[THIS COULD SAVE LIVES!] Help low-income transgender people in Erie County get access to proper medical care

Our goal is only $75 total. Please help us make this happen.

In Erie County, PA, there is only one endocrinologist willing to see trans patients, and this endocrinologist (who shall remain nameless) is notoriously unfriendly and incompetent.

Because of this, many transitioning people in Erie are forced to travel outside the city and sometimes the state to find a decent endocrinologist, and unfortunately, many in our community cannot afford to do so.

Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is considered medically-necessary care for transitioning people by both the American Medical Association (AMA) and the American Psychological Association (APA). When forced to go without it, transitioning people often suffer from intense gender dysphoria, severe depression, even suicidal ideation.

Many transitioning people, left with no other choice, turn to self-medicating with hormones purchased on the street or shady pharmaceutical websites based in China and India. Self-medicating is very dangerous and can lead to permanent liver damage, cardiovascular disease, blindness, and even death.

Shuttle to Pittsburgh

Transfamily of Erie is currently in the planning stages to arrange a free one-day shuttle for transitioning people in need to reach a trans-friendly endocrinologist in Pittsburgh.

Transfamily will not cover any medical cost, though we are searching for an endocrinologist that will accept Medicaid and other forms of insurance and will be willing to work with low-income patients on financing.

Our start-up cost would be only $75 total to pay for a rental car and gas to transport 4-6 people. Ideally, we would like to have the shuttle run once every three months, and would scale up our capacity as interest increases.

We already have been contacted by several people who have expressed need for this shuttle and hope to have it up and running by the end of the month.

Please help us. Every dollar counts.

New York pummelled with snow storms

A new blast of lake-effect snow roared through western New York with thunder and lightning on Thursday, raising to nearly 6 feet the three-day total in parts of the Buffalo area before pummeling already buried towns to the south with the threat of 1 to 3 feet more.

But even as it strained roofs and stalled daily life, the snow wasn’t the only worry. Forecasters warned a rapid weekend warmup and rain could turn all that snow into floods.

“It’s a force of nature, a massive force of nature,” Deputy Erie County Commissioner Richard Tobe said during a Thursday morning briefing, where he announced an eight storm-related death. “We’re prepared, but the storm is gigantic and persistent.”

Even for Buffalo, a place that typically shrugs at snow, this was a stunning snowfall — the kind of onslaught folks will be telling their grandchildren about. (AP)

(Photos by AP Photo/New York National Guard, Maj. Mark Frank, AP Photo/Mike Groll, AP Photo/Gary Wiepert, AP Photo/The Buffalo News, Derek Gee)

See more images from the storm and our other slideshows on Yahoo News.

deathly beautiful. last i heard, 7 have died in this storm so far, one i went to high school with. where i live, the snow is above my head, plus even higher snowdrifts up to like 10 feet, probably higher. most of us are trapped in our homes. some without power & no emergency help available. roofs are caving in. cars are abandoned & completely buried on the roads. if you need to get somewhere you have to attempt to walk or snowmobile. necessities running out. nearly every store & road is closed. i am feeling cabin fever coming on. i need OUT. 

The Gerrymandering Edition:


It stretches from 21st Drive in Astoria all the way past Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn and abuts the Belt Parkway. []

State Senator Michael Gianaris, the “main architect of Democratic campaign strategy,” is drawn into a district with fellow Democrat Jose Peralta. [Ken Lovett]

Gianaris compares Republicans’ redistricting efforts to those of former House Speaker Tom Delay, who wound up in jail. [Nick Reisman]


The oddly shaped district in Queens is 51 percent Asian. []

Call it “The Long Island Expwy Jigsaw Piece?” [Ilya Maritz]

Or an ink blot. [Brendan McHugh]


The home of City Councilman Lew Fidler, the Democrat running for the seat vacated by Carl Kruger, is now inside the district represented by Democratic leader John Sampson. []

“Disgustingly partisan,” is how Fidler describes the maps. [Colin Campbell]


Incumbent Democrat Eric Adams would have to move to avoid having a primary with fellow Democrat Velmanette Montgomery. [Liz Benjamin]

The district goes from Crown Heights through South Slope and into Sunset Park. []


