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Trying to pick a favorite Phantom is like trying to pick a favorite Doctor

Do I want sass? Do I want raw emotion? Awkward and quirky? Darker and compelling? Older and gentlemanly?

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The Incubae When it Rains

James: sits with you drinking coffee while watching the rain

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Erik: dances with you in the rain

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Sam: goes out driving with you in the middle of nowhere

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Matthew: jumps around in puddles

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Damien: sleeps in with you while it rains

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thank you for the idea dl(:

Lazy Sunday - Erik Durm

Rain smashed against the big windows of my apartment. I groaned, rolling over to cuddle up to my boyfriend Erik. He wasn’t there. I rolled back over to my side and checked my phone.

Sunday 5th July.


Of course, it was Sunday. Every Sunday Erik would leave at precisely 8:30AM and walk across the street to the coffee house to get our regular orders. Sunday was our relaxing day, where neither of us could do work. Erik insisted on going to the coffee house so 1) he could get our orders so we wouldn’t be moody all day and 2) he could catch up with the local gossip.

Sometimes it would be ages before Erik got back because he got so engrossed in conversations. I didn’t mind though, I’d lounge in bed, curled up under the covers, and scroll through my social media. True, I was completely guilty of scrolling through the #erikdurm on Instagram, hoping to find cute pictures of Erik that could become my new lockscreen.

On other occasions Erik would be back almost instantly, claiming that he couldn’t bare to be away from me much longer. Erik was cute like that.

As the rain continued to shatter down I heard the door open. I heard Erik whistle and the sound of his shoes being dropped on the floor. The sound of his footsteps got louder as he approached our room.

I looked up from my phone screen when he entered the room. His carefully styled hair was now a wet and tangled mess. His grey tracksuit bottoms were splattered with rain and his BVB training jacket had raindrop residue on. In his hands were two drinks radiating heat and a little bag. I sat up, pulling the dress shirt of Erik’s that I had stolen tighter around me.

“Morning liebe.” Erik said, shrugging off his training jacket and sitting on the bed beside me before kissing my temple. I close my eyes and smiled as he kissed my temple, in pure bliss. I snuggled into Erik’s side, taking my drink out f his hand.

“Morning,” I said, sipping my drink, “What’s in the bag?” I nodded towards the bag lying by Erik’s side.

“Oh right. When I was picking up our drinks I saw these cute cookies and they reminded me of you. I thought we could pig out and eat them for breakfast.” I took the bag out of his hands and looked inside. They were yellow and black BVB cookies, one with Erik’s name and shirt number on the back and the other with a simple BVB logo on.

“You’re adorable.” I said to Erik, leaning up and pecking his lips.

Mmmm, he tasted of coffee and chocolate.

“Thanks baby.” Erik grinned, handing me the cookie with the BVB logo on, “Eat up, we’ve got some important movie watching to do today.”

This is why I loved Sunday mornings.


≪ Violence In The Pouring Rain ≫

Pairing: Erik Lehnsherr/Reader
Word Count: 5,594
Warnings: Mentions of torture and Shaw’s camps
Request: “ Yay! I was wondering if I could request including Erik, where the reader was also one of Shaw’s lab rats at the death camps (mutation is like a mixture of Charles and logans regeneration) and back then her and Erik kept each other safe and later when the boys are searching for mutants to go against Shaw Charles stumbles upon her, they go to where she works, she sees Erik and maybe it’ll be a sweet reunion (they thought each other died) and they begin to grow fond of each other romantically? ”, “  Could you do hurricane with first class / some what dofp Erik please ”
Summery: Charles has been trying to track you for weeks on Cerebro. He finally locks onto your signal and coordinates, and a sickening realization hits him and Erik. You’re a strong mutant, not someone just playing with your powers. Erik has that nagging feeling that he knows you, but it takes a warped reality for him to make you remember him, and realize that you’d follow Erik into hell if he asked you to. He realizes that you’re the perfect asset to his plans for the future and the world he’s envisioned.
A/N: The power was changed to make it a bit more unique and the requests have been combined! Part of the Badlands verse, so much better than that summery. Thank you for your patience with this one, it took forever.

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