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Yes, if I lived to be a hundred, I shall always hear the superhuman cry of grief and rage which he uttered when the terrible sight appeared before my eyes… I fell back against the wall and he came up to me, grinding his teeth hideously, and, as I fell upon my knees, he hissed mad, incoherent words and curses at me. Leaning over me, he cried, “Look! You want to see? See! Feast your eyes, glut your soul on my cursed ugliness! Look at Erik’s face! Now you know the face of the voice! You were not content to hear me, eh? You wanted to know what I looked like? Oh, you women are so inquisitive! Well, are you satisfied? I’m a good-looking fellow, eh?… When a women has seen me, as you have, she belongs to me. She loves me for ever! I am a kind of Don Juan, you know!” And, drawing himself up to his full height, with his hand on his hip, wagging the hideous thing that was his head on his shoulders, he roared, “Look at me! I am Don Juan triumphant!” And when I turned away my head and begged for mercy, he drew my head back to him, brutally, twisting his dead fingers into my hair.

Trying to pick a favorite Phantom is like trying to pick a favorite Doctor

Do I want sass? Do I want raw emotion? Awkward and quirky? Darker and compelling? Older and gentlemanly?

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The Incubae When it Rains

James: sits with you drinking coffee while watching the rain

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Erik: dances with you in the rain

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Sam: goes out driving with you in the middle of nowhere

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Matthew: jumps around in puddles

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Damien: sleeps in with you while it rains

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Lazy Morning

Since it’s raining where I live and it’s making me just want to curl up on the couch and write.

So here’s a lazy morning au! Hope you enjoy!


Rain patters against the window on this early October morning. The rain stirs Erik out of his sleep, groaning as he rolls over, facing Charles.

His annoyance disappears as he sees he’s still sleeping. He’s turned on his side, facing Erik. His brown hair falls over his eyes, but Erik can still pick out where his sapphire eyes lay. He leans over and gently presses a kiss to his freckled nose.

“Stop staring at me,” Charles mutters sleepily, opening his bright eyes and staring back at Erik.

“I wasn’t staring,” he leans forward and presses a kiss to his lips. “I was admiring,” he runs a hand through his hair as he kisses him again.

Charles sighs contently, wrapping his arm around Erik’s neck to pull him even closer. “I love you,” he murmurs against his lips.

Erik pulls away, a smirk tugging at his lips. “You want me to cook you breakfast, don’t you?”

“No, but that would be nice,” Charles matches his smirk and kisses him again tenderly. Charles pulls away to get more comfortable in bed. “Wake me up when you’re done,” he yawns, closing his eyes as he tries to go back asleep.

“Or,” Erik wraps his arm around him, pressing a kiss to his head. “We can both go back to sleep and cook breakfast together,” he runs his fingers over Charles’ arm, goosebumps starting to trail them. “You love when we do,” he presses a kiss to his shoulder.

Charles opens his eyes and quickly kisses him. “You always know what I like, darling,” he wraps Erik’s arm tighter around him.

Erik smiles, pressing one more kiss to his head before closing his eyes.

Apologies with Cherik
  • Charles: What the hell is that sound? (rolls over to the window)
  • Erik: (standing in the rain with boom box, playing Justin Bieber)
  • Erik: (starts singing along) Is it too late to say sorry now...
  • Charles: YES, IT IS! YOU DUMBASS! (about to close window)
  • Erik: Well, it's too late for you to get your legs back, Charles! You might as well accept my apology and we can have great make up sex to-
  • Charles: (throws book at Erik) FUCK YOU, ERIK!!!!!

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flower AU thing is up haha ajhfgadkhgh enjoy, my slime!

THANK YOU SO MUCH Q! <3 for those of you just joining us, this is an AU of my and @ikeracity‘s mob boss AU The Associates (here on AO3) where instead of a professor, Charles is a veterinarian. ;)

Part One Art | Part One Ficlet | Part Two Art

Part Two Ficlet:

The bell over the door to the flower shop jingles softly as Erik pushes open the door to the flower shop, greeted by a strong blast of the scent of freshly cut flowers. Every inch of space of the tiny shop is covered by bright blooms in every color, shape, and size, some categorized by species but others carefully displayed in artful arrangements. It’s perfect.

“Welcome to Jubilee’s Fresh Flowers, sir!” the young girl behind the counter chirps as he approaches, the nametag on her apron naming her Jubilee herself. “What can I help you with?”

Erik lets his gaze slide slowly across the bright spools of ribbons on the wall behind her, next to a display of cards with themes ranging from condolences to happy-birthdays to I-love-yous, before finally settling on Jubilee, who waits patiently, still smiling. “Hello. Are you proficient in flower language?”

“Of course,” Jubilee answers, brightening, “definitely. We can arrange a bouquet to take on any special meaning you’d like.”

