I ship JaneEridan in Red, Black, Ashen, Pale

Here is a Homestuck master post of every possible ship between the Beta trolls and the humans! Reblog your ships and bold the quarant they’re in. 


Art by: dojinski

JohnxDave DavexJade RosexAradia JanexKarkat TavrosxVriska

JohnxJade DavexRose RosexTavros JanexAradia TavrosxEquius

JohnxRose DavexDirk  RosexSollux JanexTavros TavrosxGamzee

JohnxDirk DavexJane RosexNepeta JanexSollux TavrosxEridan

JohnxJane DavexRoxy RosexKanaya JanexNepeta TavrosxFeferi

JohnxRoxy DavexKarkat RosexTerezi JanexKanaya SolluxxNepeta

JohnxJake DavexAradia RosexVriska JanexTerezi SolluxxKanaya

JohnxKarkat DavexTavros RosexEquius JanexVriska SolluxxTerezi

JohnxAradia DavexSollux RosexGamzee JanexEquius SolluxxVriska

JohnxTavros DavexNepeta RosexEridan JanexGamzee SolluxxEquius

JohnxSollux DavexKanaya RosexFeferi JanexEridan SolluxxGamzee

JohnxNepeta DavexTerezi RoxyxJade JanexFeferi SolluxxEridan

JohnxKanaya DavexVriska RoxyxJane KarkatxAradia SolluxxFeferi

JohnxTerezi DavexEquius RoxyxKarkat KarkatxTavros NepetaxKanaya

JohnxVriska DavexGamzee RoxyxAradia KarkatxSollux NepetaxTerezi

JohnxEquius DavexEridan RoxyxTavros KarkatxNepeta NepetaxVriska

JohnxGamzee DavexFeferi RoxyxSollux KarkatxKanaya  NepetaxEquius

JohnxEridan DirkxJade RoxyxNepeta KarkatxTerezi NepetaxGamzee

JohnxFeferi DirkxRose RoxyxKanaya KarkatxVriska NepetaxEridan

JakexDave DirkxJane RoxyxTerezi KarkatxEquius NepetaxFeferi

JakexJade DirkxRoxy RoxyxVriska KarkatxGamzee KanayaxTerezi

JakexRose DirkxKarkat RoxyxEquius KarkatxEridan KanayaxVriska

JakexDirk DirkxAradia RoxyxGamzee KarkatxFeferi KanayaxEquius

JakexJane DirkxTavros RoxyxEridan AradiaxTavros KanayaxGamzee

JakexRoxy DirkxSollux RoxyxFeferi AradiaxSollux KanayaxEridan

JakexKarkat DirkxNepeta JadexJane AradiaxNepeta KanayaxFeferi

JakexAradia DirkxKanaya JadexKarkat AradiaxKanaya TerezixVriska

JakexTavros DirkxTerezi JadexAradia AradiaxTerezi TerezixEquius

JakexSollux DirkxVriska JadexTavros AradiaxVriska TerezixGamzee

JakexNepeta DirkxEquius JadexSollux AradiaxEquius TerezixEridan

JakexKanaya DirkxGamzee JadexNepeta AradiaxGamzee TerezixFeferi

JakexTerezi DirkxEridan JadexKanaya AradiaxEridan VriskaxEquius

JakexVriska DirkxFeferi JadexTerezi AradiaxFeferi VriskaxEridan

JakexEquius RosexJade JadexVriska TavrosxSollux VriskaxGamzee

JakexGamzeeRosexRoxy JadexEquius TavrosxNepeta VriskaxFeferi

JakexEridan RosexJane JadexEridan TavrosxKanaya EquiusxGamzee

JakexFeferi RosexKarkat JadexFeferi TavrosxTerezi EquiusxEridan

EquiusxFeferi GamzeexEridan GamzeexFeferi EridanxFeferi


koalanurples  asked:

//throws rarepair into ur box ERIJANE

BET U THOUGHT I WASNT GONNA DO THIS AFTER ALL but thatd be like pretending im not super super desperate not to finish that cute ygo pixel thing ive been doing hhh, PROCRASTINATION YEAAAAHHH!!!!

what was their first kiss like: Short, swift, and chaste as hell. Eridan was keeping a safe distance, so at one point Janey just went in for the kill, but she’s not exactly risque herself. Alas. Such tension, such potential, wasted under forced, begrudging respect and general tender prudishness,
where were they their first time having sex: They were covered in brine and had just finished picking seaweed out of their hair (mostly) in the halls of Eridan’s hive, and things got steamy, and then things got inTENSE and then there were hands in places and it just kind of ended up happening.
who’s louder: Errrm, idk. Hhh hh, Jane I think, but Eridan does give her a run for her money when she’s taking command b/c let’s be real, that’s p frickin’ hot in a matesprite. Also idk, they might be neck n’ neck if growling and purring counts, hhhngh.
who wakes up first: Eridan, without fail. Earth or Alternia, he’s up before the equivalent of the crack of dawn, eats his breakfast and his hard at work long before the spoiled heiress even begins dreaming of her elaborate breakfasts, wHOOPS MY ERI IS A BADASS.
who performs/receives oral more often: Eridan performs more, and I am sticking to this regardless of man-dongs or tenta-shenans b/c he’d be super into that and once he convinced Jane that the shark jaws weren’t an issue, WELL„„„ yes. Excellent. Jane, on the other hand, has v strong feelings about taste AND smell and anything that moves on its own is kind of creepy?? like??????
who tries new things more often: All of Eridan is “new things” for Jane, haha, so as far as she feels that would definitely be HER. But really it is gonna be Eridan. Esp if they try some scary sort of MONOGAMOUS human shenans, eugh. That is some weird-ass kinky shit, Jane. I think he’d get roped into stuff that pushes the envelope (in his culture or hers) much more often than Jane would, so that makes Jane the (technical) kinkster as well as the prankster, and Eri-bby just along for the ride.
if they had to choose a third+ person to include who would they include: AHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHA notJake. Um. Um. UMMMMMM. Hmm this is gonna take some serious thought, uhhh, roXY??? ROXY??? Yeah idk, but she seems like a fairly safe bet. That’s a little out of Jane’s sexuality though maybe, so perhaps, uhhh, Uhh. John. Yes, that is my final answer. Ok. OKAY!!!!