eridu society

2012 Planning

Back on the playa, we bounced around the idea of enlarging the camp, aiming for Esplanade placement, to support the building of a building a big piece of public art.  However, as time has gone by (it’s been nearly two months already) and we’ve had the experience we did at SF Decom, I think we’re re-considering that grand plan.  We’ll still enlarge the camp, but will refrain from the big public art and Esplanade placement to support the project.  It’s still a moving target, we’ll see how things go…

Visual representation of our placement location.  9:00 & Graduation means we could be anywhere in this vicinity.  Conveniently located within stumbling distance of Camp Arctica for ice (you don’t expect us to drink that warm, do you?), Opulent Temple and Rites Of Zion (builders of Bass Camp/Temple Of Boom) large scale sound camps, and hopefully a few cafes. :-)

Got Placement?

After what seemed like an eternity, we finally heard back from the Placement team, confirming that our application has been accepted and approved, and that our camp has been placed!  We’ll be located in the vicinity of 9:00 and Guardian (we won’t know the exact location until we get there, just look for our camp symbol when you get into the neighborhood).  Woohoo!