is dead.”

Björn said as he knew it was Odin’s raven, giving them the message that Ragnar was dead. The rest of his brothers were visited by Odin himself, and soon everyone important to king Ragnar knew he was gone.

How the little piggies will grunt when they hear how the old boar suffered.

There was only one thing on their minds now. Revenge. And of course you wanted to be a part of it.

“No, Y/N. You are not going.”
Björn shut you down even before you asked him if you could come with them. You stood there with a confused look on your face and your hands raised in confusion as you watched him sharpen his axe. When you asked him why he gave you the old fashioned response how he didn’t want you to get hurt and that it was his fight. You were annoyed, but your brain started figuring out ways you could sneak in so you just replied to him with “Fine” and waked off. “I’ll show this fucker, he hasn’t seen the last of me.”, you thought to yourself. Grabbing a cloak from your sisters room you put it on and it covered you perfectly, the hood hiding your hair. Once you told Lagertha of your plans she nodded at you and told you to be careful, and to look out for yourself and others. She always felt like you were a daughter to her, and was glad you were going, you climbed on one of the boats and sat down, trying not to be spotted until you sailed. And to your joy it worked. You were already long gone until you heard a familiar voice behind you.

“I should have known you were up to something when you gave up so quickly when I told you that you can’t come.”
You tried pretending you didn’t hear him, knowing all too well he was talking to you, once you felt a hand under your arm and you were lifted off to your feet, your hood sliding off your head. Turning around you were met face to face with Björn. And he looked like he was ready to argue. And so were you. You two began bickering until Hvitserk decided to step in.
“We’re already too far away to send her back, we have no other choice but to take her with us.”
“I could throw her over into the water and she could swim back.”
Björn said, eyes glued to you, annoyance filling them.
“Like it or not Ironside, I’m coming with you, and you can’t do anything about it, so let me go.”
You said, yanking your arm from his grip and sitting back down, leaving him to stare at you for a while until he decided to go back to the front of the boat.

Once you arrived to England it was time to act out on the revenge plot. They were going to get what they deserve. The Great Heathen Army, lead by Ivar’s tactic were rushing into a fight with the army of king Aelle. You recalled when Rangar told you about a brutal punishment in the viking world. The Blood Eagle. And you swore on your life king Aelle was going to meet that fate. King Ragnar came into your dreams, showing you what they did to him in the last moments of his life and that just fueled your rage. Once kin Aelle was defeated and you watched on as they hung him high after The Blood Eagle, you couldn’t help but feel content. Now it was time to figtht to get to king Ecbert. The battle was well on it’s way when you looked over to Björn just to see him get injured and fall to the ground.

You yelled out his name and rushed over to his side, fighting off whoever tried to harm him while he was down. Once you saw a good chance, you used all your strength to pull him away from the battle. Ripping the cloth from your sleeve you made a makeshift bandage and covered his wound.
“Don’t you dare die on me Björn! Do you hear me?! Don’t you fucking die on me!”
You yelled, tears forming in your eyes, you can’t lose him, you just can’t. You didn’t even get to tell him the whole story behind your love. Suddenly you felt his hand wipe your tears away.
“Don’t worry, your won’t get rid of me that easily.”
He said with a small smirk and soon was back on his feet, ready to fight. Nevertheless, you stayed by his side as he fought, and once the battle was over and Ecbert was probably killing himself in his roman bath, you continued to tend to Björn’s injury as you left the new settlement and were on your way home.

A few days later, when he was all healed up, Björn arrived at your doorstep. You were shocked when he left a gentle kiss on your lips and than your forehead. His blue orbs piercing your skin as he told you how sorry he was that you were not his first choice and that if he could turn things around he would have chosen you. You had never seen this side of him before, the fact that he was telling you his true fellings surprised you, and your heart started beating faster.
“The most important thing is that I love you Y/N. Please give me a chance.”
He stated at the end of his monologue about how he made a mistake in never noticing you. Once you mentioned the fact he was with Torvi, he told you the she as just the mother of his children and that he never really loved her, even though he thought he did. You decided to give in, let your heart win over your head for once.
“You are lucky I love you Björn, you know that?”
You stated with a smile, making him chuckle slightly before wrapping his arms around you and pulling you in for a more passionate kiss. He couldn’t wait for you to be his wife and to spend the rest of his life with you.

Guys I’m sorry it took so long and that I’m always gone for long, but here is an imagine for all of you who love the Viking series as much as I do. PS I know it’s Torvi in the last gif,b  but pretend it’s not. UGH I hate her. But anyway I hope you enjoyed the imagine and will continue to follow my blog. I have so many things in store <3 <3 <3

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Yours and Mine (Quicksilver X Reader) (A/B/O)

Okay y’all first time writing in the Alpha/Beta/Omega universe so please excuse me if this doesn’t flow well! If you don’t know what this is you can google it or message me and I will try my best to explain it! I am 115% trash for A/B/O and I live for a/b/o fluff stories (smut is good too but I just love fluff).

Warnings: None, mention of a fight I guess, ABO if you think thats a warning

Summary: Peter was a good alpha. But got very jealous. And one day Alex got a little too close to you, Peter’s omega, and that did not end well.

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Beneath A Moonless Sky - Loved and Lost

Christine Daae has never been a restless sleeper, always able to sleep soundly through the night once she turned in. But, this night had been vastly different. She tossed and turned while her soon to be husband slept soundly at her side.

She rolled over so she was back to back with the Vicomte, and tucked her cold feet under the blanket. So much was going to change tomorrow.

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Here for You ~ Peter Maximoff imagine

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Ooh maybe a request for Peter Maximoff where he tells her that Magneto is his father? And she tells him what to do comforts him. Thanks!! Xoxox


None. :)

~Here for You~

It was a quiet night in for you; you were sat up in your room watching tv when you received a text from your boyfriend, Peter Maximoff.

The text read:

“I need to talk to you. I’m coming to get you.”

You quickly jumped out of bed and looked down at your pajamas. But before you could even think about changing, you felt something grab you, a rush of air, and then a sudden stop. You then found yourself in Peter’s room while also being held in his arms. 

“God, Peter! You gotta warn me before you do that!” You groaned, holding onto him for balance as he set you down.

“I did. I sent you a text,” he said, giving you a smile.

“Okay, but what if I was in my underwear?” You retorted, placing your hands on your hips.

“That would have been awesome,” he winked, taking off his goggles. You playfully smacked him on the shoulder in response.

“Alright, what did you need to talk about?” You asked, sitting down on the sofa.

His smile then faded. He took a seat next to you and let out a slow breath. He rested his elbows on his knees and started wringing his hands.

“He’s my dad…” He finally spoke, keeping his eyes to the ground.

“What? What are you talking about? Who’s your dad?”

“Magneto… His name is Erik,” he answered, turning to face you.

“That guy on the news?!” You furrowed your eyebrows.

He nodded slowly, gluing his eyes to the ground again.

You turned away, searching your mind for what to say next.

“I don’t know what to do, (Y/N),” Peter then stood up and began pacing.

“He’s my dad, and he should want to see me, right? I mean, I doubt he even knows I exist, but…” He ran his fingers through his hair.

“I don’t know what to do,” he repeated.

You bit your lip; it was difficult to see Peter like this. He was always so happy and cracking jokes every chance he got, but now…

You and Peter have been dating for a while, but you had been best friends longer. You both knew everything there was to know about each other.

“Babe, I-” you began, walking over to Peter. You turned him around and pulled him into a hug. He buried his face into your neck as you held him.

“You should go find him,” you murmured, breaking the silence that lingered.

“But what if he doesn’t want to see me? What if-”

“Peter, you’ll never know if you don’t try! What if he’s looking for you? You don’t know! You have to take matters into your own hands or nothing will happen,” you ended, placing your hands on his shoulders so that he was looking you in the eye.

He was quiet for a few seconds. “You’re right,”

He walked over to the couch and picked up his wallet, pulling out an old, crumpled card.

You followed and looked over his shoulder. The card was to a school: Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters.

