erik dont do this

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Genyatta Disney aus tho :3cc





so endingthemes and I were discussing the beach divorce scene and

i don’t even know

(Charles does have a posh ass though)


@thechristopherescalante @alejandrosaabva Red-chan from the ‘Chris wars’ stream! Finally finished this fan art! I hope you like! I was a little worried it’d turn out weird but it didn’t so im happy hahah @amanda-and-art what you think? 

Borussia + us (aka female fans)

as an appreciation from the club to is dedicated female fans that what should the club do for us :

give us a walk around the place with pierre and erik :

then play hide&seek with marco and play cards with kevin ;

and then chit chat with mats & ginter and take some selfies :

and then some make up and dressing up :

and finally we get to chose a player as a gift :D

(stupid post) IAM JUST DREAMING :D

I want this so much part 2 [x] [part1]