From afar their cries sound like skywhale song, lilting melodically on the breeze as their serpentine bodies twist and swoop and twirl in the distance. The way they dance in the sky, entwining one another as they glide effortlessly in lazy circles, you might almost think them playful.

If you didn’t know better.

You count them in your think pan. Five of them, still five. Still far away. They haven’t noticed you all the way back here, back pressed up against a stone pillar in the ruins of a cathedral crypt. One wall has crumbled away completely, exposing a sheer ledge of rock beneath and granting you a breathtaking view of your land, all intricate but decaying architecture scattered in every direction as if they’d sprouted from seeds carelessly thrown across the entire surface of this forsaken world. They may as well have sprung up like weeds; the illusion of age and purpose is just that; an illusion. In reality, these walls and pillars and arches serve only one purpose. To keep you alive and provide cover as you hunt down every last one of those stinking hope-forsaken angels and put them out of their misery.

You’ve been watching them for a while now. It feels like hours, but time has very little meaning down here. Five minutes can feel like an entire day. A day can flash by in mere moments. But you’re sure of one thing. Those same five angels have been carousing above the distant skyline ever since you first transportalised down here today, blissfully oblivious of their certain fate. You’re not sure why you haven’t moved from this spot yet. Staring at them won’t do anything, and you’re too far away to shoot them from here, regardless of your enviable marksmanship skills.

You’ll need to get closer.

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i’ve been super stressed about art lately!! so i did this. these are all my headcanons for the characters as far as ethnicity goes, if you want specifics, you can absolutely ask.