erie girls

Okay, but I really love how the newest BNHA chapter shows the different kind of heroes. (At least to me.)

On one hand, we have Mirio - a bit more experienced then Izuku. A lot of things he does are similar to what All Might would do or would have done - he smiles, he is bright and shining and strong. A bit off a dork, too. He aims high - while his hero name does not cover the “with all my might” or “saving all the people” it still says “I want to save millions of people”. That’s a great and wonderful goal.

And then, there’s Izuku. Izuku who is inexperienced, dorky, determined and still a bit insecure in himself and what to do in certain situations, but still he does it, ad most of the time it works out. He’s not a real hero yet. He is getting there,  but he isn’t there yet, and his reaction to meeting a villain and almost making the man suspicious makes this very clear. He still has a lot to learn.

Both of them are great kids and will be great heroes one day, I have no doubt about it. But there is one thing that perked my interest today.

The way they reacted to Eri, Overhaul, and the possibility of the girl being mistreated or in danger because of Overhaul.

Mirio and Izuku meet Eri at the same time. They both saw Overhaul at the same time. But to both this new (old) faces, the boys reacted very differently.

Izuku lost his cool for a second. He has always been very expressive, his face shows his emotions like a  neon sign, literally screaming Oh my god, we run into the villain we’re looking for!

Mirio, more experienced, more trained, keeps his cool. Puts Izuku’s hood up and starts small talk with the villain.

It shows the difference in their experience. Mirio is closer to being a professional than Izuku is for now.

But then, there is the reaction to Overhaul wanting to take Eri with him.

Izuku doesn’t want to let the girl go. Eri is clinging to him, shaking, scared, and Izuku instantly goes into being protective about her. He is scared himself, he really is, and he knows that he shouldn’t, but instead of keeping the facade up and letting Overhaul take his supposed “daughter” with him, Izuku confronts Overhaul straight out with the fact that there is something fishy going. He doesn’t care that he is endangering their and Nighteye’s mission, or putting himself into danger - all he thinks about is that he has to help, has to not look away.

Mirio would have let Eri go. Certainly with a bad feeling about it and with the thought that they could save her later, when they have more information, when Nighteye has completed his mission. But he literally thought to Izuku “Just look away. Pretend that nothing happened. Keep the facade up.” He wanted to keep the mission going, to play it safe.

It probably saves their lives, that Mirio keeps them from running after the villain. Overhaul certainly would have killed both Mirio and Izuku. But it really points out that for all their similarities, Mirio and Izuku are different at the core. While Mirio thinks rationally and professionally, Izuku - who is a thinker most of the times - just acts on his instincts, puts his fear away and puts all his power into saving and protecting.

It reminds me a bit of what we have seen from Nighteye and All Might and their dynamiques. While Nighteye wants to “make people smile”, even by force and tickling and making them laugh even if they don’t want to, All Might is all about “I will keep smiling for everyone”.

Nighteye and Mirio both symbolize the “take the best plan and route and make the world better” while Izuku and Toshinori are more like “sacrifice myself to protect other’s happiness”.

I’m not saying that one of the two parties is the better one. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Both are fighting for what’s right. But I’m impressed by how well Horikoshi is portraying that there are different things that can coexist, be right and good and well, without one being better or more normal than the other.

That even goes for heroes. There are different kind of heroes, and that doesn’t mean that one kind of hero is better than the other. They are just covering different aspects.