Friends that have known me for a long time:

I’m feeling all nostalgic and I am mad at myself for deleting my myspace, and not keeping better track of my old photos/using shitty web hosting. I’d love to get my hands on some photos from 2004-2006. Livejournal/Myspace days, basically. I don’t necessarily JUST want photos I took, but photos taken of me and Jodi would be cool, too. Some of my photos remain on LJ, but I dunno how else to get other photos I want. If you have anything worth a dang, let me know and we’ll organize a swap (email them to me, basically). 

ericerivera-deactivated20130916  asked:

Have you enjoyed Guillermo Del Toro's other films?

Some of them. Pan’s Labyrinth was extremely good.

I saw the Hellboy movies and they were good enough. I don’t read Hellboy so I didn’t have a vested interest. The special effects, makeup, and overall atmosphere of those movies reminded me of things like Fifth Element. 

I also enjoyed the first Hobbit movie and I’m sure I’ll enjoy the other two as well. Those are the movies I’ve seen that he’s had similar production roles in. 

I have no doubt that he will deliver a thoroughly campy, fun, stylized, and action packed movie with well thought out fight scenes between giant robots and monsters that will also indicate the aftermath of those fight scenes. 

I’m also excited about the casting decisions and basically every other element of the movie and it’s overall production.