“He’s gotta be there, or, at least, someone there knows where he is, right?” he looked over at you, searching your expression for an answer.

“It’s worth a shot,” you said, resting your head on his shoulder.

You watched as a smile formed on his face. He laid down on the sofa, pulling you on top of him.

“What would I do without you?” He smirked, wrapping his arms around you.

“You don’t have to worry about that. I’m always gonna be here,” you smiled, gazing into his eyes.

“You’re so cheesy, babe,” he teased, planting a kiss on your lips.

“Shut up, Maximoff,” you scowled playfully.

He grinned. “I love you,” he said softly, moving hair away from your face.

“I love you too, Peter.”

~The End~
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No Brotherhood of Mine Part I.

Summary: I can’t think of a good summary without spoilers. You’ll be fine.

Characters; Erik Lehnsherr x Reader, Charles Xavier x Reader.

Word Count: 990.

Warnings: None.

Author’s Note: Inspired by @mm277me ‘s request.

Series Masterlist.

Complete Masterlist.

“Good morning,” she said.
“Good morning, love,” Charles replied.
It was Sunday, and Sunday meant sleeping in and laying around late into the afternoon. It was usually quiet on such days. A relief considering a bunch kids are running around blasting energy beams from their chest and screaming so they can fly. Every now and then Alex would be teasing Hank and Beast would appear to chase Alex throughout the mansion. It was all in good fun, at least for Alex anyways.
Resting in white linens, Charles and his lovely girlfriend snuggled into one another, feeling at peace and pleased with the moment. Then a knock echoed throughout the bedroom followed by a bang. Charles huffed and begrudgingly left the bed.
“It’s Shaw,” Erik growled.
“Erik it’s Sunday, take a breath my friend.”
Erik shook his head and marched into the bedroom, “this is important, Shaw’s out there. We can’t be acting lazy because it’s Sunday.” He stopped at the sight of (y/n) sitting in the bed, wearing a strappy white night gown. He blushed and looked away, “I’m sorry, I didn’t see you there.”
Charles scowled and patted him on the shoulder, “we’ll talk about this later.”
He walked Erik out and calmly closed the door. Returning to the bed Charles found her giggling.
“You’re jealous,” she observed.
“I am not!”
“Don’t worry, he’s only allowed to look.”
Charles huffed again, “he’s too much sometimes.
“He’s damaged and vengeful, can you blame him?”
“No, no I can’t.”
“Come back to bed,” she opened her arms.
Charles crawled back into the king-sized bed and kissed her before wrapping his arms around her. They both fell asleep and stayed like so for the next few hours.

(Y/n) woke up to a loud noise followed by shouting. Quickly changing and fixing her hair she followed the muffled yelling to Charles’ office. Him and Erik were going at it again about Shaw, she assumed. Instead of stepping in a diffusing the argument, as she sometimes did, (y/n) shrugged it off and went to make a hot drink and breakfast, or lunch at this time of day. As she poured the hot beverage into a mug Erik came into the room fuming. She watched as Erik levitated as fork from the dining table and stabbed the wall on the other side of the kitchen.
“I cleaned those last night, you know?”
Erik’s ears pricked up and looked at her. His breath became shaky, simply staring at her anxiously.
“You apologize to me far too much,” she replied, sitting on the counter.
“It seems I’m always invading your space.”
“I don’t mind, as long as it’s not too close or in my bedroom.”
You both chuckled.
“Care for pancakes,” he asked.
(Y/n) lifted her plate, “already got some food, but thanks.”
Erik took a few steps towards her, hands behind his back, “I didn’t mean to intrude with you dressed so… immodestly.”
“It’s very rare to see my collarbone, you should be honored,” (y/n) joked.
“It was a pleasure,” he countered.
“You could use some tea though,” she insisted,” I just bought some jasmine tea you may like.”
“That would be lovely.”
(Y/n) slid off the counter and took a new kettle from the cabinet. She handed him the jar of tea and he dug around looking for a bag.
“They’re at the bottom, I think,” (y/n).
Erik struggled to pull his hand from the small jar but succeeded with a teabag between is pointer finger and thumb. He gingerly gave the bag and she placed into the strainer. Closing the kettle’s lid (y/n) took a sip of her own drink and sat back on the counter, legs swigging back and forth. She noticed Erik staring at her legs, abruptly stopping causing his head to snap back up. She knew of his feelings for her and that if given the chance he’d sweep her off her feet to somewhere beautiful. (Y/n) herself had an adoration for him but not the same way, not when she was with Charles. Then again, she couldn’t deny a since a love for Erik as well.
“You can sit, you know?”
“I’d rather stand.”
“Nonsense, sit with me,” she patted the granite.
Erik plopped himself down next her, taking a sip to mask his squirming. The two sighed simultaneously and Erik looked at (y/n) and (y/n) looked back. They looked away from each other and sighed again.
“I thought you’d be in bed still.”
“You and Charles were fighting. I didn’t want to get involved this time.”
“You heard.”
“You have excellent projection.”
“Charles thinks he knows best.”
“You’re angry and he doesn’t want you doing something brash. I don’t want you to do something brash.”
“It makes no difference.”
(Y/n) twisted her face thinking of what to say next, her curiosity swirling.
“Why Shaw?”
“He’s the reason why I’m like this, a monster.”
Erik hesitated but slowly peeled back his left sleeve. Upon his forearm was a list of numbers: 214782. (Y/n) quivered at the sight, placing her fingers on the strip of ink.
“How long were you there?”
“After the war ended I ran.”
“No family.”
“My mother died the day we got there,” Erik began to cry and leaned on her shoulder. She had never seen him this way, she couldn’t anyone has. She caressed his back as he fell apart in her arms. She stayed quiet and let him have his moment of grief.
“I’m sorry for your loss,” she said.
“I was fourteen,” he sniffled, “and he killed her right in front of me!”
“I understand your want to take revenge but I don’t want you going after someone like this.”
“I’m going to kill him and Charles won’t stop me.”
The two heard Charles’ voice ring down the hallway. (Y/n) left the counter and turned to Erik.
“If you do go after Shaw, please be careful. Someone could get hurt.”

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Peter Maximoff- Curious George

AN/ Just a random thing I thought of.

“‘Your curiosity has gotten us in soooo much trouble!’ I scream to Peter as we are being chased by the arcade manager. He’s been trying to hit us down with a broom, and he almost got me, until Peter decided it was finally a good time to get us out of there.” You and Peter sit at the table while your parents sit on the other side. Your dad leaned forward,

“(yn), you know how I feel about this stuff. And I know you aren’t telling me everything. Peter’s mind is practically screaming what also happened.” Charles had sighed. He knew giving both of you study hall together would be a bad decision, but his daughters bright orbs filled with hope isn’t something he can say 'no’ to. You hit Peter’s leg under the table, while looking at him. He looks indifferent about the situation, except for the barely noticeable dusty rose across his cheeks. Peter hadn’t looked anywhere but just past his father’s head. He knew that Erik would be a little mad, but the permanent grin shown on the dad’s face said otherwise. Usually when he was mad, he would frown. When he thought something was funny, he would usually pop up a brow, and chuckle. The smile would reach his eyes. But not now. It was terrifying.

“Erik, what do you think their punishment should be.”

He was silent, and when Charles’ brow raised, you two knew they were discussing it mentally.

Oh shit.

That never really happened with Erik.

Peter’s hand had slid onto your thigh, grabbing your hand that was resting there. He squeezed four times, letting you know that he was ready to bolt you two out of there when you squeezed three times back.

You must admit, you were worried. You loved Peter, but his father freaked you out. It had nothing to do with his past actions, but his future actions, and what he would do if you slipped up with Pete. Not that you wanted to, but I was always a possibility in every relationship. Luckily you knew in this situation, you had your dad to protect you in this punishment business. You could read his mind, but he couldn’t read yours. You inherited his ability, but he could never know what you’re thinking. All he could do was guess.

But of course that’s another factor in this situation. He said he read Peter’s mind. And there was a lot to the story.


