okay i just went ahead and stayed up to finish this nightmare. the initial sketch was done when i did those other erijade drawings, so his hair is still doing whatever crazy thing i was drawing it as that day

some extension of her grandfather’s tons of industries and labs found this super neat alien fish man, turns out he’s a prince or something but he’s a captive of science now

they get along due to a series of events, but really they don’t get along at all

i can’t really explain this au in one fell swoop, haha, but there’s more of it!

EDIT: butchered as all heck by tumblr, size-wise. here’s a bigger version


shippy scribbles that i did today while i was out and about, just took me forever to get around to putting some colors on it, since i accidentally started up a more ambitious picture than i’d intended on another sketch of these two

cuties! i… don’t really know what eridan’s hair is doing, haha, but he’s looking especially pretty today for some reason

and gill-touches, can’t forget those