S: “Something seems off.”
E: “It’s the spell. It’s supposed to keep any unwanted visitors at bay.”
R: “What’s that?”
E: “…The grail.”
R: “I agree with Silru, something’s off, and not just the spell.”
D: “Maybe the skeletons.”
E: “You want the map or not?”
R: “I need it.”
E: “Then listen to me. We have to drink it.”
R: “You’re joking.”
E: “Do I look like I’m joking? In order to get the map, it has to be drunk. But, it’s most likely lethal.”
D: “Poison? This is the part where I wish we’d brought the mermaid.”
R: Idiot, we need her for later.”
E: “I’m going to drink it.”
R: “You can’t be serious. If that’s what it takes to get the map, I don’t want it.”
E: “I’m going to drink it, because it will not have any effect on me. I’m immortal, Revan.”
R: “Yes, but-”
E: “-Stop. I’ll be fine, you have my word.”
R: “And what if not? You cant know what it will do.”
E: “I’m about to find out. Let go of me.”
R: “I won’t let you.”
E: “Then you leave me no choice. *freezing spell*

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Just a dumb opinion I have regarding Souda and his relationships (or huge lack thereof). His whole infatuation with Sonia is one of the reasons I not only DESPISE SouSon, but also highkey ship KazuKoi. One, it's a cute ship. But two, I feel like Mahiru could straighten Souda out so he matures and acts less gross, and they both could see different sides of each other at the same time instead of just the surface "tactless pervert" and "bossy 'man-hater'" once they become friends first.

……….. Literally my eyes have been opened? My skin is clear? My nonexistent bank account is in the positives?????


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Erie : ✤ (asktheirelandtwins)

Show A Little Skin Meme
Send a symbol for my Muse’s reaction to yours unintentionally (?):
✤ - Moving/putting up their hair, showing off the back of their neck

Alfred looked over and smioed awkwardly,turnimg away so he wasn’t going to stare.He gets seen anyways.


1. some sketches i was doing today in class (im out of school now, yay!)
2. something i did for @amimefreak – i was doing it for your ask that i couldnt receive 
3. for that same ask. i got lazy with the hands.