“What do you think would happen if we made out on Mortal Kombat?” You two had gone into the arcade for a break, and had been doing so since he enrolled in the school. You two were legends there. For good in an entertainment standpoint. You two had held first and second place on almost every games leaderboard for about a year now. But that’s where the bad part comes in. The manager of the establishment hated you two. He appreciated the business, but you guys would always start crowds and rile everyone up, disturbing the peace.

But despite that fact, you had agreed anyways.

So the competition started like they always did, but then you guys started to kiss while playing. Soon things got pretty heated and the Manager heard things. So he grabbed his broom, only to find you sitting on the game, with Peter in between your legs, kissing down your neck.

So that brings us to the chasing, the yelling, the calling of the school, Erik picking you up in complete silence, you having to explain the story, and now your death.

At least you died with a good story.

“Okay, you two.”

First squeeze.

“I think the best punishment is having to do clean up for a month,”

Second squeeze.

“And you can’t do anymore PDA outside of the school.”

Oh. Well that’s okay.

Peter stood up,

“That’s too much! We didn’t even do anything this time! We were the ones who were chased by a broom!”

Erik cleared his throat, and Peter quickly sat down.

After a minute, Charles spoke up,

“That is our final decision. Go to class you two.”

You both got up, and walked out of your dad’s office. You hug Peter. He spins you around, then sets you on the ground.

“I love you, speedy.”

“I love you too, sugar.”

anonymous asked:

could you write about Adam and Belle debating about books (theories, pairings, etc)? I think that could be really cute

I didn’t know if you wanted a modern AU or not but I went with an in-universe setting for this one. If you want me to do an AU as well just let me know!

Also, I know some of the stories I talk about aren’t accurate to the time period Belle and Adam are living in, but in order to not do weeks (or maybe months) of research just for a small fic I had to work with my pre-existing knowledge. :P


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Derek Hale Imagine: No So Much of A Secret

(A/N: Ok guys here’s my first ever teen wolf imagine. I hope you guys like it. Please tell me what you think!)

Pairing: Derek Hale x Reader

Outfit Idea

You’ve heard in the past that break ups in a small town cause loads of pain compared to the bigger cities. You never thought there was any truth behind that statement. That is not until you started living it. That’s when you began to realize they were right. Now at first, the pain was dull, but slowly the pain grew into a blistering pain one which you couldn’t tolerate any longer.

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Dinner and a Dare.

Summary: After ten years, your long-lost love surprises you with an old memory.

Characters: Erik Lehnsherr x Reader.

Word Count: 765.

Warnings: None.

Author’s Note: Requested by @mutantsandproud


“Tell me why I should take you back, and it can’t be because you love me,” you sniffled.
It had been so long since you’ve seen him, Erik. It had been a decade but it felt like light-years. He was trembling himself, overrun by feelings of grief, sadness, anxiety and love.
“I don’t just love you,” he whimpered, “you give me warmth and you make want to be better than I’ve been. I was so much better when I was with you…I was good. We were so innocent, like a couple of teenagers. It was like a fantasy that never ended, it hasn’t ended for me. It’s still in me, in my heart. But you’re too good for me and I don’t expect you stay, let alone come back to me.”

You threw yourself onto him and you cried into the crook of his neck. He held you, encasing you with his scent of life.
“I’ve missed you so much, darling.”
“I’ve missed you too,” he stuttered, digging his face into your shoulder.
You sat there and cried into each other’s arms. The tears, after a time, turned into laughter and the smile on your face infected his.
“Let me make it up to you, after all these years,” he said.
“I’m deserving of it, I think,” you chuckled.
Erik’s face turned cold, hurt by your comment.
“No, no, no. That’s not what I meant, I’m sorry.”
Erik began laughing, “I got you,” poking your nose.
“You’re a dick.”
“Some things never change.”
“So,” you leaned in, “how are you going to make it up to me?”
“Dress nice, and I’ll pick you up at eight.”
He kissed you on the forehead and took you home.

Waiting in your nicest little black dress, Erik was ten minutes late. You tapped your foot on the hardwood floor of your living room, reading a book to pass the time and suppress the anxiety. Then a knock on the door rang throughout the house. Rather than jumping up, you tried to stay composed, taking your time walking to the door. But when you opened the door and saw him in his navy suit and dark gray tie, you fell apart.
“Shall we?”
Smiling like a child with a new toy you replied. “we shall.”
You took his arm, being guided to a black ’67 Thunderbird you told yourself not to squirm. The gentleman that he is, Erik opened the passenger door and held your hand as you stepped. The car ride was relatively quiet. You were nervous and he was nervous. He glanced at you a few times until he could finally speak.
“I’m sorry I was late. The road I used to take to your place was closed.”
“That’s okay. If I had remembered I would’ve told you.”
“I understand,” he said.

The car was then put into park. Looking out the window your eyes gleamed at an old Italian restaurant, the one you two always went to. Helping you out and offering his arm again, your long-lost love took you inside. Nothing had changed: the candle light, the furniture, the people, the smell. Erik could feel your excitement radiating through you and he kissed you on the cheek in gratitude.
“Do have a reservation?”
You were too distracted to notice the hostess.
“Lehnsherr,” Erik replied.
“Right this way.”
In awe of the place you haven’t seen in ten years you almost screamed when you saw the table. It was your favorite table, looking out onto the pond and willow trees just outside. A young waiter came up and poured water into the glasses. Snapping out of your dream world you smiled and said wine would be wonderful.

“White, red or rose?”
“Red,” Erik decreed, “surprise us.”
The waiter nodded and left. Erik turned you and shuffled some in his seat.
“You look lovely,” he smirked as his eyes glided the neckline of your dress.
“You look pretty good in a suit, I must say.
Erik took your hands into his and deeply sighed. He rubbed his thumb on your left hand and shook his head, smiling.
“I love you.”
You looked at him, taken back as your breath hitched to the sentence. Erik’s eyes widened and began to apologize for the sudden confession.
“I love you too, Erik.”
His stammering halted. He was glowing, beaming, like he used to. He really was more innocent with you, more warm and light-hearted. Feeling confident, Erik adjusted himself again.
“I wish I could get on my knee and ask you to marry me.”
“Then do it,” you said, “I dare you.”

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Red And Yellow.

This is for the wonderful @motherofallceilingfans​. I really hope you like this!


I was just stepping out of the shower, when someone knocked at the door of my apartment. I froze, trying to think if I’d forgotten any visits, but nothing came to my mind. It was a nice Thursday evening, the night before Good Friday, so I wouldn’t have to go to university the next day. I’d decided to use the free evening to dye my hair, something I’d wanted to do for a long time. Now I was showered and all ready, but someone had to interrupt my plans.

I wrapped myself in a towel and walked over to the door to peer through the peephole. In the next second I opened the door and threw myself into the visitor’s arms.

My best friend Erik caught me effortlessly and hugged me tight with both arms.
”Hey hottie“, he joked. He looked me up and down, they he sighed with a smirk. ”You’re quite a sight, as always.“
I smiled cheekily. ”Too bad you don’t get to touch any of this.“
”Honey you’re breaking my heart“, he complained. ”But I’m gonna stay anyways. I thought I’d surprise you with pizza.“ He held up the shopping bag in his hand.
I immediately opened my door for him. ”I could kiss you right now“, I sighed as he walked past me.
”Do it then“, he teased, winking at me.

That was our relationship lately. Erik and I had established this flirty tension, where we teased each other endlessly. We were obviously very attracted to each other, but neither of us had taken any action to change our friendship into something more serious.
I certainly wouldn’t have anything against it, but I was also content with the status quo. Having Erik as a friend meant going to clubs and having someone to wave off all the jerks, it meant deep conversations at 3AM, and it meant free Borussia Dortmund games. It was a friendship I wouldn’t risk for the world.

