eridan cronus

AU where all of Homestuck is some sort of tv or movie series where all the trolls and humans are actually trolls and humans, but they’re all just actors dealing with the bullshit lines they have to do..

Karkat yelling himself hoarse for all of his lines and constantly needing to take lozenges and water and stuff because he keeps straining his voice in character.

Mituna just getting frustrated over all his lines being so nonsensical so he just bullshit ad-libs more than half of it into gibberish nonsense, yet it still makes the cut.

Supreme pun characters like Nepeta, Horuss, Feferi, and Meenah collaborating because they’re just told to read the scripts and force in as many puns as they can think of.

Eridan and Cronus constantly struggling with their wwavvy vwawvy accents being kept in place while they’re talking. (ws and vs are hard. it’s hard and no one understands)

Dave having to stop constantly because he keeps losing his stoic face and voice from so many of the lines he has to say. Same with Jake who constantly mocks his own character when not on set.

Gamzee tripping over his own lines because he’s getting the way his words are pronounced screwy because he talks so weird.

Damara actually speaking Japanese and she sometimes just speaks Japanese off-set to screw with people and they aren’t sure if she’s flirting or just messing with them in character.

Fucking Kankri having to memorize entire monologues of text when he speaks and having to stop because he’s just so done with so much of what he has to say. Plus deals with the same voice exhaustion problems Karkat does.


Phx comicon Saturday Homestuck meet up 1/3 set of photos Check out the other ones if you like this one :)

me, being introduced to a new character: who tf is this asshat can we go back to the main story i probably won’t be too invested in this guy anyway

present me, showering said character with (usually undeserved) adoration, hunting down content, crying over their pain: oh honey


I’ve had these saved in my files for weeks

i’d add another one/and or add the links to the base originals, but I’d just beat an annoying ass level in a game and I’m mentally drained and would rather lay down for 72 hours.

So I tried my hand at Amporas in pretty dresses as well! 50’s sailor pinup look for Cronus, military lolita style for Eridan!
Also, bonus:

I think Eridan would really want the outfit to be as historically accurate as possible even if it doesn’t translate too well to that style, but Kanaya knows what she’s doing, even if she’s gotta take some liberties. Also, I think Fef would come up with the idea for that style for him (idk, I can see Fef dig Lolita fashion).

Cronus strikes me as the kind of person who tends to sit with their legs far apart, but Porrim thinks it’s a bad look, especially when wearing a dress.  


got this done at last i'msrghs just take i t

here’s some headcanonss

all mers are more or less magic and can have special abilities of different kinds, also if they really want to go on land and live as humans for whatever reason they can learn to morph their tails into legs for a short while, but if they spend too much time as humans that’s not reversible anymore uvu

there are some humanoid fish people living in the sea, they’re a bit smaller than mers and Vriska likes to hunt them at times because she’s a lil shit

and then they have some sort of attack/defense mode (or also if they go into really deep sea) where they are a bit more monster-like and the markings on their bodies become glowy 8’)

the last pic is Sollux btw and the first one is Terezi and Karkat

(everyone not in the set is more mers or humans, I didn’t have anymore space nor patience)

also what if Gamzee