A little bit of background on this. Boyfriend is on a singer/songwriting course at university and had to write a song on the theme of “Home”. Boyfriend is Australian, so he decided to write about Australia.

We were discussing themes about Australia and how harsh the landscape is, and I remembered that there are trees that burn their own bark as part of their life cycle process. In order to live the longest possible, they have to set themselves alight. Helpfully, I’ve completely forgotten the name of said trees.

So this is a drawing to Australia, where things are so hardcore the trees burn themselves to life.

Pens on cardboard.


For Christmas I got a copy of “642 Things To Draw” from my hometown bff. Even more scary space for a struggling creative to creatively struggle. Here are a couple of my entries so far. An anchor, a skunk, a desk chair and Van Gogh’s ear.

One of my housemates has asked me to doodle some ideas for a Sri Lanka themed tattoo, this is my first doodle. Inspired by the Perahera, a Buddhist festival held in Sri Lanka featuring lots of elephants and amazing costumes. The outline is a map of the island, the ‘pearl of Asia’.

Pens, watercolours, gold oil paint. 

D is for Deer. D is also for Doe.

More Dictionary pieces. The way that I do them is that I paste the cardboard with the dictionary pages and then choose a word to draw. So I think the fact that Deer and Doe both showed up made this piece pretty perfect. I’m actually pretty happy with how it turned out.

Pens, watercolours.


Doodling mandalas on watercolour. The middle one was using colours I associate with Australia. They’re all a little bit of an experiment on paper I buggered up with terrible watercolouring.

Pens, watercolour