I let Erik put the pizza in the oven and quickly went to change into sweatpants and a tank top.
”Erik?“, I called from the bathroom. ”Come help me dye my hair!“
He appeared in the doorway, a confused look on his face. ”What?“
I looked up at him from my place, kneeling in front of the bathtub.
”Yeah you just gotta mix the powder with the stuff in the bottle and then massage it in“, I explained.
He sat down and did what I told him. ”Red?“, he asked after reading the label. ”You are already a ginger!“

I scoffed. ”I am strawberry blonde, thank you very much. I was bored with the color. Besides, it looks weird with your jersey. I’m too blonde to wear yellow.“
”You look great in my jersey“, Erik protested, reading the instructions.
I opened my mouth, but he cut me off. ”Yes you do. Period.“ He put on the gloves. ”Alright honey. I’m going to do this now.“
I giggled. ”I trust you.“
He drew a dramatically deep breath, then he started. I closed my eyes at his touch, losing myself in his massage.
He was very gentle, and very thoroughly. We both were uncommonly quiet, but I wasn’t bothered by it. On the contrary, it was nice to be quiet with Erik.

”Alright, you’re good“, he said eventually.
Almost disappointed, I raised my head. Erik was waiting for me with the clear plastic cap, which he gently placed over my head. When he was done, I critically inspected my face in the mirror.
”You did a good job“, I said, seeing that there was no color on my face.
Erik rolled his eyes. ”Why this tone of surprise? I’m good at everything.“
”Sure honey“, I mocked him, and wrapped my arms around his neck. ”You are completely flawless.“

He seemed to have a smartass comment on his tongue, but he never said it. He just stared at me. That was when I realized how close we were, despite the height difference.
Five seconds, I thought to myself. If still hasn’t moved in five seconds, I’m going to kiss him. But before my time was up, the oven alarm went off in the kitchen.
”Pizza“, Erik said, his voice slightly hoarse.
I nodded and let go. ”Yeah.“ I quickly went to the kitchen and took the pizza out of the oven.

We ate in silence at first, then Erik initiated light conversation about an upcoming party that we were both invited to. I didn’t really say a lot though, my mind was occupied with our moment in the bathroom.
”Are you alright?“, Erik eventually asked.
”Yeah“, I said vaguely, staring at the table. ”Lost in thoughts.“
When I looked up, he was studying my face. ”You’re beautiful“, he said, completely out of the blue. He took my hand and squeezed it lightly.
I giggled. ”Where’s that coming from?“

He blushed. ”I don’t know. I hadn’t really planned on saying it. But it’s true.“
I smiled. ”I’m sitting here in sweatpants, an old top, and a plastic cap on my head. And you’re calling me…“
”Absolutely breathtakingly beautiful“, he interrupted. ”And you’re becoming more beautiful by the minute.“
I flushed heavily. ”Erik?“
”Yes?“, he said and took a sip of his soda.
I quickly spoke, before I could change my mind. ”Are you in love with me?“
He choked on his drink and spent the next few seconds coughing. Then it became very quiet in the kitchen. Erik simply looked at me with an unreadable expression.

When I couldn’t take the silence anymore, I simply nodded and got up to clean up the table. Against my will, my eyes started to burn, and a thin veil of tears blurred my sight. Erik cleared his throat, but I didn’t turn around, so that he wouldn’t know how disappointed I was. How could I have been so wrong?
”Yes“, he caught me off guard.
I froze with my hands in the sink. ”What?“
”I’m in love with you“, Erik said.
I lifted my head and looked over at him, his cheeks were red again, and his eyes were sparkling.

A grin spread on my face. ”Can I kiss you then?“
He chuckled. ”Yes. Absolutely.“
I just managed to suppress a squeal, and ran over to his chair. I cupped his face, then my lips crashed against his. He groaned, wrapped his arms around me, and pulled me on his lap.
We fit perfectly. My body melted against his, our faces were hot against each other.
I opened my mouth and touched his lips with my tongue. His breath hitched, and I giggled softly.
The plastic cap on my hair crackled softly, when he put one of his hands against the back of my head.

His other hand went to the small of my back, and he got up with me in his arms. I slung my legs around his hip and broke the kiss, so he could see where he was going. Instead, I peppered sweet, short kisses on his heck.
Erik sat down on the couch with me straddling him, but before I could fully kiss him again, he cupped my face and looked at me. ”You didn’t say it back.“
I looked at him, puzzled, then I realized and smiled. ”Erik, I’m in love with you too.“
He grinned. ”There we go.“

We kissed again, more passionately this time. His hands explored my body, my fingers tangled themselves up in his head.
It was completely quiet in the room, except  for the sound of his lips against mine.
I was full with pizza, but I was still hungry, hungry for his touch. And he was all too willing to give me what i wanted.
We lost track of time. When I eventually pulled back, his lips were red and swollen, and his pupils were wide.
I reached for the hem of his shirt, but he stopped me.
”You should probably wash the color out. But after that, I’ll do whatever you want me to do with you“, he said.

I looked at the time and cursed. I’d left the color on way longer than I should have.
I sighed and got up from Erik’s lap. ”Wait here“, I said. ”I want to to see myself first, then I can warn you if it’s horrible.“
”You’re beautiful anyways!“, he called after me.
I chuckled and went to wash out the color. I didn’t dare to look in the mirror, before I was done blowdrying. The result surprised me. My hair was a deep red, a flaming color, that somehow still looked natural. And I liked it. But there was one last test. I quickly went into my room and put on Erik’s bright yellow jersey. I looked in the mirror and decided that I liked the bold combination of red and yellow.

I walked back into the living room to reveal the new look to Erik. ”So?“, I said, spinning around for him.
”Stunning“, he complimented. He got up and pulled me close. ”But you know what?“, he asked, his lips on my neck.
”What?“, I giggled.
Erik looked me deep in the eyes. ”I will take that jersey off you now. You can wear it tomorrow to the game.“
”You bet I will“, I said, and then I kissed him again.

Colors Part 11

A Charles Xavier Soulmate AU

Pairing: Charles Xavier x reader

Read Part 1 here. Read Part 2 here. Read Part 3 here. Read Part 4 here. Read Part 5 here. Read Part 6 here. Read Part 7 here. Read Part 8 here. Read Part 9 here. Read Part 10 here.

Summary: Everyone has a soulmate, and there is one color that they can’t see until they meet their soulmate, and that is the color of their soulmate’s eyes. For Charles Xavier, this is difficult, because his powers have filled in the blanks, and he can see all colors. He assumes that he’ll just know when he finds his soulmate. Should be easy for a telepath, right?

Warnings: Angst maybe? definitely, injuries, near death experience, violence, attempted rape, mentions of torture, death

A/N: This is the final part of this series. There will be a short epilogue up soon. Thank you guys for loving this series so much and for sticking with me through impromptu hiatuses and such. Love y’all!


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Neighbours were a hit and miss lucky dip. You either got a really good neighbour or a neighbour that you were counting down the days until you could move out or they would fuck off. Luckily, Ellie had quite possibly the most polite and lovely neighbours possible: The Durm’s.

The Durm’s had lived next door for as long as Ellie could remember. Ellie had attended boarding school until the age of sixteen and hadn’t really had any contact with the Durm’s until she came back. The Durm’s were constantly coming over for dinner with her and her parents and bringing over stuff that Mrs Durm had cooked. As the neighbours aged Ellie found herself bringing them their mail, as their postman loved to leave it in Ellie and her parents mail box rather than post it through the Durm’s. How annoying. Ellie liked bringing them their mail, it gave her an excuse to have a cup of tea with them and for them to natter her ear off.

Their favourite subject was their son, Erik. They constantly talked about how he played for some football club and he was doing them proud. Ellie had seen pictures of him when he was young adorning their home and thought he was cute kid. Unfortunately, Ellie had never met him, he was at an academy since the age of 16 and rarely ever came home. Oh the life of a professional footballer. Ellie couldn’t help but think he might be a bit of an asshole if he can’t even make it home for his parents birthday or for Christmas but obviously his parents insisted they didn’t mind and he was just a busy boy. It seemed like Ellie was destined to never meet this Erik kid but she couldn’t say that it played on her mind.

