Since you said that this is kinda like Hetalia, and the population of the country affected their size, I made a baby EriJade~ Because it’s a rare-pair and there aren’t many people under it. (My bittersweet OTP v.v)

Your name is EriJAde, you don’t know why there aren’t many people that believe in you. You know that if people only gave you a chance you’d grow up to be a powerful ship that could take care of all those in your wake. You still have a ways to go before you’ll be noticed though, because though your fanbase is impeccably loyal, they don’t offer any fanfics or art regularly enough for you to be able to get stronger.

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I love your writing so here you go EriJade (if that's okay with you?) lion cargopants and keychain

(that’s wonderful with me! <3)

A Humanstuck AU where Eridan is fired, yet again. This has happened to him quite a lot, lately. He walks back to his car, slowly gets in, and stares at the steering wheel, feeling tears well up. His keys dangle limply from the wheel. Just then, one of them catches his eye. He’s had it so long, he’s forgotten about it completely.

It was a plastic reconstruction of a lion’s tooth, with the words, “The Great Harley Circus, The Wonders of Pacific Island!“ and an address. Feeling he was out of options and out of luck, not to mention that he was feeling rather like a joke or a circus animal himself, he decided to seek out Harley’s freak show.

He drove all night until he came to the stadium, where he slept in the parking lot until morning. He was awoken with a tap on the glass. A figure was blotting out the dawning sunlight. A female figure.

He scrambled to a seating position, feeling a mixture of shame and indigence at being awoken in public. He rolled down the window only slightly, while keeping the door locked.

The woman bent suddenly, her face inches from his. The shock hit his system in a way that made him want to slam the window on her round little nose, until he saw who he was addressing.

She was not a tall woman, but what she lacked in height she made up for in strength and wild beauty. Her hair was wavy and thick, her skin was dark and exotic, her eyes were large and green, too bright for such a dark lady.

She chided him for sleeping in the parking lot, which clearly stated “NO LOITERING”. He snapped back that he wasn’t loitering, that he was here on business, not that it was any of hers, and showed her the keychain. Her eyebrows raided behind her unusually round glasses. She chided him again. Like hell it wasn’t her business. She was the owner.

He faltered and stuttered as she folded her arms. Oh well, yes, naturally he hadn’t expected such a YOUNG and LOVELY circus owner. He unlocked the door, she wrenched it open.

He got off the seat, feeling more than a little intimidated, as he followed his new boss. She was comfy wearing cargo pants over a sequined costume; apparently she was one of the performers. He asked her about her duties. She smiled excitedly and didn’t answer him, but knocked her hand against one of the painted wooden boxcars. The beast inside stirred and growled. His job, she informed him, would be cleaning Becquerel’s boxcar.

He had had to learn to use food and whistles to convince the beast to do anything at all. Eridan and the animal slowly developed mutual hatred, need, and respect for one another, but that didnt totally end the antagonism. The situation with Jade progressed similarly, though Eridan secretly admired her. Her feelings for him seemed unclear to him. How very much like a lion.

Finally, it was performance time, three weeks later. Jade greeted Eridan with a wink, looking pretty in her sequined costume. The show went off without a hitch, and Eridan now understood that Bec and Jade were performance partners. All went spectacularly, until one of the drunken audience members from the sidelines tossed a bottle that hit Becquerel.

Blood and alcohol ran across it’s back. Bec roared with discomfort. Eridan panicked, seized a gun, and slid in front of jade, the rifle pointed at Bec. But he couldnt pull the trigger. He just couldnt.

He reached for the whistle around his neck, and blew. Familiarity returned to Bec’s eyes. It turned slowly, exhausted, to growl halfheartedly in the general direction of the offendor, before turning back to Eridan and Jade, expectantly, waiting to have it’s wound cared for.

Jade laughed with relief and Eridan scratched his head, timidly, as he became aware of the many people watching and now cheering. Jade spun him around and kissed him, much to the cheers, laughter, and whistles of the audience.

Jade and Eridan would grow very dependant on one another in the years to come.

AUTHOR: vesuviusPrivateer

CAST: Eridan♦Jade; Jade/Karkat




SUMMARY: She’ll scold you for thinking that your actions were the deciding factor, but perhaps the timeline was doomed from that first pale overture.

EXCERPT: GG: ugh why do you even care

You think about that for a moment. Really, what you are doing is incredibly stupid. By continually pushing her to not only not fucking die but also snap out of her depression, you are ensuring that she will grow up to be the huge fuck up Karkat said she was—and you are beginning to see how she could be such an enormous thoughtless klutz as to wreck both sessions, too.

Seeing her lying in that puddle of blood waiting to die had pulled at something in you. You wanted to yell at her until she got the fuck up and back to the world of the living. You wanted to scrub the blood off of her face and chide her for being such a useless piece of shit. You felt like if you couldn’t somehow scold her back to health, you would be failing something, somehow.

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