27 - Elephant Mandala

Check out #MandalaoftheDay 27 - Elephant #Mandala by ericaphant

Elephant Mandala by ericaphant

I just love this delightful Elephant Mandala by ericaphant that I found on her tumblr site. Shes uses different color pens to create her intricate patterns. It’s amazing how she keeps the flow of the patterns in line as if a colorful doily was draped over the elephant.

Such a joyful design. Puts a smile in my heart each time I see it.

Happy Coloring!

If you would…

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D is for Deer. D is also for Doe.

More Dictionary pieces. The way that I do them is that I paste the cardboard with the dictionary pages and then choose a word to draw. So I think the fact that Deer and Doe both showed up made this piece pretty perfect. I’m actually pretty happy with how it turned out.

Pens, watercolours.

I’ve had tonsillitis this week, and it sucks. My lovely housemate Meg has been taking care of me - today she got me ice cream.

I was doodling in bed and she came in and lay at my feet and chatted to me. Like an adorable curly loyal pet. So this is an elephant mandala for meg. Meg’s Mandala.