As the end of the season drew nearer the Durm’s began gushing into overload about Erik and how he was coming home for summer. Ellie just smiled and expressed her happiness for them. They insisted that she come see them and meet him but she refused, saying she was on holiday in Miami for part of summer.

The summer of 2016 was busy for Ellie Rhode. Between Miami and visiting her grandparents in their luxurious villa in Spain she found that she had caught quite the tan. It was different, her once milk bottle white skin was now a natural tan and she was admittedly loving it. She found herself not wanting to return to Germany. When she did return to her homeland she spent a lot of time with her friends and very little time at home. It was only in the last two weeks of the summer that she actually spent time at her own house.

It was a regular Tuesday morning, mail day. Ellie had been up since 6am, going for a morning run and spending the rest of her time in the observatory reading a book. She heard the sound of the postman’s rattly old car engine and heaved herself up to go collect it from the mailbox. She quickly untied her hair and adjusted her shorts and crop top before grabbing the keys for the mailbox and slipping on her shoes. There was no better feeling than a gentle gentle breeze and a beaming sun on a humans face and Ellie was savouring that I feeling.

As she was unlocking the mail box and scanning through and organising what goes to who she felt her mind beginning to wander. She wondered if Erik was home, if she actually was the egotistical asshole he sounded like, if the Durm’s were already sick of him. What was she thinking, of course they weren’t sick of him. He was their pride and joy, their heart and soul. As she was scanning the mail she noticed three or four pieces addressed to the Durm’s and decided she should probably go give them their mail and go show her face since they hadn’t seen her for over a month.

The blonde haired German padded over to the house next to hers and knocked on the door. A shirtless boy answered the door. Correction: a hot shirtless boy answered the door.

“Erik who is it?” Ellie heard the familiar voice of Mrs Durm echoed through the hallways. Erik stood there expectantly.

“Uhm, I live next door, I always bring your mail around.” She explained. “I’m Ellie.” He smiled and the dimples in his cheeks were as deep as Ellie’s love for pizza.

“I’m Erik.” He stuck his hand out for a handshake. “My parents have praised you constantly since I got back, going on and on about how amazing you are.” He laughed and Ellie joined in. He had the kind of laugh that was so infectious that you wanted to record so you could hear it constantly.

“I could say the same. Every time I bring the mail round they go on about how perfect you are and how proud they are.” She smiled. Before Erik could reply his Mother bustled through and sidestepped her son to embrace her favourite neighbour.

“Ellie! How are you sweetheart?” She questioned, embracing her in a quick hug. “Has Erik been keeping you? I’m sorry for my son.” She teased and Erik just laughed and pressed a kiss to the top of her head. “Go put a shirt on boy, I’m sure Ellie doesn’t want to see that.” She pushed her son and he turned to walk up the stairs but winked at Ellie before going to put a shirt on his bare torso.

“Here’s your mail Mrs Durm.” She said, handing her their mail. She turned to walk out the door.

“Buh buh buh. Where do you think you’re going missy?” She lightly grabbed her arm and pulled her away from the door. “Don’t think I’m letting you go anywhere without you telling me about your holidays!” She ushered her through to their patio and sat her down. “Tell me everything.” And so Ellie did. From the luscious weather to the manic partying and scenery she’d taken in.

“It was lovely though, Miami especially. Just being away from all my work and responsibilities completely freed my mind up.” Ellie ended.

“Did you meet anyone special out there then?”

“I did not. A few guys approached me but they were all beauty and no brains y'know? Plus most of them were American and I am not into a long distance relationship with that much distance.” She smiled and Mrs Durm seemed pacified with her answer.

“Your parents told me you’d got into University, which one have you chosen?”

“I had a couple offers but I like Dortmund.” Mrs Durm’s face lit up.

“That’s where Erik lives! I’m sure he’d love to show you around, right Erik?” She spoke and when Ellie turned around she saw the aforementioned German heartthrob.

“I’d love to. Dortmund’s great, lots to do and not to mention it has the best burgers outside Signal Iduna Park on game day.” Erik took a seat on the arm of the armchair that Ellie was sitting on. She smiled up at him and nodded.

“I’d like that.” Erik smiled back at her. She looked at her watch and stood up. “I better get going, I said I’d pick up the shopping for Mum. Thank you for having me.” She beamed once again and began to walk out.

When she got to the door, a muscular arm stopped her from opening it. Erik.

“Can I get your number? For you know, when you move to Dortmund.” He said and added significantly quieter, “and if I wanna ask you out.” She nodded and got her phone out and gestured for him to put his number in. He did as she wished and she turned to go.

“It was lovely to meet you Erik, maybe I’ll see you before Dortmund.” She winked and he laughed, throwing his head back as he did so. 

“Maybe you will.”

She’d definitely hit the jackpot in the neighbour’s lucky dip.

Who’s This Guy, Mom? Pt. 4 (Erik Durm)

a/n: the finale is next week ahh!! catch up with the series here 

“How about this one?”

You stepped out of the closet for what felt like the millionth time for the night. Erik was going to be over to pick you up soon, you didn’t have the time for your best friend to over criticize everything you wore.

“That’s actually pretty amazing.” She quipped, doing a little circle walk around you.

“Are you sure this time?” You rolled your eyes, placing your hands on your hips.

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In Plain Sight

Erik gave a tug on the leash and Charles trotted after him. Erik was in his best tux, but without a tie. Fucked if he’d wear one. Charles was wearing a tiny, blue-leather kilt that skimmed his ass and gold, laced-up-to-the-knee sandals. A touch of gloss on too red lips, a touch of blusher on high cheekbones and too blue eyes outlined in kohl. His nipples were gilded.

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unabashedgentlemenpirate  asked:

Yes hello! Could i request a pharoga fic in which in the rosy hours of Mazanderan the Daroga comforts Erik after a nightmare. Erik reveals some of his past to the daroga, and there's a heartwarming confession of love? Or something along those lines? Can I also be tagged please? Thanks!

Let me just say, @unabashedgentlemenpirate , that I THOROUGHLY ENJOYED writing this. Ah so emotions! Plus at 1,304 words it is by far the longest of any of these prompt fills.

I hope you don’t mind that it’s second-person, unedited, and essentially a third chapter to a fic of mine called Vigil (here). In that fic the Khanum orders Erik into a cagefight, but he suffers flashbacks and gets seriously injured and Nadir tends to his wounds. The prompt fill I wrote for you is set during Erik’s recovery from that.

Also, tagging @hopsjollyhigh @mazandaroga and @dorkshadows because I know you all particularly enjoyed Vigil. @timebird84 you might enjoy this as well!

TW for reference to wounds, nightmares, and drug use.

Whimpers wake you, whimpers that are not your own, and you look over and in the dim light see only Erik’s face, his own eyes closed and pale face creased. Nightmare. Another nightmare. It has been a week since his fever broke, since he looked at you through eyes that recognised you and did not see a ghost. A whole week, and the nightmares have not left him once. It is only the opium that lets him sleep peacefully.

You wonder what it is he sees in the darkness, and decide that it is best you don’t know. If it is enough to upset Erik it cannot be anything small.

Well, you can’t sleep if he is fighting the nightmares. You are tired, tired to the very bone after those long days, long weeks, of tending to him, but you cannot, in all good conscience, leave him to fight his nightly demons alone.

You thought he was a demon, once, what seems so long ago. How very wrong you were.

You sigh, and swing your feet to the floor, the rug soft and warm between your toes. Silently you pad over to Erik, and kneel down beside him, taking his hand. You would shake his shoulder, to be certain to wake him, but that would jar his wounds and hurt him worse.

“Erik,” you call, squeezing his fingers, “Erik.”

He gasps, his eyes flickering open as he lurches at you, fingers scrabbling to curl around your throat, but he’s too weak and he falls into your arms. You ease him back down, smooth your hand over his hair, whispering all the soothing platitudes you used when Reza had nightmares. You’re safe now you’re all right you’re safe I’m here you’re safe. His breathing is rough, hard, harsh enough that you’re certain his wounds are giving him pain. In the dim light his eyes shine damp and golden, and his trembling fingers brush your cheek.


