The Buffalo & Erie County Historical Society Museum sits majestically at the edge of a man made lake in Frederick Law Olmsted’s Delaware Park. This marble building was inspired by Greco-Roman Temple architecture in 1900. It was built for the Pan-American International Exhibition on 1901 to originally house the US Pavilion.


HUZZAH! It is National Library Week, bookworms and library cats!! 

And that means it is the perfect time of year to show some love to your local (and not local) Libraries, both in person and online. So, just as we took time to make a special post on Follow a Library Day last year, we’ve created ANOTHER master post to honor all the libraries we know so far on tumblr so that you can #followalibrary!! 

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@alachualibrary (The Alachua County Library District)

@alt-library (By Sacramento Public Library)

@aplibrary (Abilene Public Library)

@austinpubliclibrary (Austin Public Library)

@badgerslrc (The Klamath Community College’s Learning Research Center)

@bflteens (Baker Free Library’s Tumblr For Teens)

@bibliosanvalentino (Biblioteca San Valentino [San Valentino Library])

@biodivlibrary (Biodiversity Heritage Library)

@bodleianlibs (Bodleian Libraries)

@boonelibrary (Boone County Public Library)

@brkteenlib (Brookline Public Library Teen Services Department)

@californiastatelibrary (California State Library)

@cheshirelibrary (Cheshire Public Library)

@cityoflondonlibraries (City of London Libraries)

@cmclibraryteen (Cape May County Library’s Teen Services)

@cobblibrary (Cobb County Public Library System)

@cpl-archives (Cleveland Public Library Archives)

@cplsteens (Clearwater Public Library Teens)

@darienlibrary (Darien Library)

@dcpubliclibrary (DC Public Library)

@decaturpubliclibrary (Decatur Public Library)

@delawarelibrary (Delaware County District Library)

@detroitlib (Detroit Public Library Music, Arts & Literature Department)

@douglaslibraryteens (Douglas Library For Teens)

@dplteens (Danville Public Library Teens)

@escondidolibrary (Escondido Public Library)

@fontanalib (Fontana Regional Library)

@fppld-teens (Franklin Park Library Teens)

@friscolibrary (Frisco Public Library)

@gastonlibrary (Gaston County Public Library)

@glendaleteenlibrary (Glendale Public Library Teens)

@hpldreads (Havana Public Library District)

@hpl-teens (Homewood Public Library For Teens)

@kingsbridgelibraryteens (Kingsbridge Library Teens Advisory Group)

@lanelibteens (Lane Memorial Library Teen Services)

@lawrencepubliclibrary (Lawrence Public Library)

@marioncolibraries (Marion County Public Library System)

@mrcplteens (Mansfield/Richland County Public Library Teen Zone)

@myrichlandlibrary (Mansfield/Richland County Public Library)

@necclibrary (Northern Essex Community College Libraries)

@novipubliclibrary (Novi Public Library)

@nplteens (Nashua Public Library Teens)

@orangecountylibrarysystem (Orange County Library System)

@othmeralia  (Othmer Library of Chemical History)

@petit-branch-library (Petit Branch Library)

@pflibteens (Pflugerville Public Library Teenspace)

@plainfieldlibrary (Plainfield Public Library District)

@royhartlibrary (RoyHart Community Library)

@safetyharborpubliclibrary (Safety Harbor Library Teen Zone)

@santamonicalibr (Santa Monica Public Library)

@schlowlibrary (Schlow Centre Region Library)

@smithsonianlibraries (Museum Library System)

@smlibrary (Sheppard Memorial Library)

@southeastlibrary (Southeast Branch Library)

@tampabaylibraryconsortium-blog (Tampa Bay Library Consortium)

@teenbookerie (Erie County Public Library For Teens)

@teencenterspl (The Smith Public Library Teen Center)

@teensfvrl (Fraser Valley Regional Library)

@teen-stuff-at-the-library (White Oak Library District)

@therealpasadenapubliclibrary (Pasadena Public Library)

@ucflibrary (University of Central Florida Library)

@uwmspeccoll (University of Wisconsin Milwaukee Libraries Special Collections)

@vculibraries (Virginia Commonwealth University Libraries)

@waynecountyteenzone (Wayne County Public Library’s Teen Space)

@wellingtoncitylibraries (Wellington City Libraries)

@widenerlibrary (Harvard’s Widener Library)

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Happy National Library Week, library cats!

During this political climate frought with pants-shittingly terrible news every day, my county executive is out there taking a hard line against Tr*mp’s EOs and suing big pharma for their part in the opioid epidemic.

Re: Liminal Rest Stops

This actually reminds me of a place I stopped in while driving from Bucks County to Erie in Pennsylvania.

It was a hotel up on top of a hill, with a little diner across the parking lot. There were very few cars besides mine, which I thought was odd since it was the middle of the day.

I went into the diner and ordered a coffee, just to refuel for the next leg of the trip, and…out of nowhere, I got really nervous. The place was too quiet. No patron chatter, no waitstaff talking to each other, not even kitchen noise. The piped-in music was very faint, and it kept fading in and out.