Erik grins. “Excellent.” He brings his hand out of the pocket of his coat, slapping a crisp $100 bill down on the counter. “I want something that says ‘I want to date you, and I promise endless nights of fucking.’”

“Sir?” Jubilee says, some of her cheer faltering as she’s somewhat taken aback by his directness. Erik is used to that kind of response, and luckily he knows the solution to it.

Still grinning, Erik slides the $100 bill sideways with two fingers, fanning out the other four bills stacked beneath it so Jubilee can see all $500 on the counter in front of her. “Keep the change.”

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♪ A breath away from where you are… I’ve come home from so farrrrr ♪

(Drafted this months ago and finally got round to digitize the doodle today. I’m also not queuing this because I want the world to see my Charl mwahahaha :D)

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Lazy Sunday - Erik Durm

Rain smashed against the big windows of my apartment. I groaned, rolling over to cuddle up to my boyfriend Erik. He wasn’t there. I rolled back over to my side and checked my phone.

Sunday 5th July.


Of course, it was Sunday. Every Sunday Erik would leave at precisely 8:30AM and walk across the street to the coffee house to get our regular orders. Sunday was our relaxing day, where neither of us could do work. Erik insisted on going to the coffee house so 1) he could get our orders so we wouldn’t be moody all day and 2) he could catch up with the local gossip.

Sometimes it would be ages before Erik got back because he got so engrossed in conversations. I didn’t mind though, I’d lounge in bed, curled up under the covers, and scroll through my social media. True, I was completely guilty of scrolling through the #erikdurm on Instagram, hoping to find cute pictures of Erik that could become my new lockscreen.

On other occasions Erik would be back almost instantly, claiming that he couldn’t bare to be away from me much longer. Erik was cute like that.

As the rain continued to shatter down I heard the door open. I heard Erik whistle and the sound of his shoes being dropped on the floor. The sound of his footsteps got louder as he approached our room.

I looked up from my phone screen when he entered the room. His carefully styled hair was now a wet and tangled mess. His grey tracksuit bottoms were splattered with rain and his BVB training jacket had raindrop residue on. In his hands were two drinks radiating heat and a little bag. I sat up, pulling the dress shirt of Erik’s that I had stolen tighter around me.

“Morning liebe.” Erik said, shrugging off his training jacket and sitting on the bed beside me before kissing my temple. I close my eyes and smiled as he kissed my temple, in pure bliss. I snuggled into Erik’s side, taking my drink out f his hand.

“Morning,” I said, sipping my drink, “What’s in the bag?” I nodded towards the bag lying by Erik’s side.

“Oh right. When I was picking up our drinks I saw these cute cookies and they reminded me of you. I thought we could pig out and eat them for breakfast.” I took the bag out of his hands and looked inside. They were yellow and black BVB cookies, one with Erik’s name and shirt number on the back and the other with a simple BVB logo on.

“You’re adorable.” I said to Erik, leaning up and pecking his lips.

Mmmm, he tasted of coffee and chocolate.

“Thanks baby.” Erik grinned, handing me the cookie with the BVB logo on, “Eat up, we’ve got some important movie watching to do today.”

This is why I loved Sunday mornings.



Lovers Quarrel

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6 /Part 7

Charles entered the X Lab where Hank, Raven, Erik, and Havoc were waiting. “Alright so what do we have?” Charles asked.

“It’s definitely happening tomorrow.” Hank began.

“Where?” Charles asked again.

“Downtown. It’s gonna be bad Charles we need to be there.” Hank paused. “All of us” he finished making eye contact with Erik.

There was a lull in the conversation while everyone tried to deal with the fact they were going to need Magneto. Erik was already arms crossed, and completely closed off. Erik clinched his jaw tried to hide his inner panic before turning and leaving the lab.

“Charles we’re going to need him.” Raven insisted. 

“I’ll go talk to him, just everyone be ready to go at 7 tomorrow morning. I’ll handle Erik.” 

Charles left the group to plan and adjourned upstairs to the mansion. When he arrived in his suite he could hear Erik in the shower. Charles took a seat in his reading nook and waited for Erik to finish. He knew Erik was upset because all of the metal in the room was vibrating. When Erik finally emerged from the bathroom he was floating metal all around him like a solar system.

“Hey.” Charles said softly.

“Hey” Erik replied sitting on his side of the bed. “I know you want to talk about it.”

Charles simply crossed his legs.

“I can’t Charles. I refuse. Don’t do that. Don’t stare at me like that Charles. I can feel you poking around in my head.”

“Are you quite finished?”


“I will be with you the whole time. You only need act in dire circumstance, otherwise you can stay in the jet.”

Erik had the look of a child. He was so afraid of himself. “What if I lose control?”

Charles moved to the bed side and laid his hand on Erik’s thigh. “I will be right there the whole time.”

7 am at the Xavier mansion came quickly and the team boarded the jet and headed for the city.