“Yes, Erik. It’s me.”

“But…but…” He frowns, still gasping, his fingers slipping from your face to his collar, plucking at it, and you gently lay your hand over them to still them. He does not usually wake up like this. Normally his eyes rove over your face and he slips back into sleep, the opium pulling down, and you sit with him until his breathing evens, however long it takes. But he is only getting more and more unsettled tonight, and you squeeze his fingers tighter.

“Don’t fret. You’re safe now, I promise.”

“A cage…I thought…” Each word is such effort for him, and you try to tell him to stop, to not speak and just save his strength, but he shakes his head and cries, “Don’t let them lock me away!”

Your stomach churns even as you shush him, the bile rising in your throat, and despite yourself, despite the fact that he is Erik and normally flinches away from touch, you lie down beside him and pull him into your arms.

His trembling stills and, careful of his bandages, you lay your hand flat his back. Your thumb finds a small patch of uncovered skin, your heart aching to help him, aching to comfort him, as you rub small circles into that skin. Though his fever is gone, he is still too warm.

He draws a shuddering breath, and you press your cheek to his head and whisper, “tell me if I hurt you.” He has suffered enough pain, suffered so much pain and you should never have let them put him into that cage to fight, and though they did not listen you have fought until they listened, until they relented. But you were helpless and, a little voice in the back of your mind whispers, if you had fought you would both be dead now.

Tears burn your eyes and you swallow. “No one will ever put you into a cage again, Erik. I swear. I should have stopped them, I should have found some way but I didn’t and now…I’m sorry, Erik. I’m sorry.”

“…were going to…put me away…with lunatics…” His voice is muffled by your chest, and cold sweat beads on your forehead at his words. Lock him away? Who was going to lock him away? You know that, when he was a boy, he was kept in a cage. That much you’ve learned over the last few weeks of listening to him in his delirium, but that’s different from putting him away!

“Who?” The word slips unbidden from your lips, and your breath catches in your throat.

His voice is as small as a child’s when he whispers, “Maman.”

Maman? His—his mother? His mother was going to lock him away? What? Why? How could she?

“Oh, Erik.”

You feel tears wet on your skin, and his voice is thick as he whispers, “She never loved me. She never…she never wanted me. She hated me, Nadir, she hated me and—”

“Sshh. Ssshhh. She can’t hurt you now, Erik. I promise.” You tighten your arms around him, your heart pounding so hard you can feel your blood rushing in your ears. His mother hated him? How could his mother hate him? The memory of Rookheeya, holding tiny Reza in her arms when he was only a newborn, flickers before you again but you shake it away. Now is not the time to think of them, now is the time for Erik. Only Erik, crying into your chest, his body so frail and weak with his injuries, and you know, you know if it were not for the opium still lingering in his blood he would never confess this to you at all, would hide it all away inside, but you are glad he told you, glad you know, now, so you can hold him tighter and keep him safe.

It comes to you that you should kiss him. Should press your lips to his forehead. You do care for him, in some way, and you have never showed him that enough. He whispered, only a couple of nights ago in an opium-haze, that you must surely hate it for all he’s done, but he was too far gone for you to protest it and know that he would remember, and your gut twists but you do care for him, you do, and you have for such a long time.

His skin is soft beneath your lips, and he inhales sharply.

You kiss him again, and again, a line of soft kisses across his forehead, and he shudders against you, presses himself closer. Distantly you hear him whisper, half-shocked, “She never kissed me,” and you kiss him a little harder, that his skin may always bear the memory of your kisses, and keep him safe in the night.

He shifts, and you are kissing his cheek, the salt of his tears on your tongue and you swallow, kiss away the wet trails from his crying and silently promise to protect him, silently promise to always be here for him, and then your lips are pressed to his, and he is gasping into your mouth, and whose tears are on your cheeks, his or yours, you cannot tell but it doesn’t matter, and your heart burns with love for him, and though you know that this is wrong, this is unnatural, you cannot care, because he needs you and you need him, you can see that now, and you pull back, your lips tingling from all the kisses, and he is looking at you with starry eyes, and you smile.

He smiles too, a lopsided, distorted smile, and you don’t think you’ve ever seen a smile so lovely before, before he nuzzles back into your chest, and whispers, his normally unnoticeable accent thick, “Oh, Nadir.”

The words are a benediction, and your heart soars.

Distractions ( Scott Summers x READER )

Title: Distractions
Rating: T+
Word Count: 1800+ 
Warning: Slight hint of grabbing at the end
Summary; Scott Summers is your distractions, but are all distractions bad?

Scott Summers was well known in the school for being the most rebellious and sarcastic student out of anyone else. Often, he’d steal one of the Xavier’s cars and go to the mall. Although, he wasn’t the most sneaky person; he just thought he was because Xavier usually let him take the cars instead of stopping him. During class, it wasn’t unusually for Scott to make sarcastic or snarky comebacks to one of the teachers. He did learn though not to do so towards Raven because last time he did, he found himself kicked into a wall and knocked out for a few hours. You, along with everyone else, found it funny upon seeing him the next day with a red foot mark on his cheek.

With Ororo, you joined the school after the events of Apocalypse, deciding it was the best place for you. You had first met Scott when he found you hiding in a building, severely injured and barely conscious from the destruction of the buildings in Cairo. Moving the payments and piles of sand from a top of you, the last thing you saw before awakening was his beautiful, handsome face. It was no secret to people around you that ever since then you always though he was the most attractive man a life, no doubt having the hots for him. Who could blame you though? He looked like he was sculptured by the gods; not to mention those perky, red lips. It wasn’t also a complete lie that part of the reason you stayed at the school was for him. And Scott knew all of that. Yeah, he wasn’t as smart as somebody like Hank, but he knew when a girl had the biggest crush on him, which you did.

Because of his knowledge about your feelings, at any chance he could, he would tease you and play with you; saying stuff like, “what exactly do you like about me?” and “but you love me,” all in a mocking tone. Even if Scott was the man of your affection, it annoyed you a lot when he did this. Sometimes even snapping at him, which came to a shock to everyone, as you’re one of the nicest people in the whole School. Well, when you want to be.

A few weeks after enrolling and the mansion being built back together with the help of Erik, everyone was gathered in the training room wearing their x men suits. Raven had gave the six of you a lecture about how you weren’t mere students anymore, but x men. Afterwards, sentinels come into the room for you all to fight in which you all adjusted yourselves, ready for battle. At first, fighting them wasn’t to hard for you. Having snake like abilities, such as in human strength to squeeze your opponents and suffocate them to death and speed came in handy. You were moving fast around the sentinels, squeezing and destroying parts of their body.

When you jumped behind one, squeezing its back, you turned your gaze for a second on how Scott was doing. Seeing this, Scott simply smiled and winked towards you, blowing you a small kiss. Because of this, the sentinel was able to throw you across the room, harshly causing your ankle to be twisted badly. This made sure you couldn’t run that fast, giving the sentinels time to almost blast your face off, Though, Peter was able to move fast enough and land a hard blow on the sentinels face, flinging it to the ground. Hank and Raven decided to stop training for the day, telling everyone for your first class, you did well. Charles, who was outside, came rushing into the room, as well, worried that if you okay or not.

“What the fuck, Scott?! Were you trying to distract me?!” you yelled at him, as Hank helped you up. Everyone, even Charles, looked at you in shock, as they’ve never seen you actually really mad, nevertheless curse. Scott, taking offense to your comment, snapped back at you. “Maybe if you weren’t so madly in love with me, a simple wink wouldn’t of done this!” You could of sworn your heart was destroyed upon hearing that. Stopping yourself from crying you asked Hank to help you towards the infirmary, ignoring Scott, as he tried to apologise to you.

It’s been about two months since that encounter; you and Scott made up, but you stopped showing your love for him. Deciding it was best to not let love distract you again, you became distant from Scott and Hank and Raven decided it’d be best to have Scott and you train in different classes. Countless times, Jean tried telling you that she knew you still loved him, as she could read your mind, but you ignored her. Scott was right; your love for him was to big and caused you to get hurt. It was for the best that you ignore these feelings for the time being; at least until after training.

