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EriJadeKat (kisses)

Kisses between trolls are aggressive, contests of power. And well… you kind of like it. Maybe it’s the devil dog in you, but you like the clack of teeth and the feeling of sharp points biting your lips. It’s a challenge between the three of you, who gets to be on top and gloat until the next battle begins.

Eridan has the natural advantage thanks to having fucking shark teeth, but he’s easily distracted and disgusted when you drag your tongue over his cheek. Karkat is unaffected by such a trick thanks to too much Pyrope exposure. He makes up for it just by being incredibly, ridiculously determined and you and Eridan end up yielding just because his energy seems endless.

So every kiss between you is an adventure, a challenge, a new experience. It certainly never gets boring which is what you hate more than anything.

So when Dave or Rose or John point out how torn up your lips look you just grin and say, “Well yeah, but I won.” And they look at you a little amused, a little scared as you laugh with triumph.

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Erijadekat sfw? ovo trying so^^ething new since i always pick the sa^^e ones~

Despite being close friends, Eridan and Karkat can’t help but get a little competitive over who can be the most romantic lover towards Jade. Eridan always goes all out — loud, expensive gestures, while Karkat tends to shy towards the quiet, sentimental expressions of love. In the end, though, Jade is wooed equally by both of them, and they end up impressing each other, too. They would call it a draw, but Jade’s the most competitive of them all; she always calls winner.

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erijadekat, the problems of cuddling when two of you have horns and one of you dog ears and tail.

It had all been going so wonderful.

Both you and Karkat had managed to finally make Eridan relax almost completely! And when Eridan had finally smiled serenely and suggested that maybe it was time to rest, you and Karkat had nodded to each other and smiled because finally Eridan had stopped his drama queen act enough to be an actual enjoyable company!

And so the three of you had gone to bed. You on the left, Eridan in the center, and Karkat on the right. You sighed. Good, tonight would be a restful and wonderfully pleasant ni–

“Pfft! J-Jade, in the name of the first Mothergrub an your first actual biological ancestor, can you please remove your dog ears AWWAY from my face?!”

“Aw, come on! They’re not that horrible! Come on, they’re soft and stuff and you know you love petting them!”

“Yes, but I’m not normally chockin on them!”

“You can say all you want Ampora, but if you hit me again with those weirdly shaped horns of yours I will make sure you do end up chocking on something!”

“Wwell, wwhat do you suggest I do?! It’s not like I can control howw I sleep!”

“You want me to suggest something? I’ll suggest something!”

You groaned and covered your ears with a pillow as Eridan and Karkat kept yelling. So much for a restful night.

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Could you draw Jade, Karkat, or Eridan crying and the other two comforting them? It would really cheer me up.

I think our definitions of ‘comforting’ may vary a little, anon, but I hope this silly doodle cheers you up anyway! x

They’re going to watch Love, Actually over and over until Eridan quits sulking about his bad hair day.

There is no fluff here, ONLY DORKS.