I asked for my check, making up some excuse that I had just realized I was running later than I thought. The server, a young woman with really bright blue eyes, tried to convince me to stick around “just a little longer,” maybe order an entree, or some dessert. “Try the cherry pie, it’s homemade, and it’s really good!” When I politely refused, she frowned and disappeared into the back for my bill.

Ten minutes later, with no sign of her (or any other staff), I left cash on the table and booked it out of there. I didn’t feel right again until I was a good ten miles down the road.

On my way back, I looked for the exit again, just to convince myself that I’d been scaring myself. No exit, no signs for the hotel, no nothing. Thinking about it, I couldn’t even remember the name of the hotel, or the diner. I haven’t been back that way since.

I’m still not convinced that I didn’t wander into some sort of weird slip-space or something. I’m just glad I left when I did. And that I didn’t order the pie.


Buffalo Tour Of Homes by Ian MacDonald
Via Flickr:


Facebook Live murderer’ kills himself following brief police chase

The US man wanted for killing an elderly man in Ohio and then posting a video of the murder on Facebook fatally shot himself Tuesday after a brief pursuit in neighbouring Pennsylvania.

Steve Stephens, 37, had been the subject of a nationwide manhunt in the wake of Sunday’s killing in Cleveland.

The incident was the latest grisly crime posted on Facebook, reviving questions about videos posted on the world’s largest social network, and how – or if – they can be monitored. The video was eventually taken down.

Stephens “was spotted this morning by PSP members in Erie County. After a brief pursuit, Stephens shot and killed himself,” Pennsylvania State Police said on Twitter.
The FBI had put Stephens on its Most Wanted list, and authorities were offering up to US$50,000 (A$66,225) in rewards for information leading to his capture.
Stephens was accused of fatally shooting Robert Godwin Sr in Cleveland, Ohio as the 74-year-old grandfather was walking home from dinner on Easter Sunday.


🇺🇸 Antique postcard showing the Buffalo and Erie County Historical Society Museum in Frederick Law Olmsted’s Delaware Park with Niagara Falls in the background. . The museum building is one of only three permanent buildings still existing from the 1901 Pan American International Exposition that was hosted in Buffalo, located by a yellow star on the map. President William McKinley was assassinated by an anarchist while attending the Exhibition and VP Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt was sworn in as President moments later at a mansion on Delaware Boulevard.

Facebook murder suspect Steve Stephens shot, killed himself, Pennsylvania police say

A Cleveland man who fatally shot an elderly grandfather and posted a video of the murder on Facebook has shot and killed himself Tuesday morning in Erie County, Pennsylvania state police confirmed.
band of brothers wac headcanons [1/?]
  • for the entirety of the war, ruth winters has her red hair pinned up real tight. everyone’s shocked by how long it is when she finally lets it down in austria — and only because it feels better loose during her morning swim in the glacial lakes.

  • darlene randleman has a gaggle of boys already and you aren’t meant to have dependents in the women’s army corps — it says so on all the fliers — but she packs her children up and sends them to gramma and grandpa’s house to stay because like hell is she teaching her boys women can’t fight for the right reasons.

  • babe heffron’s all skinned knees and pigtails but bette guarnere knows a south philly girl when she sees one.

  • helen wins a parachute — and a few packs of smokes — off a drunk paratrooper and carries it with her for the duration. louise asks about it and, of course, she’s keeping it around to make herself a wedding dress. silk, you know, rationing and all. nix tells her kit grogan’s probably run off with a woman’s ordinance worker by now. you bitch, that’s not even funny!

  • lynn compton is built like an amazon, a classic american beauty. she’s used to the easy female camaraderie of the ucla cheer squad so she fits right in to the wac. just don’t challenge her to a game of darts — especially if she’s been shooting lefty all night.

  • skip muck (that’s what everyone calls wilma muck; ever since she was a kid, on account of her being the skipping rope champ of erie county) and alexandra penkala drive a supply truck across enemy lines to relieve a company of paratroopers (paratroopers are supposed to be surrounded) but they take a direct hit from german artillery on the way back. there’s articles commending their actions published in papers back home.

  • diane webster is a few credits short of a degree in lit from radcliffe college. her upperclass parents would prefer she marry so she joins the women’s army corps instead.

  • the world is going to hell, francesca perconte thinks, but that doesn’t mean she has to look like it. the others might not understand what the carefully applied red lipstick signifies but decorum keeps her sane. it makes her feel more powerful. all four feet eleven inches of her.

  • after the war foul tempered tech 5 judith liebgott, a hairdresser from cisco, wants to settle down with a nice jewish boy with a smile to die for and a big **** (cue diane webster curling her lip in distaste)

  • she also loves to read: woman in red, fantomah mostly.

epic-planar-power  asked:

Yo, Linkys. I've looked into the Kane innocent thing and I am not convinced. I am wondering if I am missing some crucial bit of information and if you could hook me up with it because your porn is hot as fuck and I can't look at any of the blackhawks at the moment without wanting to puke. If you don't have the links or just don't want to answer this questions, no problem. You do you first and foremost. Much Thanks, Epic.

