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Eridan, my pseudo-sibling is totally being abused by their stepfather! They're denying it, but last time the topic came up was after he called them on the bus and cussed them out, and then they said he was probably mad because he probably read their journal. They're not allowed any privacy, not with their phone or their room or anything! My therapist says it's not abuse, but it totally is and everyone in our friend group can tell. What do I do?

CA: check in on her evvery noww and again in case things get wworse

lol im the person who joins a kin group chat with people who i thought was my friend. 2 months later most of us are dating eachother and we dick around on the voice channel nearly everynoght but i get kicked because i apparently triggered someone. i get dumped and realized that my boyfriends didnt really care for my mental health or that fact that i was unhappy. im pretty sure they mock me lol

Anyways I might as well list off my headcanon races ya know, just for fun. Lemme know if I fuck up at all.

Aradia: Mixed, Spanish and Japanese.
Tavros: Spanish. (Aradia’s Cousin)
Sollux: Korean
Karkat: Black (Albino)
Nepeta: Mixed, Latinx and French.
Kanaya: Black.
Terezi: Latinx
Vriska: White.
Equius: Black.
Gamzee: Mixed ? (Still working on Gamzee’s headcanons tbh)
Eridan: White, Jewish.
Feferi: Black, Maybe white passing.

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unpopular opinion: the only people eridan had good chemistry with was pale chemistry with kanaya and karkat and all other eridan ships Suck

remember when kanaya canonically auspiticized between eridans upper and lower halves

oh vwoe is me, my life is a farce, and ivwe only come to realize such a thing vwhen some eridan decided to call me a peasant. howv vwill i evwer recovwer from that grand roast and assertion of place. im ruined for eternity. VWOE IS ME.

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why are we focusing on karkat being lillie being the most unlikely they had hala as eridan how is that even remotely realistic in what world i mean first off eridan is a twink so its just so far

its almost as if these fuckos havent even read homestuck