HOLIDAYS and Follow Forever!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! For Christmas, I’m gonna do a Follow Forever. A very short one, as I don’t follow many people.

Follow Forever

1. bansheewhale I have to mention her because she’s my wonderful sister. She’s amazingly talented at art, she’s funny, witty, and has very strong opinions. I would be adrift without her and I’m kind of scared for when she heads off to college next year.

2. eridanschoicehalf They followed me around the theater, through my crazy exploits and ideas, and around the bend of my queerness. There has never been a time that I couldn’t trust their judgement, though occasionally I doubted their fashion advice. Here’s to you, eridanschoicehalf, for all the wackiness you put up with.

3. mystradedoodles I have been following this person since I started on tumblr. They are awesome and really cool and talented beyond all belief.

4. wheaties13  I love this person. I’ve met them in real life, spent two weeks hanging onto their very word, and I still can’t get enough of them. Funny, talented, amazing, and just as obsessed with Cillian Murphy as I am (if not more) wheaties is one of my favorite people alive.

5. floatingidentity Floatingidentity came to me when I was feeling sad. I was flipping through my little post counter and suddenly, it was like “Oh! Someone reblogged something I made with a comment! I hope it isn’t mean.” And it wasn’t! It was thoughtful, intelligent, and a point I had missed completely. I almost instantly hit the follow button.