Carle Van Loo | Erigone | ca. 1747 | Oil on canvas

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Born in Nice to Dutch parents, Charles Andre Van Loo (called Carle) would become the most famous member of an extensive family of artists. He was able to work in several styles and mastered all areas of painting, from portraiture to religious and mythological subjects to fêtes galantes. The subject of Erigone is taken from Ovid’s Metamorphoses, in which Bacchus deceived the nymph Erigone by transforming himself into a grape, which she ate. Erigone is depicted outdoors, coyly eyeing the viewer as she reaches for the luscious fruit. With its erotic overtones, the subject certainly would have appealed to eighteenth-century taste.

Mito dell'Altalena

Quando Erigone si era uccisa, ad Atene era accaduto un fatto molto preoccupante. Come se fossero state contagiate, le vergini ateniesi avevano preso ad impiccarsi in massa. Preoccupatissimi gli ateniesi si erano precipitati a intepellare l’oracolo di Apollo, che aveva indicato il rimedio: bastava costruire delle altalene, così che le ragazze potessero dondolarsi nell’aria, come facevano quelle che si impiccavano, ma senza perdere la vita.

- “L'amore è un Dio” / Eva Cantarella

Asteroid the Size of Rhode Island to Black Out One of the Brightest Stars in the Sky

Asteroid the Size of Rhode Island to Black Out One of the Brightest Stars in the Sky

NASA tracked comet ISON as it made its way past several constellations. Regulus is highlighted in the constellation Leo. (NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center/Axel Mellinger)

A giant asteroid will pass in front of a star, blacking it out for a short period of time. Viewers in the northeastern United States will be able to watch it happen live, weather permitting. (more…)

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Planetoïde bedekt heldere ster

In de nacht van woensdag op donderdag (19/20 maart) is vanuit delen van de VS en Canada een bijzonder hemelverschijnsel te zien. De heldere ster Regulus van het sterrenbeeld Leeuw is dan een paar tellen onzichtbaar. Oorzaak: de kleine planetoïde Erigone schuift precies voor hem langs.

De eigenlijke bedekking van de ster is alleen waarneembaar vanuit een 106 kilometer brede strook die vanaf de stad New York in noordoostelijke richting loopt. Het verschijnsel vindt plaats rond 2.06 uur lokale tijd.

Het is voor het eerst dat de bedekking van zo’n heldere ster vanuit een dichtbevolkt gebied te zien is. De kans dat zoiets gebeurt is dan ook heel erg klein. Bedenk dat Erigone maar 73 kilometer groot is en zich op het moment van de bedekking op 177 miljoen kilometer van de aarde bevindt: een ‘stuiver’ gezien op een afstand van bijna vijftig kilometer



The signs and their myths:
  • Aries:The Golden Fleece (Greek)
  • Taurus:The Bull of Heaven (Babylonian)
  • Gemini:Castor and Pollux (Greek)
  • Cancer:The Twelve Labors of Heracles - Karkinos (Greek)
  • Leo:The Twelve Labors of Heracles - Nemean Lion (Greek)
  • Virgo:Erigone/Demeter (Greek)
  • Libra:The Claws of the Scorpion (Babylonian)
  • Scorpio:Orion (Greek)
  • Sagittarius:Nergal (Babylonian)
  • Capricorn:Amalthea/Pan (Greek)
  • Aquarius:Zeus and Ganymede (Greek)
  • Pisces:The Lady of the Heaven (Babylonian)

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