“Erik what are you doing?” Raven exclaimed taking a scotch from his hand.

“Let him be.” Charles encouraged. He guided Erik to some seats near the back. “Getting plastered is not the way to ensure our success.” 

“I’m worried and I don’t know why you are not.” Erik took a swig of his newly poured drink.

“Because You are. You are aware of your limits and you know the cost of losing control. So no I am not worried.”

The team landed and proceeded to fight a fierce battle while Erik remained in the jet. After a little while Erik sucked it up and went out side. He was petrified, He just knew what was going to happen. Suddenly Charles sent out a telepathic wave of fear. Erik responded accordingly. Metal from the entire surrounding area rose to an enormous height along with Erik himself. Erik rained down terror and destruction. He opened a magnetic field inside the aggressor wider and wider until she exploded demolishing an entire 6 block area reducing it to dirt. When the fight was over and the team had won Erik looked across to Charles who was critically injured… Because of Erik. He could see the fear in the team’s faces. He was a monster. 

Erik locked eyes with Charles. “Erik no!” Charles cried out. Erik levitated away. “Damn it. Hank we need to get home now.”

“What is Erik gonna do?” Hank asked as the jet took off.

“What was he thinking Charles?” Raven asked.

“Nothing good. He blames himself for everything and he thinks he’s a monster.”

“He’s not going to hurt himself is he?” Raven continued.

“I’m afraid that is exactly what he is going to do.” Charles replied.

Fiction by: Bitten892

gifs: tedystaleva if any are yours let me know ill tag you

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They're all so cute, but 4, if you can. I'm a sucker for cliché rain crap

4. Caught in the rain

Erik has envisioned this moment for the better part of the term now, and at first it goes just as perfectly as he’d hoped.

They have the whole Gryffindor common room to themselves. Most of his housemates have gone home for the Christmas holidays, and those few that have remained are outside taking advantage of their free time. He’s managed to coax Charles away from the library to study here instead–the Fat Lady is currently getting drunk with her friend Violet and hadn’t blinked at the green hem on Charles’ robes, if she even noticed at all, and earlier Erik had snuck down to the kitchens and asked the House Elves for a tray of snacks. He and Charles have spent all afternoon picking at sweets and sipping pumpkin juice in front of the fire, their textbooks and parchment scrolls spread out across two of the tables.

Their homework has been abandoned for the better part of ten minutes now in favor of making out, sprawled out luxuriously on the soft rug in front of the hearth. Erik has wanted to kiss Charles for months now, and happily Charles seems to share the sentiment, going by the way he’s currently sucking on Erik’s tongue, hands tangled in Erik’s hair. Erik feels drunk on Charles and hormones and the still half-stunned-disbelief-but-bordering-on-exhilaration that he’s actually finally kissing Charles and Charles is kissing him back, the heat of the fire and Charles’ body beneath his making Erik feel heavy and languid.

He shifts an elbow to keep his arm from falling asleep, thinking about how to phrase a suggestion to maybe ditch their robes for starters, and accidentally knocks into his wand where it lies nearby, abandoned on the carpet. It goes off with a loud BANG, and a split second later they both yelp as ice cold rain begins pouring down on them, instantly soaking them to the bone.

“My essay!” Charles shrieks, scrambling out from beneath Erik and up off the floor towards the tables, nearly tripping over himself in haste.

Cursing, Erik stumbles after him, and they spend a few frantic moments attempting to gather up all their things only to find there’s nowhere to put them–the entire common room is being rained on, all the cushy chairs and tables sopping wet, and water is beginning to puddle on the floor since there’s nowhere for it to drain. Erik’s Herbology and Transfiguration textbooks are utterly ruined, and Charles’ Muggle Studies essay, previously 15 inches long, now resembles nothing more than a large, blurry smear of ink.

“What’s the counter-charm for rain?!” Erik demands, yanking a footrest over and shoving it underneath the table to pile some of their stuff on. Now that the initial shock is over, he’s angry–he’s just sabotaged himself, and probably ruined any further chances of getting Charles to go out with him.

To his surprise, Charles starts to laugh. His robe is drenched, green tie staining his white undershirt and hair plastered down against his head, but his eyes are shining. “I should know the spell,” he admits, in between more laughter, “but I honestly can’t for the life of me remember it right now. You should’ve seen your face when it first started, though–” He has to break off when he bursts out laughing again, lifting one hand up to his mouth.

“Think harder,” Erik grumbles, still annoyed with himself, but at least Charles doesn’t appear to be upset. “We’re going to die of exposure at this rate.”

“It’ll come to me,” Charles promises, though he still sounds amused and wholly unconcerned.

Before Erik can protest, Charles pulls Erik down into another kiss, heedless of the rain and picking up right where they left off, and Erik supposes while it’s not exactly as planned, it’ll certainly do.