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Hey there! I’m redoing my commission sheet so that its more organized.

Busts, or ¼ bodies:

Full bodies:

Extra characters are 3 dollars each.

If you like, i can also do lineless or vector styled art, for no additional cost!

Things I won’t draw: 

  • Fetishes
  • Abuse
  • Furries (Just not good at it)
  • Animals for the most part

Things I WILL draw:

  • Homestuck
  • Transformers
  • Pokemon
  • Other Fandoms that aren’t included in things I won’t draw
  • NSFW (With Limits)
  • Gore
  • Vector

Thanks much for reading, and I hope to work for you soon! If not, reblogging is always appreciated!

Message me at or here!

canon call

yo this is fucking karkat vantas here. looking for aradia, sollux, equius, gamzee, roxy, lil hal, and any ancestors, dancestors, sprites and such.

i ID as karkat, i’m also primary kin with rose lalonde and dirk strider, and i’m secondary kin with latula pyrope/neophyte redglare. i’ve found a bunch of other people but we all still really miss everyone else.

so uh, hey. please message me if you’re anyone we’re looking for, and we can talk memories??

Almani Ampora


QUADRANTS (available on desktop)

Fandom: Homestuck 

AU: Dependent Beta Troll Descendant Ask and RP Blog

( userbox credit: @carrion-carousel ) 

Classpect: Witch of Hope

Moon: Derse 

Age: 6-12 Alternian solar sweeps / 12-25 Earth years [ VERSE DEPENDENT ]

Screen Name: creaticAutoschedian

Typing Quirk: Doubles ‘v’, replaces ‘w’ with ‘vv’, no ‘g’ in verbs ending in ‘-ing’, replaces ‘of’ with ‘a’, ‘for’ with ‘fer’, ‘you’ with ‘ye’, ‘th’ with ‘d’, ‘my’ with ‘me’ and ‘5′ with ‘v’. All caps when EMPHASISING a word, no punctuation except for ‘!’, no capitalization.

Speech Quirk: The ‘w’ mixes lightly with ‘v’ and ‘v’ turns into ‘w’. No ‘g’ in ‘-ing’ words, for = fer, you = ye, th = d, of = a.

Queer Quirk: Drops quirk when speaking slowly and with emphasis when either calm or if a slow character needs to understand him. Quirks are off the roof when hysterical, replacing ‘B’ with ‘8′, ‘E’ with ‘3′, ‘A’ with ‘4′, ‘T’ with ‘7′, ‘I’ with ‘1′, ‘S’ with ‘Z’, and ‘O’ with ‘0′.

Strife Specibi

  • Scalpelkind
  • Riflekind
  • Threadkind
  • Harpoonkind


Planet: Land of Purity and Euphoria

Denizen: Abraxas

Likes: Fashion, troll blood paintings, music, slam poetry.

Hates: Kismessitude, insults to his ancestor and quadrants, secondhand embarassment.