• erik: i am a very bad person. i am a very very bad person. i am a horrible person.
  • charles:
  • raven:
  • peter:
  • hank:
  • alex:
  • storm:
  • angel:
  • psylocke:
  • apocalypse:
  • erik: "no you're not erik, we still love you erik"
  • Me: * sees really smart cute guy
  • Me: Please be Peter Parker. Please be Peter Parker. PLEASE BE PETER PARKER

Happy ValenSTEIN’s day!

I made you all Valentines because you’re all the best <3 I hope you enjoy some Frankenstein, PotO, and @fantome-stein cards!

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Kurt Probably
  • Kurt: Even zith this teleportation, I can not get far away from your bullshit fast enough.

did they ever explain how erik and christine’s first conversation went like did he literally just go “hey so i’m a literal angel sent to you by your dead father to teach you how to sing” and did christine, being super religious, just go “yep okay that sounds legit” or did erik show up and be like “hey” kind of expecting her to freak out and to have to calm her down but she was just like “papa’s angel of music has finally come for me!” and erik was just like “…sure let’s go with that”