eridan ask blog


WWOWW howw long has it been? I think I’vve been awway for around fivve months! I’m sincerely sorry for that, a guy gets busy, y’knoww? But I’d like to get back into answering your questions after my lengthy unannounced hiatus!

I’ll be clearin out my inbox and doing some spring cleaning around here, but hit me up! It’s been too long!

Noww to try and find out wwho’s still activve around here…

WWell here I am. Here to grace all ‘a you wwith my presence. I figured my future subjects needed to get to knoww their future emperor.

Though I’ll be wwarnin’ you, I’m in no wway obligated to STAY here, so if any ‘a you try anythin’, I’ll havve no trouble leavvin’.

On that note, though, I’m openin’ the questions up. Feel free to ask awway. Just- be careful wwhat you say.