Fair question! Not sure what you’ve heard/seen, but if you haven’t watched the interview with Erie County District Attorney Frank Sedita yet, it’s pretty helpful. You can find it here (part two, part three). You should also read his press statement here. Here’s how I see it:

We can’t know absolutely for sure that Kane is innocent. But at this point, it seems like the reasonable assumption, because the evidence doesn’t support the complainant’s claims. Sedita says outright in his statement that “The physical evidence and the forensic evidence, when viewed in tandem, tend to contradict the complainant’s claim that she was raped on Kane’s bed.” DNA testing didn’t find any traces of Kane’s DNA on her lower body, despite there being (according to Cambria) the DNA from two other unidentified males (which means she hadn’t cleaned so thoroughly that Kane’s DNA would be gone). Sedita also references inconsistencies between her story and the logistics of the evening and the testimony of others who were there that night, citing “significant material inconsistencies between the complainant’s accounts and those of other witnesses.” Then there’s other weirdness surrounding the case, like the evidence bag hoax, which doesn’t prove anything but also does nothing to give the complainant the credibility she’s currently lacking. Overall, I’m not sure at this point why we *would* believe her.

Unless we’re saying that we should believe her in the face of contradictory evidence just because rape accusers should always be believed. That is actually my instinct here, believe it or not. Rape victims are so often put in the EXTREMELY DIFFICULT POSITION of having to fight to be believed – of having their word doubted and their experience invalidated after a severe violation – that I’d rather give them the benefit of the doubt even when there’s no evidence backing them up. But when there’s significant evidence contradicting them, it gets hard to maintain that position. Leaving aside the thorny issue of what the public should or shouldn’t have assumed three months ago, at this point Kane’s guilt isn’t the reasonable assumption anymore.

So you have physical evidence and testimony that contradict the complainant’s claims. You have the District Attorney saying that this isn’t one of those cases where you think the accused is guilty but you don’t have the evidence to prosecute – this is one of those cases where the evidence supports Kane’s innocence MORE than it supports his guilt. You can take all that and assume a conspiracy where Kane is paying off everyone under the sun, or you can assume the most straightforward thing: that Kane most likely didn’t do it.

And yeah, we still can’t know that for sure. We can’t know for sure that *anyone* around us isn’t a rapist, really, but at this point I don’t see a good reason to assume Kane is one. If nothing else, it’s really unfair to him. That doesn’t mean you have to cheer for him if it makes you uncomfortable – you don’t have to cheer for anyone you don’t want to. But I think speaking out against him at this point, with regard to this accusation, would be unjustified.

I hope that helps answer your question. I’d be happy to continue a conversation if things still aren’t adding up for you. I also know there are people out there who’ve looked into this more deeply than I have, and they might have things to add. It makes me nervous to make the claims I’ve made in this post – it makes me nervous to make any claims when I can’t know 100% absolutely for sure. But I think what I’ve said is right, and I think it’s important to speak out about this, and I hope it helps you to hear it.

So I don’t know how much any of you know about what happened in NY recently but as a resident of NY, let me tell/show you.
Look at this map, Hillary won NY despite Bernie taking over most of the state.

SO here are some facts:
NY is a closed primary. You can only vote within your registered party. If you’re an independent, you’re out of luck. This really sucks because I know so many independents and republicans even who wanted to vote for Bernie. My hometown (Erie County/Buffalo), Hillary won by 300 votes. That’s just about .30%, that’s NOTHING. But because of the closed primary, that’s how it was.
But it doesn’t stop there.
The ballot was worded poorly. It said you can vote for 7 delegates, not UP TO 7 delegates. Bernie only has 5, so if you voted for 7, you unknowingly threw Hillary 2 votes.
The city of Brooklyn just went through some tremendous shady business. If you don’t vote within (I believe) 8 years towards a major election, you’re counted as an inactive voter. That counts for about 10,000 people in Brooklyn.
But somehow, over 50,000 democrats were turned away, because they had been mysteriously switched to registered independents.
Bernie grew up in Brooklyn, he went to state college there. Prospectively, had those people not been stripped of their actual registered party, Bernie would have won NY State by about 20%. NY is a HUGE state in the election, we are one of the largest democrat votes other than California.
As of now, I don’t believe there are any plans to review or overturn any of these things.
Do you want to know how many people I know who could have voted tell me “the primaries don’t matter”? Arguably they’re MORE important! Sure, NY will be a Dem vote either way. That’s why it’s important to choose WHICH Dem our state is voting for?
I haven’t seen a single thing on tumblr about any of this- so here it is: Go vote. Read your ballot carefully. Make sure you are able to vote. Don’t let anyone tell you it doesn’t matter.

deathly beautiful. last i heard, 7 have died in this storm so far, one i went to high school with. where i live, the snow is above my head, plus even higher snowdrifts up to like 10 feet, probably higher. most of us are trapped in our homes. some without power & no emergency help available. roofs are caving in. cars are abandoned & completely buried on the roads. if you need to get somewhere you have to attempt to walk or snowmobile. necessities running out. nearly every store & road is closed. i am feeling cabin fever coming on. i need OUT.