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Homestuck Character Nicknames According to the Fandom:

John “Not a Homosexual” Egbert

Dave “Huge Adorable Dork” Strider

Rose “In the Lesbians” Lalonde

Jade “Punished for Existing” Harley

Jane “Nobody Gives a Shit About Jane” Crocker

Roxy “lol I have no personality other than being an alcoholic” Lalonde

Jake “Lacking But Packing” English

Dirk “Yaoi Sex God Seme” Strider

Terezi “Blind BAMF” Pyrope

Vriska “Badass Bitch, Emphasis on the Bitch” Serket

Nepeta “Cute Innocent Child Who Loves Cats and Ships Everything” Leijon

Eridan “Whiny Selfish Asshole Hipster Prick” Ampora

Tavros “KAWAII BABY” Nitram

Kanaya “Gigantic Raging Beautiful Lesbian BAMF In Lesbians With Rose” Maryam

Gamzee “Misunderstood Baby, Druggie and/or Murderous Psychopath” Makara

Wayward “The Pet Mayor” Vagabond

Karkat “Karkles” aka “Karkitty” aka “Karkitten” aka “Karkalicious” aka “Karkahontas” aka “Kittykat” aka “Car cat” aka “Beep Beep Meow” aka “Tsunderekat” aka “Fucking Dave/John”


Catstuck. Because this is the most important AU I’ve ever done. Click the pictures for breeds.

Bonus: The most important size comparison.

Equius would be one of those purebred Maine Coons that reaches the size of a medium dog. Munchkin Nepeta could ride around on his back to her heart’s content.

A funny thought that always occurred to me was that, considering Eridan’s relationship with Vriska and Feferi, he probably found it a totally normal display of affection to bring people dead things. He would drag some bleeding corpse of to your doorstep looking so proud of himself and be like “Happy VValentine’s Day it’s still wwarm.”

CA: hey i got you this its fresh


CA: wwhat

He’s like a fucking cat.


2013 in cosplay…

Kisbe got me to cosplay Homestuck this year, which ended up in cosplaying Eridan like 20 times, and a few other things on the side.

I would have loved to cosplay more, but I hold a 8-5 job and do commissions on the side, so I don’t always get to making my own costumes; next year I will hopefully accomplish more.

I made a ton of new friends (my heart grew like 5 sizes probs) and am probably a bit less of an asshole now. Bless you guys.

I hope 2014 treats you all well and IT"S GOING TO BE YEAR OF THE HORSE AND GUESS HOW OLD I’M GONNA TURN WOW (Hint: it’s not 12 of 36)

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The fact that I, Eridan Ampora, am so similar in this life to Sollux (down to my sign being Gemini for crying out lout) is so goddamn hilarious it's almost like the guy cursed me himself the moment I came into being in this life. Good one Sol. Good one. I almost hope there's a Sollux who's sign is Aquarius and is eerily similar to Eridan for the sheer funny coincidences.

Humanstuck where Dirk, Jake, and Eridan are boyfriends who share an apartment and one day Jake brings home a white stray cat and names it Angel and Eridan has a job at an aquarium so he smells like fish and Angel is always attacking him and biting his fingers. It’s driving him nuts and Dirk is thinking about fencing off an area for the cat or giving her to Roxy but Eridan is like “no, I will surrender no territory and Jake fucking loves her and I will tame this cat.” And he eventually starts bringing fish bits home from work so the cat associates him with getting fish and not say, a giant fish and it works out great.