Screams comic idea

So that the goddess of death(handmaid)and the god of the ocean(dualscar) struck a deal with each other to marry their heir and heiress off to each other as a sort of alliance or whatever. Well, n o b o d y told Eridan, so he’s just randomly brought to the underworld when he’s like, eighteen and has to marry this little weirdo with a tiara made of bones and shes cute but like, mermaids, man. They’re more his type. So they’re both really awkward with this whole relationship and aradia tries to make the most of it, but its just, so awkward. So after a year or two they finally warm up to each other and actually start doing things with each other, like judging spirits for their crimes and all that death god jazz. But then eridan gets homesick and mopey but aradia is gonna burn and die on the beach because sunlight is a big nono for little death goddesses(when they have to go out in public they have parasols to hide under. They also leave trails of dead flowers and plants) so he wont just leave her?? But then she notices he’s really getting distant and he cant leave because he’s sort of stuck there(lets say matriarcal society awww yiss) so she decides if he cant go visit the ocean she’ll bring it to HIM so she tries to emulate the ocean as best she can so she gets ghost help grinding old unwanted bones to sand and she tries so hard to make water but it doesnt turn out good and one of the souls willingly tries to turn into a starfish but. Its just. Bad. Kind of horrifying if it werent normal down in the underworld. But then, eri notices and she feels bad cuz she couldnt emulate an ocean but then they were like, he’s the controller of souls lost to the ocean HE could try to make an ocean!! But again it fails miserably and they’re both like, so annoyed because it should be EASY to make, right???? So then they compromise with their parents anf he’s allowed to go to the ocean and collect stuff to keep him from getting homesick and you know when he’s home because of weird oceanic anomalies that happen from time to time so the underworld has a sort of welcoming look, despite. It being the underworld and the princess looks like a long distant addams family member. Should I add more???

Troll Quadrants: The Musical


(^parodies Call Me Maybe)


(^parodies Blank Space)


(^parodies You Belong With Me)


(^parodies He’s My Best Friend)

Congrats, now you know all about the quadrants.