I’ve noticed an influx of you people lately and i realized I haven’t done an intro post in a while.

My name is Lisha and you can call me that or windi or windicuffs or whatever you want i dont really care. Yes, I am fully aware that my url is a shipping name and no i dont really care. I am also canadian yes.

I reblog a lot of homestuck and dr who and i’m an all around multi-fandom blog.

Frequestly used tags:

#lishas lyfe – My text post tag

#at its finest – the best of lishas lyfe

#lishas school tag – anything school related

#lisha liveblogs ___ – whatever i’m watching or playing at that moment, i usually make a post announcing it

#ramblings of a teenaged psychopath – my drama tag, ususally full of readmores and angsty teenage issues, its a very depressing tag, i highly suggest blacklisting it.

#my cara con kawaii unicorn butts – my face tag, no one wants to see that

#lishas drug tag – I am a stoner so i get high a lot. when i get high or drunk i use this tag whenever i remember to

#your eyes are stunning – Every so often I go on an eye binge and reblog everything in the #eye tag and i tag them all with this so i’m not clogging up your dashboards

I try to keep all my tags in the page on my blog so if i’ve missed any, please look there.

I also try to tag any triggers (gore incest ect) and i to post gore from time to time, but I will always tag it. So if you have any that i may have missed or that are unusual triggers, please tell me so i can tag them for you!!

I’m super friendly and I love talking to people so please dont be shy!!!