Omgeeee Enchong Dee is coming to Edmonton, yay! I’m excited to see/meet him.
Now I know all you people who read my posts will either be like “Who?” or “You’re so Filipino.”

I want to meet everyone whom I think is interesting and that I admire, thanks. Not just because he’s a good looking Filipino celebrity. It’s also what he’s done in his life. We’re the same age and he’s already finished his degree in political sciences. And now he’s doing what he likes/is good at. Determination, perseverance, I see that in him. I see that in a lot of Filipino celebrities my age. I wish to have that strength and work ethic.
It’s just cool. To each his own. Don’t bring me down :P

Remember this?

I really miss Maria and Luis together. But I’m still looking forward to what will happen to the story. I just wonder when … 

  • the truth of them not being siblings will come out
  • the truth that Andi’s biological parents are Maria and Luis
  • the truth that the main root of all evil since the start was Victoria
  • the truth that the child that was “supposedly” Luis child from Sabrina wasn’t really his in the first place
  • the truth that Maria and Luis still love each other after five years of being separated from each other