Kate: A Story Inspired by the New Hit Series Dates

UK readers can purchase the Kindle version of this e-book here, but for those of you outside of the UK, I’ve uploaded it here.

The anthology to which story this belongs takes the characters from the television series Dates, and helps you get a little deeper into their lives. Each story follows a character – sometimes into a dark and dangerous place. Not all of them are about a backstory. Some of them begin where we left the character on the screen; some of them are about a character’s fantasy world. All of them explore their character’s sexual and emotional life, and all of them have a dose of humour. They also give you exclusive access. Sometimes, things get graphic.

This is Kate’s story.



Song: Neon Trees - Close to You

Pairing: Erica x Kate

Vidder: sllf11

Vidder Notes:

So lately I’ve been obsessed with the beautiful and talented Katie McGrath, that’s why i couldn’t resist to make this video. I think it speaks for itself ;) Let me know what you think in the comments :) Please watch in HD and enjoy!
A Turning Phrase Of Mind - agirlnamedtruth - Dates (TV) [Archive of Our Own]

Title: A Turning Phrase Of Mind

Prompt: want-take-have

Fandom: Dates

Pairing: Erica/Kate

Rating: R

Word count: 248

Summary: There were lots of things Erica thought she’d never do, including having sex on the first date. Kate changes everything.