eridan appreciation post

Eridan appreciation post

Bc i love him and no one else does 

  • his lil finny fins. so cute
  • the way he said “powwoww” 
  • his cool cape heckers yes 
  • his theme song i mean have u heard it ITS SO COOL JUST LIKE HIM
  • his magic wand 
  • his lil cute sharp fishy teeth 
  • that cool angry face he makes 
  • when he says “wwhatvver” 
  • how BAD at getting the ladies he is (and the men too) 
  • that one time where he and cronus were literally flirting with each other, amazing, A+
  • how CUTE his talksprite is i mean come on !
  • when he do the blushy blush 
  • honestly how cool he is hes so cool
  • the fact he lives up to his sign despite popular belief (aquarius means air ya dweebs so he doesnt even need to be in the water)
  • his pANTS 
  • that lil purple part in his hair 
  • did i mention that cute angry face bc i luv that cute angry face he does

in conclusion eridan is a cute cinnamon roll dont let anyone else tell you otherwise