Late in the afternoon, class ended causing all the kids, even teens, to run out of class, screaming in happiness. Your group of friends which consisted of Jean, Kurt, Ororo, Peter, and of course, Scott adventures into the halls before going outside around the pond. Jubilee was also apart of the group, but she was in bed sick, so she couldn’t leave her room.

“We should go to the movies and watch, ‘Superman III’,” Peter recalled, looking at everyone in curiosity. Everyone looked at each other, shrugging at the idea of going to the movies.

“Vhat is this man named Superman?” Kurt asked, confused by the name. Peter, being Peter, gave him a face as if he offended his ancestors and told every little thing about the superhero to him. Lets just say by the end of it, Kurt was a huge fan.

“I’m sorry, I can’t go,” you peered through, giving an apologetic look, “I have to do some homework that’s due soon.”

“I’ll come with you then,” Scott replied, turning his body, getting ready to walk towards you. Jean laughed under her breath at seeing your face.

“No thank you, I wish to do my homework alone or you know, you might just distract me again because I’m so in love with you,” you mocked, as you glared at him before turning around and walking away. With your snake like senses, you could hear Peter and Ororo laugh at him as you so called, “burned him”.  It was true when people say women hold grudges for a very long time.

“What was that for, Y/N? I thought we had patched things up,” Scott tried to reason, now walking beside you after chasing for you. You snorted at him, rolling your eyes, as you crossed your arms.

“It may have seemed not that big of a deal to you, but what you said then hurt me a lot. So, stating that, I’m not going allow you around me when I work. Because from what you think, my feelings cause me to get distracted or whatever’s left of them.” You bluntly said, walking faster, as to try to get away from him. Although, Scott keep his ground and keep up with you, trying to get your attention. “I said I was sorry,” he tried to tell you, but you ignored him. Now, him being annoyed and giving up, stopped bothering you and ran after your friends to catch up with them..

Walking to your dorm and entering, you felt a pit in your stomach. You felt upset at yourself for causing Scott to be annoyed and for acting that was towards him. No doubt did you still love him a lot, but you were so stubborn. It wasn’t like he loved you back; he had feelings for Jean anyways. You were more like a simple play toy for when he wanted to mess with somebody. Looking at your homework on your desk, you shook your head and dropped yourself on your bed. Even if you were a mutant, you still had love problems like any other teenager.

Slowly, you found yourself drift into an afternoon nap that lasted until night time. When you finally woke up, the full moon was high in the sky and it’s beautiful, white lights shined into your room. Getting up quickly, you ran to your desk where your homework was and looked at the clock. It was ten o’clock at night. Running around you frantically, you looked for a pencil and tried to get as much as you could done before the deadline at midnight. A sudden knock was heard from your door causing you to jump out of your very own skin. Groaning, you rushed to your door and opened it. Seeing the person on the other side made you wish you didn’t. There stood Scott wearing a gray shirt with a navy blue and pickle green jacket over it. In his hands, he held a tray of food that consisted of baked chicken, mashed potatoes, and green beans.

“You probably don’t want to be bothered by me,” he started, giving you the tray, “but you didn’t come down for dinner, so I saved you some.” He looked like he was wanting to leave quickly, taking your words from earlier to consideration, as he tried to walk off. “Hey Scott,” you called out after him, making him turn to you, “want to come in my room? I’m almost done and afterwards, we can maybe do something?” Scott smiled at that, agreeing to it and walking into your room. Thank goodness it was clean or that would of been incredibly awkward. He took a seat on your bed, as you finished the work you had. It didn’t take long until you started to get distracted by Scott. Your cheeks started to become beat red and your head started to pound at the thought of being in a room alone with him. At least you weren’t going to almost die this time.

Scott noticed how you were acting and decided to mess with you again. Creeping over to you, he leaned over you and put his hands on the desk. You almost screamed by the sudden action, but tried to ignore him. Instead, Scott leaned his head down until his lips were right beside your ear. “I guess I am a distraction,” he whispered into your ear slowly, making you jump to the side, ending with you falling on your butt. Finding it funny, Scott laughed before helping you up. First, you shot him a glare, but you ended up laughing with him too.

“Hey, about that-” Scott tried

“I just got overly butthurt; if it’s anyone fault, it was mine. Although, it’s going to be your fault when I don’t turn in my homework at midnight.” Scott raised his eyebrows, looking at you confused before understanding and smirking. Grabbing your waist, he pulled you close, as he kissed you.

Scott Summers is the best distraction in the world.

@tlarry-lupin : Cherik, “I tried to move on, but all I could think of was you”

Erik never thought wandering would be something he would do. He never thought that he would need it like he needed air to breathe. Of course… he was always a wanderer… wasn’t he? 

But this felt different. He didn’t go about looking for mutants to join his cause. He didn’t look for a place to hide and to have a normal life. He didn’t look for any of that. Instead, he simply kept going. He went from country to country. 

The more he saw, the more he did… the farther we went. It wasn’t until he ended up where he was now that he realized he’d been running. And he’d run right back to the start. He never dreamed that he’d end up right back at the beginning. Of course, he never realized that he’d been running from his own thoughts, his own heart until that moment.

He looked up at the mansion, turned training facility… turned school. He didn’t know how long it had been since he’d been there. But he knew who was inside. He knew why he’d gone all over the world and yet… he’d ended up right back to where he always did: At Charles’ doorstep. 

He didn’t know how long he’d stayed outside the school. He was far enough away that no children saw him that were roaming during the day. And into the night, he stayed rooted to his spot, looking up at the window he knew had once looked out of Charles’ room. He wondered if it still was. Perhaps that was why he was standing where he was. Perhaps he just wanted to see the man.

He’d barely noticed when it started to rain. Water never bothered him and he wasn’t one to shy away from it. Though, he was getting soaked. And while he should have done anything– gone toward the school, away from it– he couldn’t bring himself to do anything but exactly what he was doing. Like he was useless. 

Lights had long gone out in the mansion and everything was quiet. He was so lost in his own thoughts that he didn’t hear the footsteps coming up beside him. 

“Erik,” came a voice. 

Erik’s head whipped up in surprise, recognizing the voice as if it were his own. Or another he would rather hear. There stood Charles. That in itself was surprising. He didn’t think Charles was doing that anymore. He was sure he’d embraced the fact that he couldn’t walk. 

“What are you doing here, old friend?” he asked, his eyebrows furrowed. 

Charles had begun to age, begun to wrinkle. As he had, he was sure. But most of his memories of Charles… they were stuck in the limbo of their younger years. 

“You’re walking,” Erik pointed out. 

Charles looked down and then back to Erik again, though his eyes shifted around as he wondered what exactly Erik was doing here at this time. “Yes… I still have a few vials of the serum Hank made for me. I use them when it’s important. Like when someone shows up on the property… and simply stands there,” he said as he stepped closer. 

“How did you know I was here?”

Charles chuckled and looked down before he looked back up. “Your thoughts are very loud, old friend.”

Erik shook his head as he continued to walk forward to meet the other. “I wish you wouldn’t call me that,” he said softly. “I was never much your friend. And when we weren’t at odds with each other… we were so much more,” he breathed as he grabbed for Charles’ hand. 

Charles breathed a soft sigh. “Erik…” he whispered. It had been years since they were together. Closer to decades. He wondered why now? What had brought Erik back to his doorstep so many years later. After so much arguing, so much confrontation. After just… so much

But of course he didn’t pull his hand away. because after all they’d been through, all the things that they’d done for each other or against each other… he’d always loved Erik.

“I tried to move on,” he whispered before he gave a humorless chuckle. “But all I could think of was you.”

Charles softened as he looked up at him. He was surprised, to say the least. He never dreamed that words like that would come from the other. 

Their eyes met and all at once, it was like a surge of electricity sparked between them and they crashed forward, locking their lips together in a desperate kiss. It was everything they’d been missing from each other for years. It was everything they’d been holding back, ignoring. It was everything. 

