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what're you're headcanons for what human versions of the beta trolls would look like? like hair color race and all that?

Aradia: Japanese, hella chubby, tall, black hair, buns to mimic her horns.

Tavros: Dominican and muscular (more so at the top of his body), very dark brown hair.

Sollux: Tall and lanky half Korean (Haha half get it), black hair with died red and blue bangs, some piercings.

Karkat: Short, a little chub, black/lightskinned, dark brown hair, baggy eyes.

Nepeta: Really small, blonde, French.

Kanaya: Very dark skinned, tall and thin, black hair.

Terezi: Redhead with freckles, about average height w chub, slightly red eyes where it should be white.

Vriska: Taller but not very tall, hispanic with dyed blonde and blue hair.

Equius: Big and strong, darkskinned, black hair in dreads

Gamzee: Very tall, mexican, dark brown hair, still wears his makeup.

Eridan: Irish, strawberry blonde hair, on the shorter side.

Feferi: Really short and very chubby, brownskinned, curly bleached (but not all the way blacked) hair.

Hm, wwhat are humans using these days?
Oh! Wwait a second, yes, this is going to be perfect!

Yes, looks good.
A little .. revvealing and maybe I’m showwing too much skin…
but wwho cares? I look good.

Only one thing missing…

Hello evveryone
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