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I’m not saying you have to follow canon but let’s clear some things up:

To anyone who thinks highbloods being naturally stronger is just a headcanon a reminder that it is indeed a canon thing

Here’s Feferi dragging a goddamn whale. Let’s not forget Kanaya cut Eridan clean in half with a chainsaw which are pretty unwieldy as it is. Not to mention Eridan who rode on his seahorse lusus and fired a huge goddamn rifle mid-air with little to no trouble.

To Anyone that thinks the body temperatures based off caste is a headcanon

Here’s Mindfang literally saying it right here

Kanaya Maryam fans

(okay last one I swear @floralmarsupial)

Type One: She’s so strong! Remember when she cut eridan in half, punched vriska, and kicked gamzee in the balls? That was awesome! 

Type Two: Actually, kanaya is cooler as a tortured soul. She’s immortal and she has a massive hole in her gut, she’ll outlive everyone and the fact that she’s undead makes her just as much of a freak as karkat

Type Three: She’s Big, Gay, And Here To Stay. Kanaya loves her wife and is really well adjusted. If anyone else got gutshot and came back as a vampire, they’d angst, but kanaya is like “Oh Sweet I Can Finally Do My Kink IRL” she’s a goddamn inspiration

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More Eritav pls! (kissing)

You got it!! (long post ahead)

Eridan and Tavros Are NOT Friends: The Persuasive Power of Roleplay

They like to rip on Vriska and her character whenever the opportunity presents itself

I’m tired of that one post I made about not bashing gamzee as a character getting notes and people putting shit like GAMZEE IS A SWEET CINNAMONROLL in the tags b/c just?? no, he’s not. he did some TRULY fucked up shit. He killed half the meteor crew and seriously screwed with terezi’s head (which I refuse to forgive him for). The point of that post was that I am ALSO tired of people dismissing him entirely as a character and making him the butt of every joke.

Hussie just, he writes some really great “bad” characters okay. I fucking love the really shitty beta trolls. vriska gamzee and eridan are CONSTANTLY shat on by the fandom but they’re complex and great “villain” characters? They’re not all good and not all bad, there’s a LOT of grey area and reasons WHY they pull the shit they pull and that’s really really interesting to me. They’re INTERESTING as characters, and that’s why I love them. They’re not unproblematic cinnamonrolls, they’re not truly evil characters out to fuck everything up for the hell of it, they’re just screwed up kids and I’m tired of the fandom either defending every action or else vilifying them.


//here yah see a sol tryin a get along with an awkward eridan who dont know shit about what to talk about but stupidly tags along anyways

((. … dont know for some reason i like seeing sol act flustered and angry at the same time i just like it

31 days of homestuck || #21 humanized trolls

↳ bonus: pride shirts


i have no specific hc for their human appearance? but it was fun to play around with what came to mind. tho i cannot draw buff people i am sorry. ;A; also color coordination? what color coordination? 

i sure hope i got all the flags right

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hello!! if its not Too Much trouble, may i please request a demigirl/lesbian flag for eridan? ((im sorry if its any trouble, but the little happy sprite w him w the cotton candy would be!! so gr9 but if not i 100% understand lol!!) 💕💕💕💕💕💕

I did a good amount of editing with this one because Shrek was in front of half of Eridan, so I’d like credit for this one.

so here’s another

  • Me: I wish Caliborn wasn't so sexist cause that's really fucking lame
  • Me: *remembers that Jade is super badass and can manipulate the universe and that Kanaya chainsawed Eridan and Gamzee in half and that time Aranea literally made planets collide and that she's just so fuckin powerful and badass and when Terezi was fighting Gamzee and was badass and when Roxy KILLED THE FUCKIN CONDESCE and also just The Condesce in general and also just Vriska in general and the fact that alt Calliope is THE LITERAL EMBODIMENT OF THE UNIVERSE and Rose when she was grimdark and Aradia freezing Bec Noir in time and Peregrine Mendicant killing Bec Noir and Snowman being all intimidating constantly and Crocker Tier Jane being SCARY AS FUCK and besides Caliborn was so exaggeratedly sexist that it wasn't even taken seriously at all*
  • Me: k that makes up for it

What if Sollux was trapped somewhere, who knows where or why, but he just can’t seem to muster up the strength to get out of it and it’s been days and at this point he’s just ready to give up.

And then along comes Eridan who was sent out here to find him (everyone was looking for him, Eridan just so happened to be the one to succeed by mistake). Eridan half-hearted tries to get Sollux free, but there’s really no hope here, and no time to go get any of the others, Eridan sends them a message anyways.

Sollux is barely making any efforts, he’s tired, he’s done. So Eridan, in desperation, does the only thing he knows how to do well.

He pisses him off.

Flirting, sexual references, flaunting the hemospectrum, asking Sollux what he thinks of his new rings in great detail, who does Sollux think really wore it better, pretty much everything that he think of.

Sollux gets so fucking pissed, so fucking annoyed and absolutely done with Eridan who just won’t shut up. Power is flying from his finger tips and Eridan is watching out of the corner of his eyes as whatever it is starts to break so (while whincing in his head) he asks Sollux

“I’m goin’ ta tell Fef you flush kissed me befor’ you died.”

And that is it for Sollux, he is willing to die, but he is not willing to die with only Eridan there to tell the tale of his death. Something between a raw hatred and pitch hate overwhelms him and whatever it was that was holding him crumbles and he knocks Eridan right onto his fucking back and just kisses the hell out of him in a way that is no where near flushed, only an overwhleming pitch to just get him to shut up for three seconds.

Thusly, when Karkat enters the area, it’s only fit that that be the moment he walks in on. And takes more then one photos of. That he gets printed so Sollux can’t just delete them.