When they pulled away, it was to regain some air. They panted lightly and Charles pulled Erik. “Come inside with me.”

“Are you sure that is such a good idea?” he asked. 

Charles chuckled. “When have the two of us ever had a good idea when it comes to this, here?” he asked. 

“Then why invite me inside?” he whispered in response. 

Charles looked up. “For the same reason I came out here, old friend,” he said. “Because I’ll always believe there’s a chance.”

“You believe in me too much. You always have.”

“Perhaps. And yet we come back to each other,” he said as he pulled Erik toward the mansion. 

“We always come back to each other,” Erik muttered. He let Charles pull him inside. He let him sneak him upstairs. And when it came time, he let Charles strip him of his soggy clothes and lead him to his bed like he’d done so many times before. 

It hadn’t happened in so long, but that didn’t scare Erik. Nor did it scare Charles when he awoke to find an empty bed and the serum warn off. It didn’t bother Charles and it didn’t weigh on Erik. Because in the end: they always came back to each other. 

I’m Not a KID Anymore

Warning: Cussing

Pairing: Charles Xavier x reader (Platonic), Hank McCoy x reader

Request: could I request a Charles Xavier X reader with “Could you stop being so damn stubborn and let me help you?” and “You’ve done so many amazing things, and the only things I’ve ever done were when you were guiding me like a five year old.” ~ Anonymous 

A/n: This went in a direction that I didn’t think it would go. PLEASE FORGIVE ME. Nicholas Hoult is one sexy man and so is James McAvoy. I’m sorry it took so long to do, I didn’t have any inspiration until I started doing ships. God I love doing them, they help a lot.

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               You were walking, well more like stomping, through the mansion. You were upset. Upset was nothing compared to how pissed you were at that moment. You had just walked away from Charles, you had to or else you would have punch him. You’ve known him for years, meeting him just after he met Raven. He has helped you get ahold of your abilities as well more like held your hand through everything.


               “Could you stop being so damn stubborn and let me help you?” Charles looked up at you from his chair. You were trying all morning to lift the X-jet off the ground with only your mind. By the time Charles rolled into the hanger, you were getting tired and sweat was starting to glisten on your forehead.


               “You know Charles, I could do this myself. Hank believes in me and so does everyone else here.”


               “I never said you couldn’t do it. I know you can. Just let me help you.” He had a look of concern on his face which only made you mad.


               “You’ve done so many amazing things and the only things I’ve ever done were when you were guiding me like a five year old.” You were now beyond mad. “I’m NOT FIVE CHARLES! I’m not going to leave you here like Erik and Raven did. You have been my brother for God knows how long and ever since then you have treated me like this. I’m A GROWN WOMAN! I CAN DO SHIT MYSELF!” With that, you left the hanger. Not stopping when you saw a few of the others.



               You made it to your room, locking it behind you to make sure no one came in. You walked into your bathroom and took a shower to wash away all the sweat and help you calm down. You even put up a barrier around your room to make sure Charles couldn’t get into your mind.

               Once out of the shower, you got dressed and laid down on your bed. Not caring if your pillows got wet from your hair. Just as you were about to doze off, there was a knock on your door. You groaned just before getting up. You opened the door to see Hank standing there.

               “I, uh, I heard what happened in the hanger.” He scratched the back of his neck. He was always like this around you, ever since you met. “You should have seen his face when what you said sunk in. He looked like he felt bad.”

               “Right now, Hank, I don’t care if he feels bad. Ever since we were kids, he was always trying hold my hand when I tried to do something for myself. I guess I finally had enough of it.” You looked into his blue eyes, you saw worry there. Not for Charles but for you. “I think that is why Raven left. She didn’t want to be treated like a little kid anymore.”

               “From what I heard that’s pretty true. But (Y/n) you need to know that he does what he does because he cares.”

               “I know he cares but he needs to let me do things on my own.” Hank had a sad smile on his face.

               “I know but you should go talk to him. He knows of the barrier you put up around your room.”

               “Of course he does.” You rolled your eyes. You leaned up and gave Hank a kiss on the cheek, if you didn’t know better you would have thought the blue furred man in front of you blushed. “I’ll go talk to him. Thanks Hankie.” You loved calling him that, even though it was recently you started call him that.

               You walked back through the mansion and made your way to Charles’ office. You noticed the door was open but you knocked anyway. Charles looked up and smiled.

               “I’m sorry.” That was all he said for a few moments. “You’re right, you’re not a child anymore and I need to start respecting that.” You saw the look in his eyes, he truly thought of you like a sister.

               “I’m glad you finally see that, Charles. Besides, I’m sorry for bringing up Erik and Raven. It was a heat of the moment thing and I shouldn’t have done it.”

               “I’m actually glad you did. You made me realize that you are no longer that little girl that Raven and I found in the streets all those years ago. You have become such an amazing woman and I’m proud of you.” You felt the presence of a few of the others on the other side of wall. You waved your hand and closed the door and blocked everyone’s minds from being able to hear the two of you talking, nosey bastards.

               “You know the others are on the other side of the wall trying to listen, right?” You looked at him with utter amusement. “Don’t worry, I blocked their minds from our conversation.” You smiled at the fact that you were able to do it.

               “I don’t think I ever taught you how to do that.” He smiled.

               “No you didn’t, I figured it out myself with Hanks help.” Your face went a little red. You liked him but you didn’t want to ruin your friendship.

               “Well, I have to thank him for helping you.” You saw a smile on his face.

               “I’m gonna go get something to eat. This morning took a lot out of me.” You smiled at Charles as you walked out of his office. You walked past everyone, who all had frowns on their faces which caused you to smile more.

               You saw Hank in the kitchen as you walked in. He had made you something to eat, which caused you to tur red a little again. “I take it, you two are talking again?” You nodded you head as you took a bite of the sandwich he made for you. “Good.”

               “Thanks for the sandwich, Hank. How did you know I was coming in here for food?” You looked at him puzzled.

               “Charles.” Of course he did.

               Once you were done eating, you got up from your seat and put your plate in the sink. “Was there anything else he told you?”

               “Ye, yeah. He did.” You looked up at him. His blue eyes were shining and you absolutely loved them. “I, I was, um, wondering if you would like to go on, uh, date with me?” You couldn’t help how cute you thought he was when he got nervous. You leaned up and placed a kiss on his blue cheek.

               “I would love to Hank. Now Summers will stop bugging me to date him, which I don’t like him like that but you, you my favorite smart blue mutant.” You saw him smile. “Plus there is a great spot on the edge of the grounds that I know, which no one knows of so we could have some privacy.” You wrapped your arms around his waist as his wrapped around your shoulders.

               “Wait a minute, you mean Alex has been bugging you to date him.” You nodded your head. You looked up at him and saw some anger in his eyes.

               “Don’t be mad Hankie. Just remember, I’m now yours and won’t ever be his.” You lean up and place a soft kiss to his soft blue lips. “Plus Hankie, I’ve always loved the color blue.” You made him smile, he was made fun of by the others and now they could all shove it. Hank was yours.

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Constellations (5/8).

Prompt: There are only 88 officially recognized constellations, a small number considering you and your soulmate would have the exact same constellation on your skin. How can be sure if it was really them with so few of them? You could mistake your soulmate.

Word Count: 1 767.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader.

Warnings: Fluff at the beginning. But wait for it, because swearing, violence, domestic violence.

A/N: This is about to end guys, prepared for a few more parts!!!
Sorry for any possible grammar/vocabulary mistakes (English is not my first language).

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Your lips brushed gently to Bucky’s and you could swear the world stopped in that moment, everything was in slow motion. His hot breath felt like caresses all over your skin, goosebumps forming in your exposed skin.

In a blink of an eye, the kiss was deepening. His hands tugged you closer to his body, yours were on his brown locks. You were almost straddling him and god, you wanted nothing but to sit on his lap. Just as his lips leave yours and started to kiss down all your neck you could breathe again. Letting out a moan mixed with a deep intake of air. Your lungs were burning from the oxygen lack.

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