eridan meme

[S] Game Over is an allegory for the 2016 Presidential Election.

Think about it - Gamzee (conservative America) spends years quietly chiseling away at and disenfranchising Terezi (the moral US electorate) to prepare to bring back a megalomaniac who’s long laid dormant, Aranea (Donald Trump), who then abandons Gamzee to use her charisma and obscene amount of power in a determined effort to Make The Alpha Timeline Great Again - at the expense of Karkat (racial minorities), Kanaya (the LGBT community), Jade (environmentalism), Rose (feminism and Nasty Women), Dave (depressed millennials), and even Jake (Bernie Sanders), who tries but ultimately fails to protect Jane (Hillary Clinton) despite her sudden corruption (email scandal).

The alpha trolls (the Republican Party) and the readers (the American people) never thought it would come to this, but the signs have been there all along. Even when Meenah (Mike Pence) and (Vriska) ((Vriska)) try to nudge her back toward the party line, she isn’t interested in reasonable negotiations.

The light at the end of the tunnel is that the Condesce (the office of the presidency itself) puts a stranglehold on Aranea before she can follow through on her campaign promises, and then she dies in a fire.