erie marathon


 Friday is the best day of the week to have a movies night with family. Charlie moved in. It was actually his idea to try it. They ended up on a Marathon. Eris was too tired so she went to the bed early, but they stayed watching movies ‘till the sun came up.

 Charlie: And now it’s the part Don Lotario appears. Man I love that scene.

Euphemia: He was such a good actor.

Diana: My great-grandmother Aimee was actually his friend. At least that’s what my granny used te tell me. He was a nice guy.

Charlie: Wow how did your family meet him?

Diana: I guess he wasn’t famous back when they met?

Euphemia: HEHE this movie is freaking awesome.

Blah. I couldn’t even run a straight mile. I was having a lot of trouble breathing. I’m gonna chalk that up to it being hot and humid….hopefully.

Instead of turning around and just going home, which I really wanted to do, I decided to do a fartlek sprint/jog/walk workout.

I actually really liked this warm weather. I think it was perfect for me: not too hot and not too cold.

And. It’s. Sprinkler. Season. LOVE!

I wanted to walk into this one sprinkler, so I started to cross the street, but then I noticed the owners were sitting out on the porch. I proceeded to walk around drunk-like, so they wouldn’t know I was trying to steal their water.

I’m so silly.

I should study for the GREs before work, but I don’t wanna!