erie girls

Boy Meets “___”

Here’s a quick thought about the latest Boku No Hero chapter. Who is this girl, Eri?

I think the better question is, what is she?

Let’s just take another look at her.

Her attire seems minimalistic - rags and wrapping. Like a patient in a hospital, but the frayed gown indicates a level of mistreatment. So my thoughts are such - she’s an experiment of some kind. Hell I’ll even go so far as to say she’s a Noumu.

Well, think of the chapter title. It ain’t “Boy meets girl”, like you’d expect. It’s literally “Boy meets    “

Boy meets Blank. Why the blank? No need for blank if Eri is a girl. Either Eri is actually a boy - or she’s neither - not male, female, or human. 

For now, I can’t say too much more about Eri - only that she looks suspiciously like a young Kemi, whose blood was used by Toga and who has gone missing. We also know Toga has Deku’s blood - Could Eri be some weird kind of amalgamation of the two as some experiment?

Well, regardless, I doubt Overhaul really made a mistake - while I think Eri is genuine in her thoughts and pleas for help, I also think she’s part of a plan - after all, four chapters ago Overhaul stressed the importance of a plan.

So, be on your guard, I guess. This “bumping into Deku” stuff all seems a bit too convenient to be what it looks like.