[T-13 Days] Here's Eric Pham!!

[T-13 Days] Here’s Eric Pham!!

Eric Pham’s love for dance started when he was persuaded to join a dance class in high school. He tried many styles of dance before discovering his love for hip-hop. Dance changed him into a more confident and extroverted person and continues to motivate him to be that way.

He joined dance teams at UC San Diego, called KunFUSION, and at his current school, Touro University. Despite being very busy, he is able to successfully balance both school and his passion and finds ways to incorporate dance into his everyday life. [read more->]

Check out his contribution to the choreo for kF Alumni Project 2013: [x]

Additional info: Facebook | FUSION XIV Event Page | Twitter | Online Ticket Sales

Ride or die BFF #ericpham ! Saw @yawe_some & @nikimsavo today job hunting/applying. EDC Tokidoki & LoL ADC lanyard. ♥ (=w=) is our emote!

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