Oh hey it’s another shirt design

I actually submitted this a couple weeks ago but I took off on vacation last week and forgot about it.  

I called this my “shameless self-indulgent” design with a file name of “tshirtselfindulgent”

I wanted to call it “Life Cycle of the Matriorb” on we love fine, but that title was too long.  

Roxy’s not in god tier despite her being in god tier with the orb was recreated because I felt this outfit from time past suited her better for what I was trying to go for.  (well, that and the original sketch I did of this is probably a year old.  All I did was dust it off and rearrange everything to be more shirt pleasing)

fandomsandrage asked:

What actually even happened in Terezi: Remember

Take from the wiki:

  • Terezi uses her Seer of Mind powers to see the fates of several dead characters, starting with (Vriska), whom the Flash follows closely.
  • (Vriska) walks along a vast dotted line (the panel having bent into the shape of one of these dashes as she walked), similar to the paths she drew herself on the Furthest Ring maps. While she’s walking, she remembers her childhood with Terezi, especially FLARPing.
  • Pre-Retcon Terezi rises out of her chalk outline, realizing she’s a ghost now. Other GAME OVER ghosts, specifically Dave, Jade, Jake, and Jane, have the same revelation.
  • Terezi is now walking along the same dotted line.
  • Eridan “wakes up” after his death, meeting alive Aradia, half-dead Sollux, and ghost Feferi. Equius awakens as well, reuniting with Nepeta.
  • Scenes of several other past character deaths are shown, as the Furthest Ring is torn apart with more and more cracks.
  • Terezi and (Vriska)’s paths meet in the middle, and the two of them hold hands and then embrace as they stare up happily at the cracks in the Ring.

anonymous asked:

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