Some blogs I recommend you check out for various reasons

Never done a promo before and not savvy with all the tumblr shortcuts. These are all blogs that I currently follow. If you find yourself on here and notice that you are not following me, consider yourself *very* lucky. Breaking this up into two posts. First post will be *mainly* sports related blogs, though all of these blogs also post other things besides sports, thats why I suggest taking a peek first :) Second post will be other blogs that are not centered so much on sports. Enjoy!

Sports Related Blogs - Hockey blog that mainly focuses on the Philadelphia Flyers. She is very polite and pleasant to talk to, even if you’re not a Flyers fan at heart, she appreciates all hockey fans. Has a soft spot for Ilya Bryzgalov. - Hockey blog that follows the Pittsburgh Penguins, and during the football season, supports the New England Patriots. He is a wonderful person that has been through a lot in his life. Very inspiring and likes to talk to his followers. - McKenna. Pittsburgh Penguins fan, and supporter of the Wilkes-Barre Penguins aka the Baby Pens. Favorite hockey player on the Pens is Eric Tangradi. All around awesome blog, and she likes KD aka Kraft Dinner aka Mac and Cheese. Funny girl, love her. - Hockey blog that follows the Dallas stars, in addition to the Texas Rangers during baseball season. She has an amusing sense of humor and is not afraid to say it how she sees it. - Hockey blog. He also posts about stuff we all think about and run into in life. Comes across as a bit shy at first, but once you talk to him he is very nice and appreciates his followers. He posts other things that learn towards a bit of male interest, but I tend to like these things as well. - Teresa! One of the first blogs I followed on tumblr. Her blog is a composite blog. She loves the Pittsburgh Penguins, enjoys reading a ton of different books, and has a passion for Taylor Swift and The Script. I love her, definitely a quality blog. - Lauren, witty, outspoken East Coast girl. Pittsburgh Penguins fan, and overall hockey fan. Is very into archaeology! Currently studying abroad in London, England. Very friendly with her followers and loves talking to them. Also, is not afraid to speak her mind. She too has been through a lot and I thoroughly enjoy her blog. - Hockey blog that supports the Nashville Predators. She is also into typography and photography and has an appreciation for music. - Hockey blog that follows the Pittsburgh Penguins, Chicago Blackhawks, and Jaromir Jagr. He sometimes makes musical parodies that are very entertaining and cracks some good jokes. He seems to attract some interesting anons as well, idk why though hehe. Very passionate Dave Grohl and Foo Fighters fan. - Hockey blog that follows the Pittsburgh Penguins, and takes an exceptional interest in team Captain, Sidney Crosby. She also posts typography and photography that relate to the younger generation’s struggles through life. - Jenna! Another one of the original blogs I followed on tumblr. She is a Pittsburgh Penguins fan, and follows all the Staal brothers playing in the NHL: Marc on the New York Rangers, Eric on the Carolina Hurricanes, and Jordan on the Pittsburgh Penguins. She interacts with her followers, and has an awesome sense of humor. I really enjoy her blog. - Sabrina :) A hockey and football blog that follows the Pittsburgh Penguins and Green Bay Packers. Also likes Maxime Talbot of the Philadelphia Flyers. She is known in our little fan community for making awesome gifs, like this one: . Her sense of humor is outrageous and she is blunt and to the point. She is definitely a chick that can hang with the bros :) and I mean that in a good way! Btw, keep an eye out, she is always changing her url so hopefully I have her current one here :) - A hockey blog that follows the Boston Bruins and supports Tuuka Rask. She has a great sense of humor and enjoys EDM (electronic dance music) A newer follower of mine, I dont know her well but from what I have seen so far, me gusta :)