eridans photoblogs

wwell at least ivve still got fish to keep me company

his name aint actually fish that is he wwasnt originally called that but it kind a stuck after i wwas callin him fish one day an pissin kar off about it


CA: kar hes obvviously a fish are you blind


CA: hes a fish

CA: hes a fuckin fish

CA: fiiiiiish


i wwon an evver since then hes been called fish

its the little vvictories that matter

yeah a course

pics relevvant cause its my favvorite scarf an kars probably wworn it more than i havve

he knit it for me wwith his owwn grubby hands durin hurricane sandy wwhen the powwer wwas out all across nj an i wwas still across the ocean in england an wwe wwasnt able to talk online or nothin so he made it his fuckin project for wwhiling awway the hours

then afterwwards wwhen wwe finally got to talk again an he told me he wwas done he said noww he wwas gonna wwear it all the time until i saww him again i dunno its sentimental nonsense but wwhatevver i liked that he done that for me like chargin it all up wwith his ridiculous wwarmth an nubbiness an suchwwhich

anywways i oughta answwer the more straightforwward question here wwhich is probably more like wwhat youre actually askin

yeah he wwears my stuff i got no problem wwith that like ill just randomly put one a my scarvves or my cape on him an hell scowwl at me an wwriggle like he wwants out but if i try takin it off a him hell grip onto it tight an glare at me evven more so i guess he likes it haha

hatchi bloggin

so i recently got this vvirtual pet thing on my iphone its like one a them old school tamagotchis anywway i named it kar in honor a wwell kar obvviously an last night it evvolvved an fuck look at this thing

wwtf evven is that its like a stubby sun or some shit look at all a them horn stumps its a vveritable ball a nubby right there

anywways that aint evven the best part

i been on skype fillin in kar on the glorious advventures a kar the iphone hatchi an i finally convvinced him on gettin one for his tablet too

an so he got it an he wwas all set for callin it eri after me so theyd match but wwhen it hatched it turned out bein a GIRL an kar wwas all “I CAN’T CALL IT ERI. IT’S A GIRL. YOU’RE NOT A GIRL. IT WOULD BE WEIRD.”

so i tell him he can abandon it an start ovver til he gets a boy but he gets this stupid wwibbly face like it wwould be murder or somethin so im all like fuck ok wwell just call it somethin else then if you cant call it eri

an so hes ponderin it for a wwhile thinkin about callin it serendipity after one a his shitty romcoms or judy dench cause shes a kickass actress but nothin sticks

until he suddenly lights up an announces hes got it hes gonna call it

wwait for it

wwill smith

yeah i got no fuckin clue neither

an there it is

i cant evven deal wwith you kar you couldnt call it eri cause its a girl but you got no problem callin it wwill fuckin smith

wwell im done an so thats it for this instalment a wwhat the fuck are wwe actually doin wwith our livves

ok so kar can draww an sculpt an all that good stuff but can he COOK ok yes he can hes actually pretty good at that too since hes so fuckin domestic BUT STILL look wwhat i made today

seriously fuckin feast your eyes on the flatbread pizza i concocted for lunch today im so proud a myself i pretty much invvented it from scratch

yes im gettin back to food bloggin if you remember my food bloggin from aeons ago CONGRATULATIONS youre fuckin old school an you deservve props for followwin me an kar for so long i hope its been wworth it i certainly dont envvy you

im kind a stressed out an bored

does anyone wwanna play the game in wwhich people throww miniature sharp tipped projectiles at a series a concentric circles wwith the intention a tryin to hit the centre wwith me

im pretty good at it havvin excellent aim an wwhatnot an i basically have THE BEST board for it dont evven try to deny

ps does anyone wwant to spot me some cash money for a neww camera cause the one on my iphone is a piece a shit an doesnt evven come close to representin my actual photographical artistic prowwess

i wwas wworkin my museum job today wwhich wwas really fuckin quiet due to terrible british wweather wwhich is just as wwell though cause im still horribly sick an shouldnt havve to be wworkin at all but wwhatevver im suckin it up an gettin on wwith it because im just awwesome like that

anywway one thing ivve got to HATIN about minglin wwith the commoners i gotta wwork wwith is sharin kitchenin utensils especially mugs for coffee an tea because thats just so fuckin uncivvilized SO i decided on solvvin that problem once an for all by purchasin a mug for myself wwhich they can touch ON PAIN OF FUCKIN DEATH or some wworser punishment if i think a one

just so you knoww i fuckin LOVVE THE BRITISH EMPIRE and evverythin surroundin it historically wwhich is awwesome since that the museum im employed in has so much vvictorian shit in it so its perfect for a dedicated historian such as myself to spend hours wworkin in

ok look ill be honest in that human history is actually more fascinatin than i wwas initially wwillin to givve it credit for

its not evven a patch on the infinite glory of alternian history a course but for a lesser species that clearly aint properly done wwith evvolvvin yet humans aint done too badly so i guess ill givve em credit wwhere its due

if youre wwonderin wwhy im bein so forgivvin a humanity today since i usually wwanna squish most a them on sight wwhen they get to touchin all the priceless artifacts wwith their grubby unwwashed pawws

ok fine


wwell there wwas a tiny female human wwiggler wwho couldnt a been older than a swweep runnin all around the gift shop today wwith a wwooden swword pretendin to be a pirate all RRR an ILL FIGHT YOU an her human guardians wwere browwsin the shop a wwhile an brought a paintin of a boat up to the til an said it wwas for her respiteblock wwhich is apparently nautically themed cause she fuckin lovves the sea and i just got to wwatchin her runnin all around bein a fuckin pirate princess an i decided right there that maybe theres hope for the human race after all

probably not since humans are generally PRETTY FUCKIN LAME but at any rate i think that human female grub is gonna turn out to be a fuckin kickass pirate queen someday

if youre interested heres the rest of my wwall right noww

me an kar decided that troll spock is my descendent bein that hes an awwesome scientist an all not that im really all that into scifi but wwhatevver

kar dreww grub eridan sparroww on my wwhiteboard so thats wwhat that is

i got my amazin god wweapon mounted up top there

skyrim maps cause a skyrim OBVVIOUSLY

an youvve already seen my epic stress relievvin dartboard

im thinkin a finishin up my respite block by stringin some marine nettin across the top an gettin some model ships to tie up the nautical theme

can you tell im fuckin bored

haha fuck YES look wwhat just came in the mail from kar

pokemon fuckin wwhite

i been wwaitin on this forevver an kars got black so wwe can trade an battle an shit

im too excited ovver a dumb pokemon game that aint evven the most recent one OH WWELL time to find my ds an become a pkmn master see you lamers later

store bought sushi aint nothin like as good as the expensivve stuff from the restaurant but i fuckin lovve that they put the soy sauce in a little fish shaped vvessel

thats like the best thing evver

im gonna start collectin them little soy sauce fishes i dont knoww wwhat ill do wwith em i guess they can just go in a box like all my other collections since that im not allowwed to havve just piles a stuff lyin around no more accordin to kar

fuckin killjoy

this is the vvieww from my hivve right noww the fog is so thick its pretty much obscurin evverythin its excellent i feel like im in a fuckin castle or somethin wwith the mists swwirlin all around

i havvent really talked much about wwhere i livve noww but i guess im pretty lucky in the place i got since i still get to be out in the middle a nowwhere an real close to the ocean too

its kinda isolated though i alwways seem to end up wwith livvin locations wwhich aint exactly easy to get to so good luck tryin a vvisit me

anywway its fivve thirty am so the fog wwill probably clear up once the sun rises proper but its bed time for me so goodnight an such