The home of David Storobin, the Republican candidate running for the seat Carl Kruger vacated, is now in the district represented by Democrat Diane Savino. []


“So who lives on 5th Avenue between 69th Street and 70th Street?” [Josh Baro]


It includes portions of 225th Street and, amazingly, portions of West 26th Street and 9th Avenue. []


Incumbent Republican Greg Ball is moving south. [Joseph Spector]


It looks like “the evil Reaper spaceship.” [David King]

A “fascinating piece of map making.” Democratic incumbent Neil Breslin gets more Democratic voters. [Nick Reisman]


For a freshman Republican who flirted with switching parties, Republicans drew a one-county district “with far fewer African-Americans.” The district in connected “by the narrowest slivers of unpopulated land along Fuhrmann Boulevard.” Not crossing county lines means endorsement decisions are kept within the county, without involvement from the state parties. [Tom Precious]

Buffalo City Hall, Buffalo, New York
Photo by Wendy Darling

Here’s a front-on shot from Niagara Square.

More background from the City of Buffalo’s own web site:

It has been customary in the past to erect triumphal arches memorializing the victories of war, but the architect and builders of Buffalo City Hall have endeavored to portray the constructive rather than the destructive side of life. Their focus was to accomplish in stone, steel and glass what the ancient Greeks did in stone and timber.

The importance of this Art Deco masterpiece is immediately relevant upon viewing its command of the downtown Buffalo and the waterfront. When approaching City Hall from Niagara Street, one is impressed with an architectural style which is modern without being modernistic and which depicts the age in which it was built. Also, it generally balanced its modernism with a taste of the symbolism normally associated with classical architecture. The exterior and interior are adorned with symbolic figures and decorations, which in bold relief portray an industrial theme.

So I don’t know how much any of you know about what happened in NY recently but as a resident of NY, let me tell/show you.
Look at this map, Hillary won NY despite Bernie taking over most of the state.

SO here are some facts:
NY is a closed primary. You can only vote within your registered party. If you’re an independent, you’re out of luck. This really sucks because I know so many independents and republicans even who wanted to vote for Bernie. My hometown (Erie County/Buffalo), Hillary won by 300 votes. That’s just about .30%, that’s NOTHING. But because of the closed primary, that’s how it was.
But it doesn’t stop there.
The ballot was worded poorly. It said you can vote for 7 delegates, not UP TO 7 delegates. Bernie only has 5, so if you voted for 7, you unknowingly threw Hillary 2 votes.
The city of Brooklyn just went through some tremendous shady business. If you don’t vote within (I believe) 8 years towards a major election, you’re counted as an inactive voter. That counts for about 10,000 people in Brooklyn.
But somehow, over 50,000 democrats were turned away, because they had been mysteriously switched to registered independents.
Bernie grew up in Brooklyn, he went to state college there. Prospectively, had those people not been stripped of their actual registered party, Bernie would have won NY State by about 20%. NY is a HUGE state in the election, we are one of the largest democrat votes other than California.
As of now, I don’t believe there are any plans to review or overturn any of these things.
Do you want to know how many people I know who could have voted tell me “the primaries don’t matter”? Arguably they’re MORE important! Sure, NY will be a Dem vote either way. That’s why it’s important to choose WHICH Dem our state is voting for?
I haven’t seen a single thing on tumblr about any of this- so here it is: Go vote. Read your ballot carefully. Make sure you are able to vote. Don’t let anyone tell you it doesn’t matter.

Archaeologists dig up backyard of living museum at Hull House

Among several archaeological excavations undertaken this summer by the Archaeological Survey in the Department of Anthropology is the ongoing search for and excavation of outbuildings at Lancaster’s Hull Family Home and Farmstead, one of Western New York’s most significant historic sites that is anchored by the oldest substantial stone dwelling in Erie County.

As part of the effort by the Hull House Foundation to restore the farmstead to its original composition, archaeologists led by Ryan Austin, research analyst with the Archaeological Survey, are working to locate the remains of the property’s outbuildings, which are expected to include a threshing barn, well, animal pens, privy and possibly an outside oven and smoke house. A room that may have served as a root cellar recently was unearthed. Read more.