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i love how the other ships are like “as much as i want [insert ship here] to get married at the end of the season i believe the wedding is going to be Rumbelle because [reasons]

then we have the Rumbellers “nope too happy it’s going to be [insert any ship you can think of] leave us alone with our angst and porn”


Ariel was so excited and confused at the same time. She had learned who she really was. However, the second she got back to the shore she instantly began to worry about Eric. She hoped he hadn’t been affected by the body switch and if he had that everything was ok. She walked down the corridors quickly towards Atlantica when she saw Eric coming out of one of the detention rooms. She couldn’t wait to tell him her big news but Eric had never had detention before and she could sense that something wasn’t right. “Hey sailor!” She called after him as she jogged a little to catch up giving him a quick peck on the cheek.