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One of my parental units has died today.. can I just get happy art of lovely eridan? I cope with art... I yes I haven't cried again yet... Please and thank you. If you don't get to this, it's fine I understand. Thanks though..

We hope this happy Eridan will help you feel a bit better! We are so sorry for your loss and we wish you all the best!! Let us know if you need anymore art, we’ll be happy to make more for you. 

-All Mods (art by Mod Zek)

“ Send me a ❣ and I’ll write you a drabble based on a randomly generated line of dialogue!” I’ll admit that this one made me think about one of my aus. Post-game, settling down on a world with all eight humans and twenty four trolls. Contains pale erisol, Eridanphobia, and unforgiving Karkat. 

 “This isn’t just about you, it’s about all of us.”

“This isn’t just about you, it’s about all of us.” Karkat snapped. Eridan stayed leaning against the banister of stairway. His glasses were askew and he probably had blood on his clothes from when Kanaya had punched him. Resisting arrest, was what Dave said. It was a load of bull. He’d been surprised and attempting to stay with his moirails, who was hard at work in the helm. Stupid. It was completely about him. About how no one wanted to deal with him and they were all scared of him. Stupid, stupid.

 “We can’t have Sollux drop whatever he’s doing to calm your salty butt every time your pan goes grass wire. So you stay up here. Don’t leave the hive. Got it?” Karkat said. Eridan shrugged. “I asked you a question!”

 “Yeah, Kar, whatever. Stay up here or you’ll have Kan punch me again.” Eridan said. He waved his hand a little. Karkat hissed. “Just go already.”

 “Eridan this is really serious!” Karkat said. Eridan shrugged a little. “Don’t blow me off like this. You could have it worse.”

 “Yeah, I could have it like Vriska.” Eridan said. Karkat set his jaw.

 “You could have it like Gamzee.” Karkat countered. “Would you prefer that?”

 “Maybe I wouldn’t have you talkin’ my ear off, if I was like Gamzee.” Eridan said. Karkat snorted and backed towards the door, not taking his eyes off of Eridan. Karkat feared Eridan. It might’ve made Eridan happy, earlier in his life, to be so feared. Now it was just something to be expected, like taking another breath and swallowing. “Go on, leave.”

 “Don’t expect Sollux to be visiting any time soon.” Karkat said. Eridan stiffened.

 “…You didn’t tell him you were doing this.” Eridan said. He lifted his head and an eyebrow and stared at Karkat. “What are you going to tell him?”

 “That’s none of your business. Just stay up here.” Karkat opened the door and stepped out of the hive. Eridan curled up his lip in a snarl, and Karkat slammed the door shut. Eridan slammed his hands down on the banister and shouted.

 It took ten minutes of walking up and down the stairs to calm Eridan down enough to go up to his room and slip into the sopor. The sopor calmed him enough to doze for several hours. A process that was interrupted by a warm body slipping in next to him and curling up close.

 “Sol.” Eridan wrapped his arms around the stick thin body and Sollux snickered, resting his head on Eridan’s chest.

 “You’re a hard man to find, Mister Ampora.” Sollux whispered against Eridan’s skin. Eridan smiled, and squeezed.

 “…I’m not leaving here, am I?” Eridan asked. Sollux was quiet for a moment.

 “I’m going to take care of it, all right?” Sollux snapped. He took a deep breath.   “I’ve got it under control.”

 “Who did you bribe to get here?”

 “Please, Eridan, I just-“

 “Afraid I’ll get mad?”



 Sollux sat up and slapped Eridan. Eridan yelped and his fins flared out. Anger lit up his veins and he went for Sollux’s neck.  Blue and red caught his wrists and gently held down his chest.

 “I’ve had the worst you can give, Ampora. I’m not scared of you. So shut the hell up.” Sollux hissed. He brushed his fingers over Eridan’s cheek and gently ran his psionics over the bruise he’d left behind. “I’m going to make sure that those who are scared of you don’t do something dumb because of it. I’ll probably fail because I always do. No. Stay quiet. I’m the one doing the comforting right now. I’m the Mage of Doom. I’m going to make sure you’re not Doomed, got it?”

 “…You know, the Prince of Hope lost all of his.”

 “No. He just messed up and threw it out the block hole.”


 Sollux snickered. He let go of his psionics and slumphed against Eridan’s chest.

 “Good light.” He said. Eridan sighed and closed his eyes.

 “Good light.”