the bullshit illuminati meme is my favorite meme though. like one time i was standing by a store display made entirely out of triangles and i snapchatted it to my friend after drawing a random triangle on the picture and they were so mad that i didnt use one of the display triangles that they lost their whole damn mind.

frostatronach  asked:

♥, please? uvu

It’s kinda rushed, because I know if I didn’t do it quickly, I’d get to into it and never post it, because I forgot why I drew it.

My webcam flipped it, so the text says “LOL I tried <3” “Dear sweet fefetasprite” and “:33<<38D”

I honestly just went through your cosplay tag to find your interests. I was only going to do Annie, but this was my third try, and it just wasn’t working. So I threw Fefetasprite in too, and just stopped caring. I only had a pen, hence thescribbled out bits.

Hope you like it!!