• boy:got any fantasies ;)
  • me:i wake up and find the avengers: age of ultron dvd on my shelf. i am confused because i was so disappointed by the movie that i didn't purchase it. curious, i decide to watch it. the plot is almost exactly the same, except the characterization is much better, and instead of introducing his wife and kids to the avengers at the farm, clint introduces his best friend kate and his dog lucky. kate then joins the avengers and they kick ultron's ass. the movie ends with the avengers looking out over new york. clint and natasha, and wanda and vision are holding hands. the maximoffs are jewish. pietro lives.
  • boy:i meant sexual stuff
  • me:x men apocalypse ends with it being heavily implied that charles and erik are sleeping together.


I probably have done more sketches for him compared to the other characters (omg and these sketches are so old!). I originally wanted to give him more of a ‘serpent’ look with lots of curves and Jafar+Al Hirschfeld hand. Soon I noticed it was hard to define his design next to Raoul, who had lots of round lines. So in order to emphasize the ‘sinister’ side of my version of the Phantom, I gave him more straight lines with skinny, clean cut body shape. Everything will fit perfectly on him (which made me change his ascot design too later) since he is a perfectionist, who can’t stand the fact that half of his face is ‘imperfect’.

Musicals in a Nutshell
  • *Hamilton*
  • Burr:Hamilton no.
  • Hamilton:HAMILTON YES.
  • *Wicked*
  • Glinda:Elphaba nO.
  • Elphaba:Elphaba yES.
  • *Phantom of the Opera*
  • Christine:Erik no
  • Erik:pHAnToM YeS
  • *Les Miserables*
  • Javert:24601 NO.
  • Valjean:jEAN VALJEAN yes